Review: ModeAudio Hover drones & textures

ModeAudio Hover

With the Hover sample library, ModeAudio takes on the world of drones and textures.

Packed full of strange, floating tones, waves of noise, rasping, metallic textures, deep bass and circuit-bent synths, this release brings you 100 carefully prepared atmospheres to pour seamlessly over your mixes.

All the sounds move to their own internal rhythm, dancing and metamorphosing into exciting, unusual sonic forms.

The samples are categorized in 6 folders:

  • Ambiances (30)
  • Bass Drones (20)
  • Guitar Drones (10)
  • Metallic Drones & Textures (10)
  • Noise Drones & Textures (15)
  • Synth Drones (15)

The ambiance themes come with 3 samples each that can be layered. So you have something like a main bass or synth drone sound that you can layer with a texture, soundscape, some noise fx, etc. Other folders simply have a collection of individual 20 to 58 second recordings.

All files have descriptive titles including an indication of the type of sound, where applicable (noise, texture, bass, scape, etc).

The audio clip below demonstrates some of the sounds included in this pack.

So what do I think?

Product: Hover by ModeAudio
Format: Wav (44.1kHz/24 bit)
Price: £15 GBP
Like: Nice variety of sounds, well designed
Don’t like: some samples could be longer
Verdict: 8/10

Dark brooding bass, evocative melodic guitar scapes, sputtering noises, otherworldly synths, rhythmic crackles, reverb drenched goodness…

ModeAudio has recorded a nice variety of sounds using a diverse collection of sound sources. These drones and textures are on the more creative end of the genre, with lots of movement and dynamics. I personally like this a lot, but for some of the samples I really wish they were longer to allow a more elaborate development of the sound.

In short, the Hover pack includes a lovely bunch of well designed, quality samples that are great for cinematic/underscore works, game soundtracks, ambient music, and more.

More information: ModeAudio / Hover


ModeAudio launches Hover sample pack

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ModeAudio has released Hover, a sample pack featuring drones & textures.

ModeAudio Hover

At ModeAudio, we believe atmosphere is everything. It’s what makes an ordinary drum or percussion loop teem with exotic life; elevates humble synth and basslines to euphoric musical gems; transforms a simple groove into a special one. This is exactly why we decided to focus on this all-important musical aspect with our latest sound pack – enter the unfurling, evolving and mysterious sound of Hover – Drones & Textures!

Packed full of strange, floating tones, waves of noise, rasping, metallic textures, deep bass and circuit-bent synths, this release brings you 100 carefully prepared atmospheres to pour seamlessly over your mixes. All the sounds move to their own internal rhythm, dancing and metamorphosing into exciting, unusual sonic forms.

Hover features

  • 30 Ambiance Samples.
  • 20 Bass Drones.
  • 10 Guitar Drones.
  • 10 Metallic Drones & Texture Samples.
  • 15 Noise Drones & Texture Samples.
  • 15 Synth Drones.
  • 887MB content (unzipped).

The pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio


Ameyah Audio releases Drones Vol. 1 sample pack

Ameyah Audio Drones Vol. 1

Ameyah Audio has released Drones Vol. 1, the first installment of its high quality Drone series.

This collection contains 160 Drone loops meticulously prepared by expert, Oliver Rühl.

Ranging at approximately :30 long per loop, this seamlessly loopable library is intuitively designed to give a unique sound to your compositions. Every loop contains constant movement and labeled with exact root key for ease of use.

If you’re looking to create science fiction sound ambiences within multi-textural worlds, Drones Vol. 1 delivers a diverse tool of inspiration that you can implement straight into your productions.

Drones Vol. 1 features

  • 160 sounds designed by Oliver Rühl.
  • All sounds approx :30 long and labeled by exact root key.
  • Seamlessly loopable.
  • 100% Royalty Free.
  • Technical Specs: 48k 24 bit, Stereo.

The sample library is available for the introductory price of $49 USD until July 11th, 2014 (regular $79 USD).

More information: Ameyah Audio / Drones Vol. 1


Hzandbits releases Hvac Drones & Tones sample pack

Hzandbits Hvac Drones & Tones

Hzandbits has announced the release of Hvac Drones & Tones, a collection of 27 files/1.22GB hvac-addled drones and room tones in 24bit/96kHz mono & stereo.

Here are the noisy insides of hotel rooms, bath rooms, service shafts and more. Recordings of large ventilation and filter units, cooling compressors and whining fans. Some of the sounds are completely pristine and unprocessed, while others have been tampered with to reveal hidden qualities. This collection contains both noir and noise…

You get stereo ambiences/roomtones and mono drones, with metadata in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats.

Hvac Drones & Tones is available for purchase for $20 USD. Newsletter subscribers get 50% off.

More information: Hzandbits / Hvac Drones & Tones


Loopmasters releases Aethers 01 by Vincent Villuis

Aethers 01

Loopmasters has launched Aethers 01, a sample library featuring atmospheric sounds and field recordings by Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA, dedicated to electronic music producers worldwide.

AETHERS 01 contains all the ingredients you need to create huge immersive soundscapes, hypnotic backgrounds and intense drum structures that will evolve and modulate throughout your productions.

The distinct sonic universe of AETHERS fuses a peaceful introspective ambient mood with industrial sounds and comes packed with Electronic Glitchy Beats, Unconventional Processed Synths and Real Field Recordings, Glittering Ethereal Pads, Immersive Drones, Cyclic Atmospheres, Futuristic Rhythms and Cinematic Textures.

Producers can expect to find 50 exclusive field recordings by Vincent using a Nagra Technology recorder and an NT4 Rode microphone to capture audio snapshots from around the globe including New Delhi, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Paris, Saint-Malo, Chicago and London. Each recording is an audio time capsule that will add a wonderful organic sound to your productions, the occasional audio bug or outtake purposely left intact for compelling listening.

The beats section features intense IDM rhythms that combine crunchy grains with irregular clicks and edgy percussion sounds. Also included are over 100 unique one-shot elements including Loud Kicks, Crispy Snares, Dirty Crystal Hi Hats, Undefined Short Noises, and consequences of insolent routings.

The sample library is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Aethers 01


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