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Steven Slate Drums updated to v3.5

Steven Slate Drums

Virtual drum instrument Steven Slate Drums version 3.5 had been released.

Steven Slate has made drum samples for the most famous producers and mixers in the world. His drum samples have been used on some of the hottest new albums in rock, pop, metal, country, and hip hop.

Now, he brings his amazing drum sounds to the masses with Steven Slate Drums 3.0 SIGNATURE DRUMKITS. This new digital drum suite contains 40 world class drumkits including many that are authentic models of some of the most famous drum sounds from the past 40 years.

Steven Slate Drums 3.0 contains the SSD Virtual Instrument, a VST-DX-RTAS-AU midi drum sampler that has mappings for keyboard and mappings for all Roland VDrum modules. Each drum also comes in raw WAV format as well as Drumagog GOG format for live drum replacement and augmentation when you need to enhance or fix poorly recorded drumtracks.

New in Steven Slate Drums v3.5

  • New “advanced AMG” anti machine gun mode for ultra realistic response.
  • All new velocity programming for smooth natural playing.
  • New remapping features that allow 6 toms, sidestick on vdrums, etc.
  • Improved presets, improved snare sounds.
  • New “deep” kick knob adds extra warmth and depth to kicks.
  • New TRUE SWELLS crash button to enhance crash swells.
  • New VDRUM hi hat clamp setting emulates better hi hat clamp response.
  • Tom response greatly improved for ultra playability from keys or pads.
  • Quicker loading kits, less CPU intensive.
  • Platinum owners: 15 new “hybrid presets”.
  • New “universal” vdrum map.
  • New velocity customization knob for tailoring of “feel”.
  • New Snare Z2 Gog and Wavs, making snares smoother and longer decaying.

Steven Slate Drums is available for download for $329 USD (Platinum Edition). Steven Slate Drums LE is available for $149 USD.

More information: Steven Slate Drums

Morevox releases PocketSlam 01 Acoustic

Morevox PocketSlam 01 Acoustic

Morevox has released PocketSlam 01 Acoustic, the first in a new line of drum sample libraries.

It was born with the idea of providing different compact collections of targeted samples with an outstanding sound quality and at a really competitive price.

PocketSlam 01 Acoustic is a top class acoustic drums library. The samples are been recorded with top quality gear and processed in both analog and digital domain. The room sound volume is adjustable for each sample.

PocketSlam 01 Acoustic features

  • 200 MB library in GOG, DrumRehab, raw wav and Battery 3 formats.
  • 341 samples, 24Bit/44.1KHz.
  • 17 Gog Programs.
  • 63 DrumRehab Programs.
  • 15 Battery 3 Programs.
  • 3 to 5 layers.
  • 2 to 8 variations/samples (Room Control).

PocketSlam 01 Acoustic is available for purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Morevox / PocketSlam

Morevox releases RetròVerb 3 and Morevox Pack 2

Morevox RetroVerb 3

Morevox has released RetròVerb 3, an impulse response library, and Morevox Pack 2, a new bundle that includes all the Morevox drums and IRs libraries.

Morevox RetròVerb 3 sounds like a New Top Class Rev Hardware Unit with an ORIGINAL TOP SOUND QUALITY. Morevox RetròVerb contains exclusive Real Spaces Reverbs IRs, Real Vintage Plates IRs, Vintage Reverberation Units IRs and Custom Made Morevox IRs.

Since the v.2.0 we have experienced the IRs sampling to Analog Tapes; From this experience we have created the “Classic Drive” category that exhibits an OUTSTANDING and UNPARALLELED IRs sound quality with Solid Low End, Rich Mids and Creamy Hights.

New in Retroverb 3

  • 4 New Classic Drive Sub-Categories:
    • Chambers
    • RoomyPlates
    • Sounding Venues
    • Sustained
  • 200 NEW IRs.
  • The Free edition now includes 10 FULL WORKING IRs.

RetròVerb 3, now featuring 450 high quality IRs (24bit/44.1), is available for purchase for $99 USD. The upgrade from v2.x is $29 USD, and $59 USD from v1.x to 3.0.

You can also purchase all Morevox products in one bundle, the Morevox Pack 2, which includes Elektromorph I & II, Drivedrums, Drumbuster and RetròVerb 3, a total of 2,600 samples and 450 IRs in 5GB of data. Morevox Pack 2 is available for $399 USD, the upgrade from Pack 1 is $79 USD.

Visit Morevox for more information.

WaveMachine Labs releases Percussion eXtras

WaveMachine Labs Percussion eXtras

WaveMachine Labs has released Percussion eXtras, a GOG-formatted collection of percussion instruments from around the world.

Use them as stand-alone replacement sounds, or mix them with your existing drums for unique sonic combinations. From delicate triangles to the thunderous low-end of an 18″ Djembe, Percussion eXtras offers new artistic flavors to the Drumagog user.

Percussion eXtras features

  • 44 total GOG files.
  • 78 different Positional Groups.
  • 1600 individual samples.
  • Instruments include: Agogo Bells with wood and metal beaters, Bendir, Bodhran, Bongos (with hands, mallets, and sticks), Brake Disk, Clave, Congas, Cowbells, Djembes, Darbuka, Doumbek, Jam Blocks, Shakers, Sleigh Bells, Tambourines, Tar, Timbales, Triangle, Tube Cajons, Wood Block.
  • All sounds performed, recorded, and edited by John Emrich.
  • Recorded with API and ATI preamps, using microphones from Violet, Nevaton, Sennheiser, and Telefunken.

Percussion eXtras is available for download now for $59.95 USD.

Visit the Drumagog website for more information and some audio demos.

WaveMachine Labs releases Modern Drummer Snare Drum Selects Volume One and Morevox DriveDrums

WaveMachine Labs has announced the release of Modern Drummer Snare Drum Selects Volume One and Morevox DriveDrums, two new sample libraries for Drumagog.

WaveMachine Labs Mordern Drummer Snare Drum Selects Volume One

About Modern Drummer Snare Drum Selects Volume One:

Developed to meet the needs of professional record producers and sound engineers as well as drummers and home-recording enthusiasts, Modern Drummer Snare Drum Selects Volume One is a GOG collection of studio-quality sound samples taken from a dozen state-of-the-art drums, all of which have been chosen by the editors of Modern Drummer magazine for its prestigious “Snare Drum Of The Month” column. The drums represent a selection of some of the latest and greatest in metal and wood shell designs and tonalities and were digitally recorded and mastered by leading drum technology specialist, John Emrich (frequent Modern Drummer contributor and creator of many of FXpansion’s BFD2 sample libraries).

Modern Drummer Snare Drum Selects Volume One features

  • Each drum is meticulously tuned and recorded in a multimicrophone format to showcase its unique sonic properties and offer the end user maximum flexibility.
  • 88 total snare GOGs, featuring twelve snare drums with four articulations (center, rim click/sweep, rim shot, and cross stick).
  • Efficiently and economically offers the highest levels of sonic variety and quality to virtually any producer, programmer, or player.
  • Recommended for use in home and professional studio recording situations as well as live performances with electronic drums or acoustic drum triggers.
  • Allows easy triggering of high-definition drum sounds for sound replacement of recorded drum tracks, in electronic drum performance, or programmed beats.

Modern Drummer Snare Drum Selects Volume One is available now for $89.95 USD, and can be purchased from the Drumagog online store.

Morevox DriveDrums

The recently released DriveDrums by MoReVox is now also available from WaveMachine Labs.

Morevox DRIVEDRUMS has been developed by generating distortion through different kind of devices. Vacuum tubes, analog tape, preamps have been used to create samples with light to aggressive, violent distortion. Morevox DRIVEDRUMS contains RICH and FAT natural acoustic sounds ideal for every genre. All samples are been tested on mixes and optimized for triggering and stand alone use.

Morevox DRIVEDRUMS contains 30 Kicks, 30 Snares, 6 Toms Racks, 30
Cymbals and more for a total of 850 Samples (24Bit, 44.1khz).

DriveDrums is available for purchase as a digital download for $99 USD, and $129 USD for a DVD version.

WaveMachine Labs is also running a special promo for DriveDrums:

With any purchase of Drumagog Pro or Platinum from, MoReVox DriveDrums Download is only $49. This special price is available until March 31, 2009.

Visit the Drumagog website for more information and audio demos.

Morevox releases DriveDrums

Morevox DriveDrums

Morevox has released DriveDrums, a drum sample library.

Distortion is at the center of an exciting sound. Morevox DRIVEDRUMS has been developed by generating distortion through different kind of devices. Vacuum Tubes, Analog Tapes, Preamps are been used to create samples with light to aggressive and violent distortion.

Morevox DRIVEDRUMS contains RICH and FAT natural acoustic sounds ideal for every kind of music. All samples are been tested on mixes and optimized for re-triggering and stand alone use.

DriveDrums features

  • 124 instruments (800 24bit/44.1khz samples), with 1 to 16 layers (up to 4 sample variations per layer).
  • Over Samples — based on distortion; the samples have been developed finding their character in conjunction with the hardware distortion (Valve/Console Preamps, Analog Tape Saturation, Heavy Valve Compression, Dedicated distortion outboard).
  • 30 Kicks, 30 Snares, 8 Toms Racks, 30 Cymbals.
  • Drive Samples — developed starting from the classic hardware harmonic distortion , so all the samples contain a smoother distortion character (Tape compression warmth, subtle valve saturation).
  • Formats : Drumagog, DrumRehab, Raw Wav, Battery3.

DriveDrums is available now on DVD ($129 USD) and as a digital download ($99 USD). Check here for some audio demos.

Visit Morevox for more information.

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Basic gets update and reduced price

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WaveMachine Labs Drumagog

WaveMachine Labs has released an updated version of Drumagog Basic, an entry-level plug-in for users who are looking for a cost effective drum replacement solution.

Take advantage of our holiday sale! Through the end of the year, Drumagog Basic is reduced to $99. Drumagog Basic can be purchased only through our online store, and is not available in retail outlets.

In addition to the new $99 price tag, we’ve added two exciting new features to Drumagog Basic. Auto Align and Advanced Triggering Mode have previously only been available in the more expensive Pro and Platinum versions, and are now standard in this version.

Drumagog Basic features

  • AutoAlign.
  • Advanced Triggering Mode.
  • Simple Triggering Mode.
  • 4GB Sample Library.
  • Full Mutisample Support.
  • WAV, AIFF, SDII Support.
  • Visual Triggering.
  • Positional Multisampling.

Customers who take advantage of this offer can choose to upgrade later to either Drumagog Pro or Platinum versions. Check this page for details on the features of the different Drumagog versions.

Visit the Drumagog website for more information.

Farview Recording releases UltraDrums

Farview Recording UltraDrums

Farview Recording has released UltraDrums, a drum sample collection for Drumagog (includes .wav).

You get an incredible 139 gogs of professionally recorded drum sounds, including cymbals. All of the snare drums and crash cymbals are recorded in stereo for a more realistic sound. UltraDrums also ships with wav files of every sample, so these sounds can easily be used with any sampler you own.

UltraDrums features

  • Includes raw samples (no processing) and samples processed in 3 different ways.
  • Multiple velocity layers/multisamples for a smoother, more realistic response.
  • All of the snares and the crash cymbals are sampled in stereo for a more realistic sound. The cymbals are sampled with no processing so you can process and the samples to fit your mix.
  • 32 kick gogs (8 kicks, sampled raw and processed).
  • 22 tom gogs (3 sets of toms, sampled raw and processed).
  • 68 stereo snare gogs (17 snares, sampled raw and processed).
  • 17 cymbal and percussion gogs, all but the hat and ride are stereo for added realism.

UltraDrums is available for $149 USD (includes shipping).

Visit for more information.