Sounds To Samples releases XL Kick Drums 2 by Drumdog

Drumdog XL Kick Drums 2

Sounds To Samples has released XL Kick Drums 2, a kick drum sample library by Drumdog.

The second installment in Drumdog’s best selling XL Kick Drums has arrived in the form of 100 solidly shaped, low-end melters.

With every hit recorded at 24-bit for maximum sonic clarity, the sounds are formed by carefully blending the transient portion of live kicks and synth fx with the low-end boom and punch of classic dance kicks and passing the end result through an array of analogue compression and summing. The result will inspire any rhythmic track irrespective of genre.

XL Kick Drums 2 is available to purchase for $14.95 USD.

More information: Sounds To Samples / Drumdog XL Kick Drums 2


Sounds To Sample releases Tribal Drum Hits

Sounds/To/Sample Tribal Drum Hits

Sounds To Sample has released Tribal Drum Hits, a collection of 575 drum hits samples.

Drumdog’s latest release makes more than a subtle nod to the blooming resurgence of tribal house with a vast selection of African and Latin American percussion hits backed with a generous helping of chunky kicks, snares, hats and crashes.

Tribal Drum Hits features

  • 575 one-shot wav files (24-bit): 248 percussion hits, 133 kicks, 86 snares, 95 hats.
  • All passed through Drumdog’s famed signal path of analogue goodies including the Empirical Labs Distressor, Dbx 160 and TL Audio Red 3.
  • Percussion is the key focus here, with 100s of authentic congas, bongos, shakers, talking drums, djembes, latin drums and rare tribal one-shots.
  • All sounds are categorised into pre-sorted folders for your ultimate ease of use. Folders include:
    • Kick Drums > Classic, Solid, Layered.
    • Claps & Snares > Claps, Layered, Live, Machine.
    • Hi-Hats > Live, Machine, Open, Processed and mixed, Double hits.
    • Percussion > Clicks sticks and pops, Conga and bongo, Flames flares and fills, Latin, Shaker, Metal, Toms, Tribal wood, Layered.

DrumDog Tribal Drum Hits is available for purchase for 19.99 EUR.

More information: Sounds/To/Sample


Sounds To Sample releases Minimal Drum Hits

DrumDog Minimal Drum Hits

Sounds To Sample has announced the release of Minimal Drum Hits, a collection of single shot drum sounds by DrumDog.

The minimal beat programmer’s weapon of choice arrives in the form of DrumDog’s latest exclusive pack – featuring a whopping 700+ kicks, snares, claps, hats, fx and more, all optimised for minimal house and techno production.

Minimal Drum Hits features

  • 700+ pristine quality 24-bit WAV files – including 144 kicks, 142 claps and snares, 88 hi-hats, 14 crashes and 321 percussive elements.
  • Includes sounds from the Roland TR series, CR78 and Sequential Circuits boxes, many sounds sampled through the legendary 12-bit circuitry of the Akai MPC 60.
  • Each sound has been crafted exclusively for this collection using a a pristine class-A signal path, which includes the Empirical Labs Distressor, Focusrite Red, vintage Dbx 160 VU and much more.
  • Each drum folder is split into subfolders for easy browsing.
  • 100% royalty free samples.

DrumDog Minimal Drum Hits is available for purchase for 20.99 EUR.

More information: Sounds/To/Sample