Review: Loopmasters Hip Hop Instrumentals 2

London based record producer and recording artist Chemo is back with the second volume of Hip Hop Instrumentals, a collection of 10 construction kits. Each construction kit has everything you need to build inspirational Hip … read more

YummyBeats releases Trap Pack for Massive & Kontakt

YummyBeats has announced the release of Trap Pack – Harlem Shake It, a soundset for the Native Instruments Massive and Kontakt. This library has been created especially for Trap Music which is well known from … read more

Music Weapons releases Drum Weapons v2.01 drum kits plugin

Music Weapons has released version 2.01 of Drum Weapons (previously Ill Drums), a collection of drum kits for hip hop music production. Ill Drums is now Drum Weapons! 10+ kits added weekly with each update … read more

Native Instruments launches Helios Ray Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments has announced the release of Helios Ray, a new Maschine Expansion providing sounds and beats drawing from London’s broken beat scene and LA’s abstract beat producers. HELIOS RAY contains three distinct styles of … read more

Music Weapons releases Ill Drums Xtreme v1.07

Music Weapons has recently released version 1.07 of Ill Drums Xtreme, a virtual instrument featuring a large collection drum kits for hip hop music production. Grimey BOOM-BAP authentic hiphop sounds for your productions, no more … read more

P5Audio releases Essential Chart Topping Pop Drum Kits

P5Audio has announced Essential Chart Topping Pop Drum Kits, a sample library featuring a collection of 5 drum kits. You will not top any chart without well-crafted drum sounds that can both cut through the … read more

Togeo Studios releases Rhythm Machines 3 for Ableton

Togeo Studios has launched Rhythm Machines 3, a collection of 150 Impulse kits for Ableton Live. Rhythm Machines are more than just impulse drum kits. They are sample sets designed to add rhythmic grooves, grimey … read more

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!LLMIND launches “GOT BLAPS!? 2” Official 808s & String Breaks contest

!LLMIND has announced the “GOT BLAPS!? 2” Official 808s & String Breaks contest. So you think you got BLAPS? Prove it! PRODUCERS, enter my exclusive “GOT BLAPS!? 2” contest by simply doing the following: Purchase … read more

MaxSynths releases Percussion Elements for ElectraX

MaxSynths has announced the release of Percussion Elements, a soundset for the ElectraX software synthesizer by Tone2. Taking advantage of ElectraX’ multi layers concept and extensive sample management options, this bank includes tempo synced loops … read more

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Producers Choice intros Pablo Beats Drum Kit Volume 2

The Producers Choice has introduced Pablo Beats Drum Kit Volume 2, a sample library featuring 2.4GB of hand crafted sounds by master beatmaker Pablo Beats. Making beats just got EASY with this extensive collection of … read more

Uppercussion releases Conundrums & Monstrosities drum kit sample packs

Uppercussion has announced the release of Conundrums and Monstrosities, two new multi-format synthetic drum kit libraries. Conundrums is a collection of 50 drum kits designed to be a go-to library for all kinds of productions … read more

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Xclusive-Audio releases free Trap Movement Drum Kit

Xclusive-Audio has announced the release of the Trap Movement Drum Kit, a free sample pack. Trap music is taking over the world! One of the most fastest growing genres of our time. If your a … read more

Beatstruggles launches SPF Vol. 6 – TheProducersChoice 3 Kit Bundle

Beatstruggles has announced a new Sound Pack Flyer deal, offering a bundle of three drum kits from The Producers Choice at a discount. TheProducersChoice 3 Kit Bundle features Survival Drum Kit: With over 700MB of … read more

dboxSamples releases Aid01 MC-808 free sample pack

dboxSamples has announced the release of Aid01 MC-808, a collection featuring 1397 classic drum hits. dboxSamples drop a new concept from extensive sampling of hardware machines, turning ROM sounds into pristine 24bits wav samples ready … read more

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The Drum Broker launches Akai MPC2000XL Giveaway

The Drum Broker and Big Noise MPC have announced their Akai MPC2000XL Giveaway, a chance to win a custom MPC2000XL and a 16 GB MPC2000XL flash drive with all Drum Broker kits and breaks. Your … read more

Toontrack releases The Blues EZX + MIDI pack

Toontrack has announced the release of The Blues EZX, a sample library featuring 2 drum kits and grooves, sampled and played by Hans Lindbäck. You can’t fool a blues lover. You know that it’s all … read more

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Review: Toontrack The Blues EZX

Toontrack’s latest expansion for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0 is The Blues EZX, a sound library featuring two drum kits and MIDI grooves played by seasoned drummer Hans Lindbäck. The Blues EZX comes with two … read more

Sunsine Audio releases STIX 305 for Beatmaker 2 & Nanostudio

Sunsine Audio has announced the release of STIX 305, the first in a series of “converted” Beatmaker 2 and Nanostudio versions of Waveshaper drum kits and samples. The SoundMaster Stix 305 is a very rare … read more

Drum Sample Broker intros Karate School Kit by Ski Beatz

The Drum Sample Broker has introduced Ski Beatz – Karate School Kit, a collection of “Drums For Ninjas”. Known as one of the most prolithic hip hop producers over the last 20 years, Ski Beatz … read more

Get Vir2’s Studio Kit Builder for £99 at Time+Space

Time+Space has announced that Vir2 Instruments’ Studio Kit Builder is available to purchase for £99 GBP during February, 2013. Vir2 Studio Kit Builder – A complete encyclopedia of acoustic drum kits. Crammed to the max … read more