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Bolder Sounds releases Toy and African Marimbas and updates Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy and Bavarian Zither

Bolder Sounds Toy and African Marimbas

Bolder Sounds has released Toy and African Marimbas, a free sample library for Kontakt and EXS24.

This FREE sound offering originated from a musician named Barry Higgins. Barry contacted me and wanted to “give something back” for all the Bolder FREE Sound offerings. He sent me a sample set of a Toy Marimba he owns to be shared with other Bolder users. Barry is also a maker of fine Native American flutes. You can visit his website at Thank you Barry!

I decided to augment the Toy Marimba offering with a set of samples I’ve had sitting around for years – a bass and tenor African marimba set complete with buzzing resonators. I’ve chosen to map both the bass and tenor marimba to the same keymap for convenience. Also, Bo Clausen has contributed a very nice Kontakt script to the library as well. I’ll post the alto and soprano marimbas at a later date.

Toy and African Marimbas features

  • 32 MB library for Kontakt 2+ and EXS24.
  • The African marimbas have anywhere from 5 to 10 velocity switch samples per key.
  • Kontakt script by Bo Clausen.
Bolder Sounds Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy

Bolder Sounds has also updated the Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy to version 2 and the Bavarian Zither sample library was updated with a KSP script which is more streamlined in accessing the various articulations.

Changes in Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy V2

  • Flexible scripting has been added to the Kontakt format.
  • Channel Strip Settings for the EXS24 as well as improved programming.
  • Now available for a reduced price of $99 USD for the entire set, or $39 USD for each each dulcimer individually.

More information: Bolder Sounds / Toy and African Marimbas

Kong Audio releases ChineeYangQin

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Kong Audio ChineeYangQin

Kong Audio has released ChineeYangQin, a virtual dulcimer instrument for Windows PC.

YangQin (Chinese Dulcimer) is a relatively new member of the Chinese instrument family. It was not until the late Ming Dynasty (mid-17th century) that YangQin started to show up in China.

It is well-known that dulcimer was originated from the Persian civilization, but since YangQin’s sound character fitted so well to the taste of Chinese mentalite, it soon spread widely, especially in the southern China.

Kong Audio faithfully captured and recreated YangQin for modern Chinese composers’ unfulfilled needs.

ChineeYangQin features

  • 270 MB meticulously produced sample sets.
  • Works in VSTi compatible hosts.
  • All samples are recorded in 1-bit/2.8 MHz.
  • ChineeYangQin (in C) contains various types of legato, rolls and back-striking playing techniques. The note range is from A2–A6.

ChineeYangQin is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC (no 64-bit host support) for $60 USD. For a limited time (until July 17, 2009), any new customer of the Essential China and Instant China packs can get ChineeYangQin with a 50% discount.

Visit Kong Audio for more information and audio demos.

BOLDER Sounds releases BOB American Folk, Granular Conch Shells and Tibetan Granular Textures

BOLDER Sounds BOB American Folk

BOLDER Sounds has released three new sample libraries: BOB American Folk, Granular Conch Shells and Tibetan Granular Textures.

BOB American Folk is a unique collection of American folk instruments from the plucked family, also featuring the entire mandolin family. From garden variety instruments to the unusual hammered dulcimer family Marxophone. This 146 MB set is available in Kontakt, EXS24 and GigaStudio formats for $19.95 USD.

Granular Conch Shells is a collection of 5 different sampled conch shells.

The use of granular synthesis here is in stretching the original samples time duration. This creates a lovely and breathy pad sound. By sampling different size conch shells, different tone colors as well as pitches become available.

The Granular Conch Shells sample library is available in Kontakt and EXS24 formats for $19.95 USD.

Tibetian Granular Textures is a free sample set of granular soundscapes created from Bolder’s Tibetan Singing Bowl library. It features 23 megabytes of moody-metallic granular processing – great for sound track work.

BOLDER Sounds is currently having a summer sale. All products have a discount of 25% until August 1st, so these new libraries cost $14.96 instead of $19.95 USD.

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information and audio demos, and a link to download the free Tibetian Granular Textures.

Splurgo Audio releases Electron Radio-Wave Space Noise Samples and Hammered Dulcimer Loops Pack 1

Splurgo Audio Hammered Dulcimer

Splurgo Audio has released Electron Radio-Wave Space Noise Samples and Hammered Dulcimer Loops Pack 1, two new downloadable sample packs.

Electron Radio-Wave Space Noise Samples: Space is big. Really big. I mean, you may think its a long way down to the nearest convenience store, but that’s just peanuts to space… Most people might think space is silent considering how big and black it is. Let me tell you now, it’s noisy out there. These samples were recorded with our powerful space noise antenna locator pointed at various points in the universe as we happen to believe space noise always adds something great to any song! However do be aware that we are not responsible if aliens pick you up after using these samples.

Hammered Dulcimer Loops Pack 1: The hammered dulcimer (also known as the hammer dulcimer or four hammer dulcimer) is a stringed musical instrument with the strings stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board. Usually used as a traditional folk instrument and commonly played at Renaissance festivals the world over. The dulcimer is typically set at an angle on a stand in front of the musician, who holds a small mallet, called a hammer in each hand with which to strike the strings. Try out our demos as you may be surprised at how well the dulcimer fits with your mix.

Electron Radio-Wave Space Noise Samples costs $5.95 USD / 4.04 EUR, while the Hammered Dulcimer Loops Pack 1 will set you back $7.95 USD / 5.39 EUR.

Visit Splurgo Audio for more information and audio samples.

Soniccouture Christmas Sale

Soniccouture Christmas Sale

Soniccouture is having a Christmas Sale, offering discounts of up to 40% on selected products.

Christmas Sale includes:

  • Abstrakt Bass – Complete bass solution for your DAW (Kontakt 2).
  • Abstrakt Breaks – Collection of complex, exciting hi-tech drum loops.
  • Abstrakt Breaks 2 – Abstrakt Breaks continued…
  • Abstrakt Vol 1 – Advanced sampling and synthesis for Kontakt 2.
  • eBow Guitar – Sampled eBow instrument for Kontakt.
  • Hang Drum – Hang Drum instrument for Kontakt.
  • Kim – Sampled dulcimer / zither instrument.
  • Konkrete 1 – Glitch drums and synthetic percussion library.
  • Konkrete 2 – Electronica drum and percussion library.
  • Synthi AKS – Sample libary featuring the E.M.S. Synthi AKS.
  • Variable Ambience Drums – Over 1300 24 Bit samples expertly programmed into 9 great kits.

The sale will end at Midnight, Christmas Eve, 24th December. (GMT).

More information: Soniccouture

Musical instruments made of LEGO

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Guitar made of LEGO

This website has some pictures of a guitar constructed entirely out of LEGO pieces.

The guitar was actually playable, but the ‘truss rod’ for the back was not sturdy enough to handle the string tension for long which is why there are no strings in the pics.

It took Henry Lim 2 years to complete a Harpsichord model.

Henry Lim's Harspichord build of LEGO
Approximately 100,000 LEGO pieces were used to build this instrument. Four colours: black, red, tan, and white. Looks awesome!

Some other instruments are Peter Alway’s LEGO Dulcimer, and XILO by J.P. Brown, a device that plays music by striking chromed metal tubes according to your movements.

LEGO can also be used to play actual instruments, like the ukelele playing robots here and here.

Does anybody know of some more?