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easy#toolz releases Mormox Imitate free synth plugin

easy#toolz has released Mormox Imitate, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

easy#toolz Mormox Imitate

Its an „Emulation“ of a very new Hardware-synth from Greece, called „Murmux Initate“
And it has a very „simple“ Structure at Original: 2 Oscillators with Subosc, 2 waves (Saw and Pulse)
Lowpass-Filter, simple LFO, 2 Envelopes (one AD, one ADSR)… thats all

My „Emu“ has some extra Features, indeed, i have tried to receive the brilliantly easy structure.

Mormox Imitate is available to download for Windows (VST) as freeware as part of the KVR Developer Challenge 2014.

More information: easy#toolz


Easytoolz releases free easy-Q-delay plugin

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Easytoolz has released easy-Q-delay, a stereo delay effect plug-in for Windows.

Easytoolz easy-Q-delay
The easy to use easy-Q-delay effect plugin for Windows by Easytoolz.

easy-Q-delay features

  • Two separate delay-lines for left and right with sync and manual modulation and feedback level.
  • 2 LFO´s with 6 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse and s/h) with manual modulation time and depth.
  • Targets: mod l+r / mod l / mod r / feedback l+r / feedb l / feedb r / pan l/r / pan l / pan r / LFO 2 > LFO 1-frq / depth.
  • Dry/Wet, ON/OFF-button and volume controls.
  • Includes 16 patches (3 default user patches).

The easy-Q-delay is a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

More information: Easytoolz


EasyToolz releases Amphetamine v2 synth plugin

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EasyToolz has announced version 2 of Amphetamine, a synthesizer instrument for Windows.

The new Version 2 has some modifys: New GUI, new waves at the Osc „D“ and „F“, better FM-Function one big soundbank and some other fixes…

easy#toolz amphetamine v2
Amphetamine, version 2 of easy#toolz’ contribution to the KVR Developers Challenge 2009.

Amphetamine features

  • 6 Oscillators (4 x Sin-Saw-Ramp-Trigon-Pulse and 2 x 55 various Waves).
  • Phase-modulation – Frequency modulation – 5 Oct and Finetuning.
  • Double-LP-Filter > 2 LFO’s – ADSR – Velocity-modulation.
  • Seriall-Parallel- Boost – Pan – LFO A > Cutoff – LFO B > RES-PITCH-PW.
  • 8 Step Sequencer (Tune and Cut-Offs) 1-8 Steps – 4 Directions.
  • Chorus – Double-delay with Pan-Lfo’s – ADSR-VCA- Mono/Poly-mode- Glide.
  • 12 voices 128 Patches by Kujashi aka Schiffbauer.

Amphetamine for Windows (VST) is available at a donation of 7.50 EUR.

More information: EasyToolz / Amphetamine


easytoolz releases Protoge virtual analog synth

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easytoolz Protoge

easytoolz has released Protoge, a virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows.

An „Emulation“ of the Analog-Synthesizer called „Moog Prodigy“ from 1976. Its based at the same Sound-Engine as our easy-muug XT with a different Structure: only 2 Oscilators and some smaller things but with the same analogysh fat sound, special for Leadsounds…

Protoge features

  • 2 Oscilators with 3 Waveforms (Saw, Triangle and Square, in OSC 2 different PWM).
  • Tuning over 3 Octaves (32´- 16´- 8´in OSC1 and 16´- 8´- 4 OSC2).
  • Finetune Osc 2 – and Interval (+- 12 Notes) on OSC 2.
  • Mixersection (Osc 1+2).
  • Special Low-Pass-Filter with Cutoff, Emphasis and ADS Envelope.
  • 2 ADS-Envelopes with Release-button (one for Filter – one for VCA-Amplifier).
  • Additonal to the Original-Features: Host-synchron LFO (5waves) with several targets.
  • Velocity – Reverb – Delay with Pan-LFO – Soft Overdrive and Analog-Drift.
  • 100 Patches (mostly from Kujashi aka Schiffbauer).
  • Midi-Learn-function – 6 voice polyphony.

Protoge for Windows (VST) is available as donationware.

More information: easytoolz


easytoolz releases minitron free analog minisynth plugin

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easy#toolz minitron

easytoolz has released minitron, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows.

a new toy for the masses, a “Emu” of the Korg Monotron, it is not a real Emulation, more a Adaption of the simple but effective

minitron features

  • Monophonic synth with structure of the Korg Minisynth.
  • 1 Oscillator (saw).
  • 1 LFO (pulse).
  • “Moogysh” LP-filter.
  • Overdrive and Master volume.
  • Includes 16 patches.

minitron is available as a freeware VST instrument plugin for Windows.

More information: easytoolz


easytoolz updates easy-muug XT to v3.6 + easy-tauros free updated

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easytoolz easy-muug XT

easytoolz has released version 3.6 of easy-muug XT, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

An „Emulation“ of the first Commercial Synth from 1970

Changes in easy-muug XT v3.6

  • New Filter-Section for a better analog “moogy” sound.
  • New Oscillator waveforms.
  • Some small fixes.

easytoolz has also updated easy-tauros free, an „emulation“ of the Moog Taurus bass synthesizer. This update fixes a bug with the Oscillator tuning buttons.

More information: easytoolz


easytoolz releases easy-muug XT, virtual synthesizer plugin

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easytoolz has released easy-muug XT, an “emulation” of the Minimoog synthesizer.

easytoolz easy-muug XT
easytoolz easy-muug XT

easy-muug XT features

  • 3 Oscilators with 6 Waveforms (Triangle, Saw, Ramp and 3 different Pulses).
  • Tuning over 5 Octaves (2´-4´-8´-16´-32´) and Lo (Sub-audio) – Finetune.
  • Mixersection (Osc 1-3, Noise and Externel (Overdrive).
  • Special Low-Pass-Filter with Cutoff, Emphasis and ADS Envelope.
  • 2 ADS-Envelopes (one for Filter – one for VCA-Amplifier) with Release-button.
  • OSC 3 as Modulator > (Osc 1+2-Mod) and > Filter Cutoff – Keyrange-mod (Cutoff).
  • Glide – Legato on/off – Mod-Mix (Osc3-Noise) – Volume.
  • Additonal to the Original-Features:.
  • Velocity – Mono/Poly (max 12 Voices) – Reverb – Delay with Pan-LFO´s.
  • Unison-Function with Detune – LFO with :5 waves modulate-> – Cutoff,.
  • Emphasis,Pitch,Pulse-width1-2, Phase-mod 1-3 and Unison-Detune.
  • All Modulations are routed to the ModWheel !! (Midi-CC 14).
  • 2 additional Ramp Generators with several Targets.
  • Midi-Learn-function.

easy-muug XT for Windows (VST) is available for a donation of 7.50 EUR. It includes 128 presets by Kujashi. A free demo version can be downloaded from the easytoolz website (noise burst every 50 sec.)

More information: easytoolz