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easy#toolz has released easy-drum X8 SE Free, a freeware analog vintage-style drum module for Windows PC. Features 12 Analog Sounds (BD-SD-RS-CP-HH-LT-HT-RD-TB-CB-CR-CL) with extended sound-structure. FX-section for each slot...


easy#toolz has released easy-mf-2o2, a freeware "muugerfugger"-filtering fx-plugin for Windows PC. The mf-2o2 is a a free interpretation of various Moogerfooger pedals (NOT an exact emulation). easy-mf-2o2 features Envelope-Follower -...


easy#toolz has released two new VST instrument plug-ins for Windows PC: easy-crumar-ms and easy-cembalo. easy-crumar-ms is a freeware 12-voice Crumar Multiman S emulation. It features 6 sounds (Bass, Brass, Cellos,...

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