EdgeSounds releases DrumMashines sample library

EdgeSounds has released DrumMashines, a drum machine sound sample library for GigaStudio and Kontakt.

EdgeSounds DrumMashines

The Drummashines sound sample library provides authentic sounds of more than 170 classical drum modules and synthesizers that were popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Recognizing the substantial importance of synthesizer drums in contemporary music production, EdgeSounds have been collecting and recording drum sounds for more than 12 years. This comprehensive collection features samples of synthesized, as well as PCM based modules of many well known and rather rare models and is applicable for a wide variety of styles.

Drummashines sound sample library features sounds of 173 different instruments recorded in 24 Bit 96 KHz quality linear samples totaling the 12.5 GB of sample data, which comprise the 483 General MIDI compatible drum kits, and is available for NI KONTAKT 2.2 or later, GIGA Studio 3 and compatible instruments.

DrumMashines is available for Kontakt 2.2 and above, and GigaStudio 3 and compatible instruments, priced at $184.95 USD.

More information: EdgeSounds / DrumMashines


Edge Sounds releases Studio Grand sample library

Edge Sounds Studio Grand

Edge Sounds has released Studio Grand, a grand piano sample library.

For this project two Blüthner grand pianos were used: a Concert Grand and a Studio Grand built in Germany in mid 1950’s. Also included is a prepared piano, where metal plates were placed on each hammer.

EdgeSounds approached the creation of this library from the point of view of a performer and a sound engineer involved in a real record production.

Studio Grand features

  • 795 24 Bit 96 KHz linear samples totaling the 4.3 GB of sample data.
  • 3 performance programs.
  • Available for NI Kontakt 2.2 and up, GIGA Studio 3 and compatible instruments.

The Studio Grand is available to purchase for $99.95 USD.

More information: Edge Sounds / Studio Grand


EdgeSounds releases Pipe Organ

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EdgeSounds Pipe Organ

EdgeSounds has released Pipe Organ, a sample library for Kontakt and GigaStudio 3.

EdgeSounds Pipe Organ library delivers the sound of a gorgeous German pipe organ built in late 1970’s. To achieve the best authenticity the sound was captured using Neumann microphones in a especially designed acoustic setting that excludes outside noises and natural reverberation. Each note was sampled individually in 24 Bit 96 KHz sound quality preserving rich harmonics of the stops and powerful sub-bases. Included are 4 pedal stops, 10 manual stops and 6 combinations.

Pipe Organ features

  • 4.2 GB of 24Bit 96 KHz Sample Material
  • 1487 Waveforms
  • 20 Sound Banks

Pipe Organ is available for $99.95 USD.

Visit EdgeSounds for more information and some demo songs.


EdgeSounds releases Native Russian Vol. 2

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EdgeSounds Native Russian Vol. 2

EdgeSounds has released Native Russian Vol. 2, a 4.3GB sound sample library featuring exotic folklore instrument samples from Central Siberia.

The collection contains sound samples of typical and rare folklore instruments played in middle-eastern region of Russia (Siberia, Altai). The collection covers a wide range of instruments: from free reed family to plucked string and wind instruments, percussion and sound effects, and is designed to be sufficient alone to allow you to create a musical atmosphere of Russian countryside, or to add a spice to a contemporary fusion piece. The Volume 2 covers samples of more exotic instruments like Buryat and Altai flutes, percussion and plucked strings. It also features a Buryat Khomus (mouth harp) and multiphonic throat singing typical for buryatian shamans.

Native Russian Vol. 2 is available in NI Kontakt (v2.2 or later) and GigaStudio 3 formats (24bit/96KHz), for $149.95 USD.

Visit EdgeSounds for more information and audio demos.


EdgeSounds releases SoniqBear GM120Pro

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EdgeSounds SoniqBear GM120Pro

EdgeSounds has released SoniqBear GM120Pro, a 120 MB General Midi (GM) SoundFont bank.

The SoniqBear SF2 bank was created keeping in mind the needs of contemporary pop-music production. It is suited for projects in Dance, Techno, Pop, House, Jungle, Hip-Hop, New Wave or Alternative music genres. But, as a quite large sound library it can be creatively used for many other music styles as well, or even to generate unusual sound ideas.

SoniqBear GM120Pro features

  • 120 MB of Sound Sample Data
  • 1531 waveforms
  • 668 Melodic Instruments
  • 513 Instrument Programs
  • 4 X 128 GM Banks
  • 30 XG compatible Drum Kits

SoniqBear GM120Pro is available for instant download for $69.95 USD.

Visit EdgeSounds for more information and audio demos.


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