Nomad Factory updates plugins to v5.0

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Nomad Factory

Nomad Factory has announced a version 5.0 update for all its effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Changes in v5.0

  • All Nomad Factory software AAX 32 & 64-bit compatible with Pro Tools 10.3.6 & Pro Tools 11 (Mac & PC).
  • COSMOS has been added to ISP3 bundle (re-authorization required using your ISP3 serial number).
  • Rock Amp Legends is not AAX compatible because of technical issues.
  • VST and AU versions GUI has been optimized for Digital Performer 8 (Mac & PC).
  • General bug fixed.

More information: Nomad Factory


iZotope launches sale on Studio Bundle and Studio & Repair Bundle

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iZotope has launched a sale on its Studio Bundle and Studio & Repair Bundle.

iZotope Bundle savings

Now’s the perfect time to complete your studio setup—we’re offering the biggest bundle savings of the year but only through December 31!

Studio Bundle: Save $150

Polish your sound and sweeten vocals. Bring character and life to every element of your mix with Alloy 2. Elevate a good-sounding mix to a professional-sounding master with Ozone 6. And treat your voice to professional results with Nectar 2.

Studio & Repair Bundle: Save $300

Arm your studio for success. Includes everything in the Studio Bundle plus RX 4, our award-winning repair and enhancement toolkit. Fix troubled sound with unprecedented power, transforming previously unusable audio into pristine material.

The sale ends December 31st, 2014.

More information: iZotope


FXpansion launches Black Friday Sale

FXpansion has announced a Black Friday sale, offering up to 66% off its plugins for a limited time.

FXpansion Black Friday Deals

To celebrate Black Friday, FXpansion is pleased to announce a range of mouth-watering bundles and special offers valid until 31 December 2014!

  • Electronic Production Bundle ($349/€272/£235 – save 66%)
  • BFD3 + BFD Percussion ($349/€269/£229 – save $149)
  • DCAM Synth Squad ($99/€79/£69 – save $150)

All offers are valid from the FXpansion webshop and participating retailers from 24 November to 31 December 2014!

More information: FXpansion


MeldaProduction updates MPowerSynth & effect plugins to v8.0.7


MeldaProduction has updated all its effect plugins and MPowerSynth to version 8.07, providing several optimizations, improvements and fixes.

MPowerSynth is an extremely versatile synthesizer featuring the best sounding oscillators on the market, the most advanced distorting filters and a unique modular effects engine. It also features our smart randomization system providing endless inspiration!

Changes in v8.0.7

  • Added new Ozone style.
  • Added ability to mark favourite presets, Show favourite, Load next and Load previous features to preset window.
  • Improved file selection dialogs workflow.
  • Added upper-case switch to style settings.
  • Added LP/HP resonance and Hold to MAutoVolume.
  • Added Latency parameter to MAutoAlign, which lets you shift all tracks back in time if the host correctly compensates for it.
  • Added side-chain input to MTransient, MMultiBandTransient, MRingModulator and MMultiBandRingModulator.
  • Presets are now cached for faster access.
  • Added ability to drag & drop presets to a different folder.
  • Optimized signal generator harmonic mode custom sample analyzer, which now saves the analyzed harmonics, so that it is usable even if the target sample is not available.
  • MIDI controllers now have an organized menu.
  • Added Edit button to the preset information field.
  • Added ADSR tremolo fade-in parameter, custom tremolo shape and option to start tremolo in the decay stage already.
  • Modulators in Random mode can now be synchronized to the Normal mode (hence also to the host).
  • Added option to avoid loading MIDI controllers from presets.
  • Added preset management for modulator parameter list.
  • Added Start forced and Ignore actions for modulator envelope modes.
  • Custom sample is now stored only with a signal generator only if the custom sample rate is now 0 to smaller the settings size.
  • Confirmation dialogs for deleting/replacing presets and preset folders now contain name of the item.
  • Preset window is not closed when clicked outside of it any more.
  • Added multiparameter lock feature, which avoids showing the multiparameter GUI.
  • Added ADSR tremolo sync and random initial phase features.
  • Added preset search feature.
  • Clicking on multiparameter/modulator/arp/midi now toggles the settings window.
  • Increased time-graph resolution to 1 second.
  • MRecorder was displaying path & filename in uppercase.
  • Added possibility to follow program-change MIDI messages by loading presets.
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with some ancient Windows XP versions, which do not contain some basic system folders.
  • Fix: MMultiAnalyzer was showing Y axis dB values under the cursor even in sonogram & collision modes, where there is no such axis.
  • Fix: Meter names have not been resized correctly when style size is not 100%.
  • Fix: MAutoVolume low-pass filter didn’t work.
  • Fix: Removing a parameter from the modulator list could change its value even if the modulator was disabled.
  • Fix: MIDI/Arp preset names haven’t been stored with the settings.
  • Fix: Learning a modulator/multiparameter enables parameters previously disabled.
  • Fix: Some components didn’t handle higher style sizes well.
  • Fix: MIDI controllers & Note controllers didn’t save global enable state if there were no actual controllers enabled.
  • Fix: Numpad characters (except for numbers) couldn’t be entered on Mac.
  • Fix: MMultiBandGranular transformation menu was showing incorrect values.
  • Fix: Certain preset modifications may have made the smart randomizer work incorrectly until the plugin gets reinstalled.
  • Fix: Preset buttons <> didn’t work if there were duplicities in the current preset folder, preset dialog now automatically resolves the duplicities.
  • Fix: Denormals could occur in several situations causing high CPU use.
  • Fix: Fonts couldn’t be loaded on some rare Mac OS X machines making the software unusable.
  • Fix: Some envelope editors were displaying incorrect units when dragging items.
  • Fix: Reordering multiparameters didn’t close the multiparameter windows resulting in outdated data in the editors.
  • Changes in MPowerSynth v8.07:
    • Added micro-tuning via TUN files (available from Advanced settings).
    • Added Show favourite, Load next and Load previous features to preset window.
    • Preset window is not closed when clicked outside of it any more.
    • Preset window remembers state of the settings now (show preset info…).
    • Improved Ozone style.
    • Fix: Improved compatibility with some ancient Windows XP versions, which do not contain some basic system folders.

More information: MeldaProduction


Audio Assault releases Multi Transient plugin

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Audio Assault has released Multi Transient, a multi-band envelope shaper plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Audio Assault Multi Transient

Multi Transient is a powerful tool for tone shaping, control the amount of attack and sustain for every band, including the master output.

Multi Transient is the perfect tool to control and shape your drum sound, before reaching for a high shelf try boosting the attack on the highs, and boosting the sustain in the low mids, and if that isn’t enough each band has a 2x button that doubles the intensity of the effect.

Using Multi Transient on all your drums you can make sure you get them to behave exactly how you want, and sound as powerful as you need them to be, and if you need even more of a boost you can adjust the final output with another envelope shaper.

Multi Transient (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available for purchase for $29.99 USD (personal/small business) / $49.99 USD (full license). Audio Assault has also updated the free Transient envelope shaper plug-in.

More information: Audio Assault / Multi Transient


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