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EFM releases 40+ plugins on new website


EFM has opened a new website and is now offering 40+ effect and instrument plugins for free.

The collection of plugins available spans a period from 2003 up to now, and includes many classic emulations like the SCP600 Prophet-600 and the SCP5 Prophet Five.

You will also find SoundFont players, Stomp Boxes, EQ’s, Track recorders and much more.

If you’ve never checked EFM plugins before, now is a good time! (and if you have, there’s a good chance you’ll find something you’ve missed, so check it out anyway)

Visit EFM for more information.


EFM releases EFM Studio Bundle 2 Free

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EFM Drumkit2

EFM has released the EFM Studio Bundle 2 for free.

EFM Studio Bundle 2 comprises of 25 plugins, both synths and effect plugins.

I think this bundle, like it’s predecessor (studio bundle 1) was supposed to be commercially released, but Tom decided to give it all away for free, so make sure to give him thanks if you enjoy these plugins! (admin{at}ele4music{dot}com)

For a complete list and download links, visit this VST page.

You can find descriptions of several of the EFM plugins included in the EFM Studio Bundle 2 here at


EFM releases Drumkit2 v1.0

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EFM Drumkit2

EFM has released Drumkit2, a freeware drum machine plug-in.

Drumkit2 features four modes of operation: Sample and Percussion Synthesizer Player, Live Pattern Play, Free Run Pattern Play and Sync To Host Pattern Play.

New in Drumkit2

  • new skin
  • some internal fixes
  • quick start manual

Drumkit2 should still be compatible with older versions.

Visit EFM for more information and a link to download EFM Drumkit2.


EFM releases Drumkit 2 v0.5

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EFM Drumkit 2 v0.5 VSTi

EFM has released Drumkit 2 v0.5, a freeware drum step-sequencer VSTi.

New in v0.5

  • 16 – Pattern Sequencers
  • Pat Seq – Destinations – All chainable – Works LIVE!
  • Seq – Bugs Smashed (You may still need to run once or twice)
  • New GUI – No Dropdown menus – Pretty buttons and glass..

Drumkit 2 comes with 3 kits to get you going: 909, acoustic and effects.

There’s no information about Drumkit 2 on the EFM website yet, so download it here.


EFM releases Pro-1 v0.6 VSTi

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EFM Pro-1 v0.6 VSTi

EFM has released Pro-1 v.06, a freeware analog type VSTi.

The Pro-1 has simular features as the Sequential Circuits Pro-One synth.

Updated in v0.6

  • Lowered the range switches an octave
  • Fixed Osc-B range switch
  • GUI fixes
  • Moved the Midi-Learn and Phrase Arp to a separate panel

You can download Pro-1 v0.6 here. Check EFM for more cool free plug-ins.


EFM releases Micro Modular v0.6 VSTi

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EFM Micro Modular v0.6

EFM (Electronics for Music) has released Micro Modular v0.6, a freeware VSTi.

This synth is capable of creating some nice analog type sounds and includes a Mod Matrix and Chrorus, Delay and Arp controls.

There are only 16 presets included with Micro Modular but the layout of this synth is pretty intuitive and it should take little time coming up with a bunch of nice presets yourself.

Go check it out at EFM’s website.


EFM releases Stompers 2.0

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EFM Stompers 2.0

EFM has released Stompers 2.0, a freeware VST guitar effect collection.


  • Three new effects: Metal, GSynth & Phasor
  • New versions of delay, chorus, distortion
  • All of the stompers have been updated

You will need to register with EFM to download this freeware VST plug-in collection.

Visit EFM for more information and a link to download Stompers 2.0.