Eisenberg intros Vier synthesizer instrument

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Eisenberg has announced the release of Vier, a new four unit software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Eisenberg Vier

VIER emulates four units of the Doepfer MS-404, a famous German monophonic analogue synthesizer from the nineties. Even today the MS-404 has a large fan base and is not only known to insiders.

Since the original MS-404 was monophonic, being able to play four units polyphonic at the same time, VIER fulfills a childhood dream for many musicians.

The software uses up-to-date technologies for its synthesis engine like anti-aliasing oscillators which are capable of audio range modulation and zero delay feedback filters best known from synthesizers like LuSH, Monark or Diva.

Vier is available for the introductory price of 69 EUR/$69 USD (regular 99 EUR/$99 USD).

More information: Eisenberg / Vier


Eisenberg updates Einklang to v1.2

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Eisenberg Audio has announced version 1.2 of Einklang, a software synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Eisenberg Einklang

The new version of EINKLANG is now ready for download. With this update we are happy to offer some new features of popular demand and some minor usability improvements. The update is free for all customers.

Changes in Einklang v1.2

  • Preset Manager and Preset Browser for plug-in and stand-alone use.
  • Louder engine (up to 16dB) with a Master Volume slider and a Level Meter for visual feedback.
  • Monophonic play mode, ideal for playing single note melody- or bass-lines.

Einklang for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for 39 EUR/USD. Bundles are also available.

More information: Eisenberg / Einklang


Eisenberg releases EINKLANG Extended

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Eisenberg has announced the availability of EINKLANG Extended, a bundle of the EINKLANG software synthesizer and 5 Tone Packs.

Eisenberg EINKLANG Extended

Eisenberg’s EINKLANG is a soft synth like no other. After all, a dictionary defines a synthesizer — somewhat simplistically — as an electronic musical instrument that produces a wide variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different frequencies. Whereas synthesizers traditionally do this according to a strict set of technical parameters, EINKLANG resynthesizes sounds using instrument models based on Eisenberg’s Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AIST), allowing it to understand the structures of sounds and remember specific nuances of different instruments so you don’t have to. Lowering the pitch of a cello affects its timbre in a different way to lowering the pitch of a french horn, for example — just like their real-world counterparts. Conversely, you can even detune a single string from a cello — detuning its overtones, in other words, which is physically impossible for monophonic one-dimensional resonators such as a single string. Clever stuff!

Similarly, those instrument models can be tweaked directly using the minimal TIMBRE, LOUDNESS, and MODULATION musical parameter groups — all of which affect the sound more deeply than might first appear possible, thanks to that powerful AIST engine. Elsewhere, instrument models are also morphed seamlessly from one sound to another using the MORPHING triangle with three slots for tone colours. Cleverly, EINKLANG is the first synthesizer to introduce a strong synaesthetic link between sound and colour with all GUI controls responding to MORPHING triangle relationships in corresponding colours — just like white light is able to travel through the colour spectrum in additive colour synthesis. Morph three tone colours together as one and everything is illuminated in pure white. It’s all in einklang (agreement). As a result, musicians can concentrate on doing what they do best — making musical sounds, without having to first familiarise themselves with overwhelming technology.

EINKLANG itself comes complete with 150 tone colours for morphing purposes, ranging from acoustic to synthetic. But by bundling it with RED Tone Pack, GREEN Tone Pack, and BLUE Tone Pack, plus the recently-released premium WHITE Tone Pack and BLACK Tone Pack, Eisenberg has considerably extended its sonic reach — so much so that it’s almost like playing a completely new EINKLANG each time!

EINKLANG Extended is available to purchase for 239 EUR / $239 USD.

More information: Eisenberg / Einklang


Resy partners with Eisenberg Audio for einKLANG +1 Tone Pack Launch

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Resy has announced its exclusive partnership with Eisenberg Audio for the launch of their einKLANG +1 Package.

einKLANG +1 Tone Pack

Resy is a curated marketplace for indie brand musical instruments and gear, and Eisenberg Audio has proven its place as one of the top innovators in the independant software synthesizer market.

The einKLANG morphing synth was initially funded through an IndieGoGo campaign in late 2012, and since that time Eisenberg has been updating and enhancing its flagship product. The base product includes 150 unique tone colors that can be shaped and morphed within the einKLANG tone triangle for a wide range of sounds, but Eisenberg has released several additional tone packs expanding the capabilities of the already extensive synth.

The additional Red, Green, and Blue tone packs can be purchased separately, but through the launch with Resy, this is the first time that musicians can purchase the einKLANG synth with an additional tone pack in one package deal. Along with the 150 base tone colors, the Red tone pack adds 120 synth/lead tone colors, the Green tone pack adds 120 acoustic/live tone colors, or the Blue tone pack adds 120 drone/pad tone colors.

“We feel that what Eisenberg Audio has managed to accomplish with its tone morphing technology is quite amazing, and the additional tone packs really allow for endless sound sculpting,” says Resy founder and CEO Brett Rakestraw. “It’s a perfect fit for the types of innovative products that we like to feature in our marketplace.”

The einKLANG +1 Package for Windows and Mac (Stand-Alone/VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available to purchase for $49 USD, exclusively at Resy through December 23rd, 2013.

More information: Resy / einKLANG +1 Package