Detunized launches Reason and FL Studio Line, new sample packs

Detunized Reason and FL Studio Line

Detunized has announced the launch of the Reason and FL Studio Line, releasing 10 new Refills and Directwave Banks.

The new “Reason and FL Studio Line” offers a comprehensive variety of sampled instruments, different synthesizers and electromechanical keyboards.

In conjunction with the creative possibilities of the Reason and FL Studio DAW´s Detunized founder Stephan Marche developed authentical emulations of classics like Yamaha CS-15, Rhodes Mk.1 or the Russian Elektronika EM-5. The new product line also offers unusual sounds from a dilapidated Upright Piano, a full-sized modular system or an OPL3 FM-chip.

For the ambitious sounddesigner several inspiring collections of textures and drones are ready to use.
The “Reason and FL Studio Line” will be expanded in the near future by a series of new releases.

The Detunized Refills and Directwave Banks are now available to purchase as download for 6.98 EUR each.

More information: / Reason and FL Studio Line


DETUNIZED.COM releases DTS005 – TRON 5


DETUNIZED.COM has released DTS005 – TRON 5, a new sample library for Ableton Live.

The russian Elektronika EM-5 comes green and heavy like a battle tank but when taking a look closer it is more like a cancer. Protected by a 25 KG steel body it soon reveals its vulnerability. But once the cheap plastic keys, some transistors and other bowels had been fixed the Elektronika rewarded us with some lovely keyboard sounds not far from the Clavinet and a string section.

With the Tron-5 extension we have preserved these nice original sounds but also demonstrate that the original CAN sound like a tank. Among other things we added an adjustable suboctave and the distinctive key-off noise that is inherent to this keyboard.

As a very special feature the Tron-5 extension includes some lightweight versions of the original sounds. So this extension can also be played on netbooks and older computers with nearly the same comfort.

DTS005 – TRON 5 features

  • Instruments: 8 Pianos, 4 String Sections, 4 Netbook Instruments.
  • FX-Units: 1 (Channel Strip).
  • Keyrange: full (C-2 to G8).
  • No.of Samples: 322 (24 Bit, 44,1 kHz).
  • Download Size: approx. 135 MB.
  • Installation instruction included.

DTS005 – TRON 5 is available for purchase as an instant download for €6.98 EUR. DETUNIZED subscribers pay €4.98 EUR.

More information: DETUNIZED.COM