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Universal Audio releases UAD Software Version 5.4.0

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Universal Audio FATSO Sr.

Universal Audio has announced the release of UAD Software Version 5.4.0 for the UAD Powered plug-in platform.

This free downloadable update includes three new and highly anticipated UAD Powered Plug-Ins: FATSO Jr. & Sr. Analog Tape Simulators (UAD-2), EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator (UAD-2), and Neve 31102 & 31102SE Classic Console EQs (UAD-2 and UAD-1). These new plug-ins can be freely auditioned in a 14-day demo mode. UAD Software v5.4.0 also provides significant RTAS performance improvements for Pro Tools users, integrated UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop support, and other enhancements for Windows-based users.

Changes in UAD Software Version 5.4.0

  • All Platforms
    • New EQ plug-ins: UAD Neve 31102 and 31102SE.
    • (UAD Meter) 1176SE no longer uses 1176LN RunOn setting in plug-ins tab.
    • (Fairchild) Automation is no longer overwritten when controls are linked.
    • (UAD 4K Channel Strip) Clicking “OFF” labels now disable HP and LP filters.
    • (Cooper Time Cube) Improved control resolution in lower ranges.
  • UAD-2
    • New special plug-ins: UAD EL7 FATSO Jr. and FATSO Sr.
    • New reverb plug-in: UAD EMT 250.
  • Windows
    • (UAD-2) Reduced host loads on multiprocessor systems.
    • (UAD-2) Improved host CPU spiking/dropouts in Vista.
  • Macintosh
    • (AU) Removed Fairchild Mono Audio Units plug-in.
    • (VST) Mono(m) plug-ins no longer load on UAD-2 when RunOn is set to UAD-1.
    • (UAD-1) Resolved intermittent kernel panic on certain systems during driver install, driver load, or system wake.
  • RTAS
    • Additional UAD RTAS presets.
    • Fixed issue with enabling Tempo Sync in CS-1, DM-1, and DM-1L.
    • Pasting 1176LN/SE or LA-2A settings via UAD preset menu no longer zeros parameter values.
    • (UAD-2) Latency is now 1x the hardware I/O buffer size instead of 2x.
    • (Mac) Pro Tools 8 no longer hangs using Precision Multiband on UAD-2.

More information: Universal Audio


Acousticas releases EMT 252 Impulse Response Library

Acousticas EMT 252

Acousticas has released EMT 252, a sample library consisting of 2112 unique stereo impulse responses.

This library reflects 95% of all the reverb possibilities of the real hardware. And using our included modulation delay presets makes it sound exactly like the real thing.

EMT 252 Impulse Response Library features

  • 768 EMT 252 impulse responses.
  • 256 EMT 250 impulse responses.
  • 1024 EMT NON-LIN impulse responses.
  • 16 EMT D-REV (Doppler Reverb) impulse responses.
  • Modeling presets for use with Digidesign’s Mod Delay II and Logic’s Chorus.
  • Screenshots of Mod Delay II for easy re-creation in your choice of LFO based delay or chorus.

EMT 252 is available in three versions:

  1. EMT 252 LE (core library), includes the 252 & D-REV: 69 EUR.
  2. EMT 252 OP, includes E250 & NON-LIN: 79 EUR.
  3. EMT 252 XL, full library: 99 EUR.

Visit Acousticas for more information and video demos.