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Plughugger releases TR-SONIQ sample library

Plughugger TR-SONIQ

Plughugger has released TR-SONIQ, a new sample library for Geist, Guru, Maschine, Akai MPC and WAV formats.

While the mad scientists at Ensoniq are long gone, their legacy remains in the hands of producers who still can’t part from the sound of their aging samplers.

TR-SONIQ is a sound library of TR909 and 808 drum machines colliding sonically with a refurbished Ensoniq DP/4 effects unit. It’s big, dirty and noisy, and as with all Ensoniq products, it got a character rarely found among the polished sound processors of today.

The classic drum machines from Roland are constantly being processed by SSL consoles, Distressors or software compressors and distortion units such as Sonalksis TBK3 and Ohm Force Ohmicide – the sound of Ensoniq brings a new flavor to the classic sounds.

With TR-SONIQ we have given the old drum sounds full treatment, drenching them in Ensoniq goodness, building new processing chains from scratch, sampling the results and finally converting and dithering them into 16 bit samples that can be used with practically any hard- or software sampler.

The library consists of 318 separate samples all organized into categories. There are also ten pre-made drum kits for Fxpansion Geist and Guru, Native Instruments Maschine and Akai MPC.

TR-SONIQ is available to purchase for 5.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / TR-SONIQ

comment No-Brainer Deal: Puremagnetik Retro Synths for Ableton has announced a new No-Brainer-Deal, offering the Puremagnetik Retro Synths sound library for Ableton at a reduced price of $15 USD.

Retro Synths represents the “cream of the crop” from Puremagnetik’s extensive catalog of classic analog and digital sound libraries. Consolidated into this pack of more than 4000 samples of some of the greatest classic synths.

Puremagnetik Retro Synths for Ableton

Retro Synths features

  • Analog Bass Volume 1, an impressive selection of over 50 multi-sampled programs direct from classics such as the Minimoog, Roland TB-303, ARP 2600 and the Doepfer Modular.
  • Analog Bass Volume 2, a complete bass soundset focusing entirely on the classic Korg MS20 synthesizer.
  • P-50 Linear, an elaborate collection of racks inspired by the legendary Roland D50.
  • Phazeform Volume 1, a captivating library based on Casio’s Phase Distortion technology of the CZ-1.
  • String Machines, with more than 250 MB of lush sounds recorded directly from the string synths of the 1970s.
  • TeeBee, based on the Roland TB-303, includes heavy acid bass lines, squelchy resonant leads and thick analog sounds.
  • Vector, which instantly turns Ableton Live into a full-blown production workstation that includes a huge library of wave sequences, attack transients and vector morphing.
  • Vintage 80s Classics, a stunning collection of lush 1980s synth sounds captured directly from an Oberheim Matrix 6.
  • Newly added: Waveframe, based on the Ensoniq Fizmo, provides complex, evolving sounds from this classic wavetable synthesizer.
  • 2.8 GB total content: 378 Instrument Racks, 82 Live Clips.

Retro Synths for Ableton Live Intro or Live 8.1.3 or higher is available to purchase from for $15 USD.

More information:


Cinematique Instruments releases Sägezahn, sample pack for Kontakt

Cinematique Instruments Sägezahn

Cinematique Instruments has released Sägezahn, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

It´s simple! Sägezahn is the German term for saw (sawtooth) – a certain type of signal generator wave, especially used in older times when synthesizers used subtractive synthesis, which is a simple acoustic model that works with a simple signal generator followed by filter, envelopes and LFOs. Saegezahn contains an assortment of sounds which were made by using the nasty sawtooth generator/ oscillators and filters of the Korg MS20, Roland JX-3P, Ensoniq ESQ-1 and Electro Harmonix Microsynth. Be assured Sägezahn is suitable for almost every music genre, even film-scores.

We sampled all mentioned machines and processed and edited the sounds enriched by filter works. You also get scriptings for each instrument providing loads of variations such as length of decay (perfect for arpeggiator), filter (LP+HP), cabinet simulation, reverb amount and arpeggiator. An absolute highlight is the multi patch of 7 different sounds delivering a monster Sägezahn sound!Kontakt 3 or higher is required.

Sägezahn features

  • 11 Kontakt patches: FatSaw 720e (fat and warm), Funk Saw (phasing saw), Fuzzer Arp (old and noisy), Juno Brass (typical sound), Juno Clav (typical Juno clavinet simulation sound), Mean Bass Saw (real bass through a saw filter), MS Dbl Saw (2 Osc pure saw of MS20), MS Fart (1 Osc pure saw of MS20), Phat Ape (big and aggressive), Saw Church (organ alike), X-esq (80ies saw), Fat Monster (multi of 7 sounds, really fat).
  • Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 3 or higher full version is required.

Sägezahn is available to purchase for 16 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Sägezahn


Puremagnetik PakBytes, free sounds for Live, Kontakt & Logic

Puremagnetik PakBytes

Puremagnetik has announced the release of PakBytes, a collection of free sound packs for Ableton Live, Kontakt, and Logic.

PakBytes is a free catalog of sounds derived from Puremagnetik’s content for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic. This initial release includes 8 PakBytes with sounds based on products from Buchla, Casio, Atari, Ensoniq and more.

PakBytes catalog includes:

  • Phazeform Volume 1 & 2 – A collection of instruments, kits and looped clips based on Casio Phase Distortion and VL-Tone synthesizers.
  • Analog Drums – An assortment of percussives captured from modular analog systems.
  • Blip – A collection of multisampled instruments sourced from the original Atari 2600 sound chip.
  • B-System: Percussives, Basses & Leads – A sampling of percussion kits, multisample patches and looped clips recorded from an original Buchla 200e modular synthesizer.
  • Waveframe – A sophisticated wavetable synthesizer for Ableton Live based on the Transwave concept of Ensoniq’s FIZMO. (for Ableton Live only)
  • Vector – An advanced wave sequencing instrument based on the classic KORG Wavestation. (for Ableton Live only)

Users must register for the free Puremagnetik plan to gain access to these downloads.

More information: Puremagnetik / PakBytes


Short links for January 20th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# bassdll – An arduino piezo buzzer sound engine by Drew Crawford.

Source code available at github

# ISM / DUBBHISM: impulse responses

Tony Dubshot wrote in to share some of the unusual but usable, hi quality impulse responses he is offering on his Dubshot website. Includes: RE-201 Roland Space Echo impulse responses (25-200 BPM), The Quantum Hall Effects (impulse responses from nanospace), and 60 Classic and King Tubby style spring reverb impulse responses.

# Charting the Beatles – Exploration of Beatles music through infographics.

Charting the Beatles
Charting the Beatles – Authorship and Collaboration

Michael Deal writes:

These visualizations are part of an extensive study of the music of the Beatles. Many of the diagrams and charts are based on secondary sources, including but not limited to sales statistics, biographies, recording sesion notes, sheet music, and raw audio readings.

# Circuit Bending the Bliptronic 5000

Michael Una circuit bends his Bliptronic 5000:

and while I was sad that there was no active synthesis, I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

# MISA digital guitar

The MISA digital guitar is a minimalistic looking MIDI controller.

# Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 Instrument: Hands-on, Videos, Why it’s Different

Teenage Engineering OP-1
Teenage Engineering OP-1, portable synthesizer and controller

Peter Kirn spent some hands-on time with the current prototype of the OP-1 and had a talk with the developers of Teenage Engineering.


# mtXcontrol

mtXcontrol by Tobias Bielohlawek is an editor written in Processing to easily create image sequences for several output devices containing multicolor LED matrix.

mtXcontrol Editor auto detects and connects to your device. Once connected, you can draw points, lines & rows in different colors, create multiple frames and manipulate them. Add, delete, move, fill, copy & paste of frames is supported. Play all frames by different speed, realtime update the device and save your work as image file. If supported (e.g. Rainbowduino), update the sequence on your device and run it standalone. One special feature is typing letters and numbers. Future versions aim to support multiple devices, different color depth and many more.

# Elektron Monomachine drum samples

Some new free samples from Cyberworm: 156 drums, clicks, noised and rattles from Elektron Monomachine (wav format, 24 bit, 44100, stereo, 12 mb)

Also from Cyberworm: Ensoniq VFX/SD patches, 85 banks and 709 single patches for Ensoniq SD, VFX, VFX-SD. Only Ensoniq SD 100% compatible! In VFX or VFX-SD some patches might not work (or work incorrectly)!


Puremagnetik releases Waveframe

Puremagnetik Waveframe

Puremagnetik has released Waveframe, an advanced wavetable synthesizer designed exclusively for the features of Ableton Live.

Waveframe is an advanced wavetable synth based on Ensoniq’s unique Fizmo instrument. Utilizing the same “Transwave” concept, Waveframe contains a collection of pre-programmed patches, over 30 waveform devices and over 1700 sample “frames”. Waveform frames can be modulated via retriggering within a patch. This gives a natural sounding progression over time as each spectrum of a waveform evolves through its phases.

By employing features only available within the Ableton Live environment, Puremagnetik has reconstructed the Fizmo architecture from scratch. From over 30 unique waveform groups, a generous selection of presets have been programmed that employ many of the same features as the original Fizmo. And just like on the original, each voice group is highly individualized giving patches a complex, evolving and rich tone.

Waveframe features

  • Over 1700 waveform samples.
  • Over 30 waveform rack devices.
  • A selection of preset pads, leads, basses & more.
  • Tightly integrated native Ableton effects & controls.
  • Easy hotswapping between waveform devices.

Waveframe is available now as a download for Puremagnetik subscribers. Subscriptions start at $5.75 USD.

More information: Puremagnetik / Waveframe


Goldbaby Productions releases FatsoSynths Vol 1

Goldbaby Productions FatsoSynths Vol 1

Goldbaby Productions has announced the release of FatsoSynths Vol 1, a sample library for EXS-24 and Kontakt 3.

What’s is the Fatso? Well the Fatso is a fantastic tone-sweetening box. Harmonic thickening and tape-like saturation are easily created using the simple controls. The unit used for this product is a modded Fatso… Called the UBK Fatso. The compression settings have been tweaked by Greg at Kush Audio.

So this wonderful unit has been used to impart it’s analog goodness upon 5 vintage synths.

The Moog MG-1, Korg Delta, Roland JX3P, Ensoniq ESQ1 and the Yamaha DX100.

The result is some tasty sampled instruments just brimming with personality and old school character.

FatsoSynths Vol 1 features

  • 1365 x 24 bit samples.
  • 43 x Multi Sample Instruments.
  • 143 x EXS-24 Instrument patches.
  • 144 x Kontakt 3 Instrument patches.
  • Synths given the Fatso love:
    • Moog MG-1 (80′s Analog)
    • Korg Delta (70′s Analog)
    • Roland JX3P (80′s Analog/Digital Hybrid)
    • Ensoniq ESQ1 (80′s Analog/Digital Hybrid)
    • Yamaha DX100 (80′s Digital)
  • 6 categories for the Kontakt and EXS-24 instruments:
    • FatsoSynths1 Drums and FX – Drums and Fx, funnily enough…
    • FatsoSynths1 RawSounds – These are the Multi sampled instruments with little or no software sampler modifications. A great place to start creating your own custom sounds… or if you just want to use the raw Fatso infused vintage synths.
    • FatsoSynths1_Mono – Use the software sampler to extend and enhance the multi sampled instruments. These are mono synth style instruments.
    • FatsoSynths1_Poly – Same as above but polyphonic instruments.
    • FatsoSynths1 RawOsc – Pure oscillator sounds sampled (with Fatso love of course). These can turn your software sampler into a synth!
    • FatsoSynths1 SingleCycleOSC – This is a different method of making oscillators for your sampler. Made using one cycle of a waveform. Still with the Fatso touch.

FatsoSynths Vol 1 is available for purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Goldbaby Productions