Wusikstation V3 Combo Group-Buy Bonanza

Wusik’s WilliamK has come up with a new promotion for Wusikstation, a totally insane group-buy. The idea is to reach 150,000 users, at which point you get the following for just $1.95 USD: Full copy … read more

Sony odo: environmentally-friendly gear

I’ve experienced some “oh no, batteries died!” moments in the past, so it’s cool to see a big player is coming up with a whole range of gear which a) does not require batteries to … read more

Citarum river, a shocking display of abuse

The Citarum river near the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, displays the abuse that mankind has subjected it to. Citarum river pollution (West Java, Indonesia) From the Daily Mail: More than 500 factories, many of them … read more

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What do cows eat anyway?

I’m not terribly involved in health or environmental issues, but reading this article on Gristmill did make me think a bit more about the food I eat. I grew up in a rural area in … read more

Wusik Guitar Set & Acoustic Collection preorder

Wusik has announced a HQ Guitar Set and HQ Acoustic Collection (which are now available for preorder). At the same time Wusik has reduced prices on their previous single HQ sets to $ 9.95 USD/CAD. … read more

Angular Momentum Chromium VA released

Chromium VA is a 3 Oscillator donationware synth with arpeggiator, double delay, stereo chorus and reverb. There is a minumum donation of 2$ required for this synth. Not free, but still quite cheap! Specs: 3 … read more