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ESI releases MAYA44 USB+ USB audio solution


Time+Space has announced that the ESI MAYA44 USB+ audio interface is now available to purchase.

The ESI MAYA44 USB+ is a perfect solution for home recording and, with a width of just 12cm, is also ideal for mobile live and recording applications.

Besides standard recording and playback functionality, MAYA44 USB+ provides everything that is needed for professional music production. In its compact case measuring 12 x 7 x 2 cm, MAYA44 USB+ provides 4 analog input and 4 analog output channels with RCA connectors and a combined optical S/PDIF digital output / stereo headphone output. The headphone output provides a separate stereo output signal, making it perfect for DJs.

With support for ASIO 2.0, CoreAudio and MME / WDM, MAYA44 USB is compatible with all major music and DJ applications like Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Reason, Reaktor, MixVibes, Traktor DJ Studio, BPM Studio and much more.

MAYA44 USB+ comes bundled with a license of Deckadance LE from Image Line Software, a powerful DJ software that was written by DJs for DJs.

The MAYA44 USB+ is available from Time+Space at RRP £82.95 GBP.

More information: ESI MAYA44 USB+


ESI UDJ6 USB audio interface shipping from Time+Space

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping the UDJ6 USB audio interface from ESI.


Measuring a mere 7cm in length, the UDJ6 is the perfect solution for DJs on the road.

This professional level 24-bit USB audio interface features six totally independent output channels – two with 1/4″ TRS headphone output and four with RCA connectors.

Of course, every output channel can be accessed totally independently from within any modern DJ application for Mac OS X or for Windows. This compatibility is provided by the included ASIO 2.0 drivers for Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and the full CoreAudio support for Mac OS X.

Simply use your favourite DJ software and mix your tracks the way you like it!

UDJ6 comes bundled with a license of Deckadance LE from Image Line Software, a powerful DJ software that was written by DJs for DJs – simply start DJing with the separate output channels of UDJ6!

ESI UDJ6 features

  • 24-bit / 96kHz D/A converter.
  • 6 independent output channels.
  • 2 output channels with 1/4″ TRS headphone output.
  • 4 output channels with RCA connectors for output 3/4 and 5/6.
  • Compact and portable design measuring 7 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm.
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8 32/64 bit.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 32/64 bit.
  • Includes license of Deckadance LE from Image-Line Software.

The UDJ6 is available from Time+Space priced RRP £89 GBP / 119 EUR.

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space announces iZotope and ESI competition

Time+Space has announced a new competition in which you can win ESI monitoring speakers and iZotope effects plugins.

Time+Space iZotope and ESI giveaway

You’re pleased as punch with the bassline, the chords are catchy and the lyrics are simply genius but unless you’ve got the right tools for mixing and mastering, your track will probably lack that professional polished finish.

Thanks to software developers like iZotope, this can all be achieved easily in your home studio with plugins such as Ozone 5 Mastering Suite, Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools and Nectar Vocal Suite all helping you to get impressive results with relatively little outlay.

Of course, you need a decent set of monitoring speakers as well, and that’s where ESI come in. Earlier this year the German audio specialists released their Unik product line – professional quality active reference monitors that produce a clear, strong and precise sound thanks to the extraordinarily light membrane of the ribbon tweeter.

UK-based distributor Time+Space are giving you the chance to win a pair of Unik monitors plus iZotope software in their October competition with a total prize giveaway totaling over £1600!

Competition prizes

  • First prize: Pair of ESI Unik 08 monitoring speakers and iZotope Ozone 5 Complete Mastering Suite
  • Second prize: Pair of ESI Unik 05 monitoring speakers and iZotope Nectar Complete Vocal Suite
  • Third prize: Pair of ESI Unik04 monitoring speakers and iZotope Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools

The competition is only open to European residents and ends on 31st October, 2012.

More information: Time+Space


ESI Gigaport HD+ audio interface shipping from Time+Space

Time+Space has announced it is shipping the Gigaport HD+ audio interface by ESI.

ESI Gigaport HD+

With a completely new design, the Gigaport HD+ replaces ESI’s popular Gigaport HD to become one of the best value multichannel playback solutions on the market today.

Providing 8 independent outputs (and full 7.1 surround sound support), 2 independent stereo headphone outputs and excellent audio quality supporting up to 24-bit and 96 kHz, the Gigaport HD+ is perfect for DJs on the move with a compact design that measures just 12cm x 7cm x 2cm.

Simply use your favorite DJ software and Gigaport HD+´s eight outputs as up to 4 different stereo channels, enabling you to mix, cue and add effects! Monitor and pre-listen to your signals via the two built-in headphone outputs.

The Gigaport HD+ provides ASIO 2.0 drivers for professional audio mixing and playback under Windows XP and Windows Vista / 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). The hardware is also CoreAudio compatible and natively works under Mac OS X even without the installation of a special driver. Gigaport HD+ is of course compatible with all the popular professional audio software applications like Cubase, Sonar or Logic and also works with consumer programs such as DVD playback software.

To get started right away, GIGAPORT HD+ comes bundled with a license of the DJ software Deckadance LE from Image-Line Software.

Gigaport HD+ is now shipping now from Time+Space and authorised UK ESI dealers, priced RRP £142 GBP / 179 EUR.

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space intros Aktiv studio reference monitors from ESI

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Time+Space has announced the Aktiv monitoring speakers from ESI.

ESI Aktiv 08

Off the back of their higher end UniK series delivered earlier this year, ESI has announced the release of a new line of affordable studio reference monitors – the Aktiv 05 and Aktiv 08.

Replacing the nEar05 / 08 eXperience range, the Aktiv 05 and Aktiv 08 boast unparalleled punch in the low-mid frequency thanks to the top quality kevlar driver – a major improvement over the paper and polypropylene drivers used in many comparable speakers.

Plus, thanks to a retuning of all components by German engineers, including a completely revised design of the crossover circuitry plus a higher quality silk dome tweeter, the Aktiv 05 and 08 provide honest sound at an affordable price and are perfect for use in a range of settings.

Aktiv features

  • 2-way powered speaker / active studio monitor speaker.
  • 5″ or 8″ kevlar curved cone as low frequency driver.
  • 1″ silk dome tweeter as HF driver.
  • Aktiv 05 output power: 60W (HF 30W, LF 30W).
  • Aktiv 08 output power: 90W (HF 30W, LF 60W).
  • Aktiv 05 frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz.
  • Aktiv 08 frequency response: 40Hz – 20kHz.
  • magnetically shielded for desktop operation without electronic interference.
  • input connections: XLR / TS1/4″ combo connector, balanced / unbalanced input.

The ESI Aktiv monitors are sold as single units with the following RRPs:

  • Aktiv 05: £109 GBP.
  • Aktiv 08: £155 GBP.

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space announces ESI Phonorama USB audio interface

ESI Phonorama

Time+Space has announced the Phonorama by ESI, a USB audio interface for recording analog audio to digital formats.

If you’re looking to transfer your old tapes and records to mp3 or wav files quickly and with a high quality result, the ESI Phonorama is the perfect solution.

The USB interface features an adjustable phono preamp and comes bundled with the powerful and convenient BIAS SoundSaver audio restoration solution for Mac and PC.

The PHONORAMA USB audio interface features a phono preamp that can be matched to MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) systems with its RCA inputs. It also features a convenient ground connection screw. For transfers of signals from tape and other sources, the phono preamp can be turned off for line signals. There is also a stereo line and headphone output.

Bundled with PHONORAMA is SoundSaver, the easy all-in-one analog media archiving solution from BIAS. It allows capturing of your favourite records and tapes, either manually or with the automatic record timer. Then remove unwanted noise, tape/needle hiss as well as click and crackles, before exporting separate tracks as mp3, to your iTunes library or as WAV files for CD recording.

The ESI Phonorama is avaialble to purchase for RRP £76.95 GBP / 89 EUR.

More information: Time+Space


ESI Keycontrol 25 XT, MIDI controller keyboard shipping

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ESI Keycontrol 25 XT

Time+Space has announced it is shipping the Keycontrol 25 XT, a compact, aluminium cased controller keyboard by ESI.

With no extra power supply or special drivers needed and featuring a robust aluminium case, the Keycontrol 25 XT is the perfect mobile solution for DJs, producers and musicians on the move.

The versatile MIDI controller can be used immediately after it has been connected to a sound device or to a computer and 4 endless encoders, pitch bend wheel and modulation fader allow you to control your software synthesizers directly from the keyboard.

What’s more, KeyControl 25 XT is shipped together with the full version of Cubase LE 5 from Steinberg and Toontrack’s EZdrummer Lite!

ESI Keycontrol 25 XT features

  • 25-note full-size, velocity-sensitive keyboard.
  • Aluminium case with high glossy white side panels.
  • Pitch bend wheel.
  • Modulation fader.
  • Edit buttons for advanced programming.
  • Sustain foot pedal input.
  • Octave buttons to extend keyboard range.
  • 4 endless encoders, programmable.
  • Powered via USB (no power adapter required).
  • Works with Windows 7 / Vista / XP & Mac OS X.

The ESI Keycontrol 25 XT is available to purchase from Time+Space for £79 GBP / 95 EUR. The KeyControl 49 XT will be shipping late September for a RRP of £99 GBP / 119 EUR.

More information: Time+Space