Industrial Strength intros Evan Panzer Brooklyn Breaks

Industrial Strength Records has launched Evan Panzer Brooklyn Breaks, a new collection of live drum loops and samples.

Evan Panzer Brooklyn Breaks

Drive the beat home with this rock-solid Live Drum Pack from Industrial Strength Samples. With more than 700 MB of old-school Vintage Style Breakbeats keyed across all tempos, Evan Pazner Brooklyn Breaks cuts authentic grooves for any modern track looking for a little Brooklyn love.

This fierce audio set comes clanging out of Willamsburg, Brooklyn, where these homegrown sounds were produced by studio mavericks Derek Nievergelt and Lenny Dee using pro mics and super vintage preamps. All stems and loops were hand-cut by Justin Garish to create natural grooves that lock to any tempo. These pumped-up sounds still leave loads of headroom for you to do your thing. Virtuosic session drummer Evan Pazner performed each loop live to create an arsenal of tight, flexible sounds that work magic in any style from Nu Soul and Funky breaks to dirty DnB and booming Hip Hop.

Unlock a slew of original Live Drum Loops. Each loop can be dissected into its dry stems so you can riff up a storm, rearranging, flipping, and creating completely new rhythms. What’s more, you’ll find a selection of mixed loops and cuts prepped by the inventive Lenny Dee, the master of edgy and organic.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Evan Panzer Brooklyn Breaks


Loopmasters releases Vintage Drum ‘n’ Bass and Vintage Breakbeats by Industrial Strength Records

Loopmasters Vintage Drum 'n' Bass & Vintage Breakbeats

Loopmasters has released Vintage Drum ‘n’ Bass and Vintage Breakbeats, two sample packs by Industrial Strength Records.

All performed live by New York drummer Evan Pazner. The loops were made using a late 1960’s Ludwig drum kit similar to the kit used in many famous breaks from the past.

Vintage Drum ‘n’ Bass & Breakbeats features

  • Vintage Drum ‘n’ Bass: 93 x BHK D’n’B Breaks, 30 x BHK Dubstep Breaks, 123 x Drumhits, 8 x Cymbal & Hihat Loops.
  • Vintage Breakbeats: 99 x E.P. Original Breaks, 28 x Drumfills, 123 x Drumhits, 8 x Cymbal & Hihat Loops.
  • All the loops were performed live by New York drummer Evan Pazner.
  • Produced and recorded by Lenny Dee and Derek Nievergelt at the Tight Spot Studios in Brooklyn New York. The breaks were edited, reworked and mixed by BHK.
  • Format: 24 Bit 44.1 kHz Acid / WAV / Apple Loops / REX2.

Vintage Drum ‘n’ Bass and Vintage Breakbeats are available to purchase for £21.95 GBP each.

These samples are taken from ISR’s Vintage Breaks Volume One so if you already own this sample pack then you don’t need to buy this pack.

More information: Loopmasters / Industrial Strength Records


Review: Industrial Strength Records Vintage Breaks Vol.1

Industrial Strength Records has recently released Vintage Breaks Vol.1, a sample library featuring drum breaks by Evan Pazner.

Even if you think you don’t know any “breaks” you have probably heard many of them in tons of songs. James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”, “Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band, and the (in)famous Amen Break as heard on the Winston Brothers track “Amen, Brother” are used in countless productions.

The appeal of drum breaks is apparent; you get the sound of a live drummer with that authentic groove that is so incredibly hard to reproduce from scratch.

Evan Pazner's Vintage Breaks Vol.1 (Loopmasters/Industrial Strength Records)

On Vintage Breaks Vol.1 NYC-based drummer Evan Pazner shows how you don’t necessarily need to sample old vinyl soul recordings to get some quality vintage drum breaks.

Evan’s eclectic taste in music is reflected in the variety of groups he has played with over the years. His playing style ranges from straight ahead jazz, soul, rock, hip hop and funky breaks. While growing up in New York City Evan was exposed to music at an early age and began playing in clubs at age 14 with the funk/rock group Soul Sauce.

Evan attended NYU and the New School University’s Jazz and Contemporary Music Program where he studied with Jon Riley, Billy Hart, Jimmy Cobb and Reggie Workman among others. Evan can be heard on numerous recordings and has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively with a number of projects. Evan also maintains an active private teaching schedule and has been on the faculty of the National Guitar Workshop. Evan’s playing style made him perfect choice to start ISR’s Vintage collection.

Vintage Breaks Vol.1 includes a total of 381 samples:

  • 99 original breaks, 28 drum fills and 8 cymbal & hihat loops by Evan Pazner.
  • 93 BHK drum and bass breaks, 30 BHK dubstep breaks.
  • 123 drum hits.

The drum breaks were recorded in a dead room to minimize reflections. For the recording a late 1960’s Ludwig drum kit was used, as well as some vintage mics, pre-amps etc.

Besides Evan, Industrial Strength’s BHK (Alex Borel), Lenny Dee and Derek Nievergelt each bring in their expertise in the recording, production and editing of this sample pack.

Check out some of the sounds of Vintage Breaks Vol. 1 below.

So what do I think?

Product: Vintage Breaks Vol.1 by Industrial Strength Records
Format: (Acidized) Wav/REX/Apple Loops & ReFill
Price: £39.95 GBP

A good break makes my head bob. I just can’t help it, they’re just too funky. Vintage Breaks got me bobbin’ all through this sample pack. Evan’s breaks have that vintage vibe while still sounding quite original (or maybe I just never get tired of these breaks…)

The cymbal & hihat loops are a nice extra, as are the single drum sounds. With the included fills in various tempos you can mix and match loops to create your own variations without too much cutting/editing of the samples. I really like some of the background noise/sound that comes through, giving it more life. There’s even one with a James Brown-ish shout in it, love it.

I was not too impressed with the BHK dubstep loops. Maybe it’s just not my genre but I found the samples to be a little inspiration-less, like it was a quick cut ‘em up exercise. However, I found the drum and bass samples to be most excellent. They are well edited & processed and sound absolutely great for this specific genre.

With tempos ranging from 85 to 175 bpm you get a good variety of breaks suitable for any style of music that needs a good groove. The samples scream to be cut up in your favorite sampler (easy with the provided formats) as you would with any other vintage break you’d sample from vinyl. Same authentic vibe, no copyright issues.

Vintage Breaks Vol.1 is a great sample library for anyone looking for some genuine drum breaks, especially if drum and bass is your thing.

More information: Loopmasters / Vintage Breaks Vol.1


Loopmasters releases Vintage Breaks Vol. 1

Loopmasters Vintage Breaks Vol. 1

Loopmasters has released Vintage Breaks Vol. 1, a sample library by Industrial Strength.

Back in the days of early electronic music its was essential to have breaks that provided a live feel to give tracks that grooving feel.

Inspired by the almighty Amen break & many other well known classic grooves. Industrial Strength’s Vintage Breaks is a must have for any DnB, Funky Breaks, Dub Step, Techno & electronic music producer.

This unique Industrial Strength pack dives deep into the needs of the modern music producer while keeping the old school flavor alive. With 380 original license free samples performed live by underground New York drummer Evan Pazner. The loops were made using a late 1960’s Ludwig drum kit similar to the kit used in the famous Amen break. This pack contains all you need to produce the hottest drum tracks in any style with out having to dig into record crates to get the true sounds of vintage breaks !

Vintage Breaks Vol. 1 features

  • Total: 381 Samples (616 Mb)
  • 24 Bit 44.1 kHz
  • 93 x BHK D’n’B Breaks
  • 30 x BHK Dubstep Breaks
  • 99 x E.P. Original Breaks
  • 28 x Drumfills
  • 123 x Drumhits
  • 8 x Cymbal & Hihat Loops
  • Format: Acid / WAV / Apple Loops / REX2
  • Reason4 Refill Available Seperately

Vintage Breaks Vol. 1 is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Vintage Breaks Vol. 1