The Lower Rhythm releases LifeCycle SE and A-210

The Lower Rhythm has released LifeCycle SE and A-210, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

LifeCycle SE

The Lower Rhythm LifeCycle SE

Based around Etric Van Mayer’s LifeForce Sequencer, this auto-synth allows you to create, load, save and run patterns designed within the rules of John Conway’s Game Of Life. The output is fed into three robust operators and then strung through a handful of effects (distortion, bit crushing, modulation, feedback modulation, etc.). The result is a pattern-based, rhythmic droning synthesizer with immense possibilities for tone variation.

LifeCycle SE features

  • EVM’s LifeForce Sequencer (based on Conway’s Game Of Life).
  • Save and load your G.O.L. patterns.
  • Three operator synthesis engine w/ filter and distortion.
  • Global bit crusher and filter.
  • Internal BPM clock driven.
  • Multiple LFO’s and feedback modulation effects.
  • Mono and Poly modes.


The Lower Rhythm A-210

Utilizing the same amplifier as the A-110, this stereo modulation effect is designed to create ringmoddy-chorusy-glitchy layers underneath your favorite synthesizer (or your most hated one!).

A-210 features

  • Versatile delay for subtle chorus or extreme feedback.
  • Lowpass filter.
  • Multiple effect gain stages.
  • A-110 amplifier ‘circuit’.
  • Dry Out for effective layering.
  • Selectable delay waveform.
  • Additional controls for modulating delay oscillators.

LifeCycle SE and A-210 are available as freeware for Windows PC.

Visit The Lower Rhythm for more information.


EVM Synths releases Occam SE VSTi

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EVM Synths has released Occam SE, a special edition of Occam which was released 2 years ago.

Occam SE is a free dual channel wavesample synth. The orginal Occam synth got replaced by Omnicron.


  • 2 Osc with Freq, Q and Ratio controls
  • 13 waveforms (2x)
  • Mod matrix (Peak, Sync, Phase)
  • Dual Channel Stereo Enhancer wutg Time, Feedback and Level controls
  • Modulation Rate, Level, Freq and Q controls
  • Envelope ADSR (2x) for Env > Filter and Filter > Env
  • Panning for both Oscs
  • Frequency Exciter
  • 16 presets

I couldn’t find any information on this one at EVM Synths, so download EVM Occam SE here.



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EVM has released VanQ, a freeware SplineWave Virtual Synthesizer Module.

Originally designed to provide a test environment for DSP software, it turned into a VSTi with the addition of a nice GUI.


  • 4 Oscs, many waveforms and option for custom drawn
  • filter: LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, BandStop, AllPass, LowShelf, HighShelf
  • 4 envelopes + amp envelope
  • 4 LFO, many waveforms and option for custom drawn
  • Mod matrix
  • Assignable Midi
  • Arpeggiator
  • Mono/polyphony
  • Reverb
  • Portamento

Check EVM for more information and a link to download VanQ.