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Evopax releases D-Quattro

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Evopax D-Quattro

Evopax released D-Quattro, an equalizer VST plug-in for Windows PC.

In total this unit bundles thirty four 2nd order recursive filters with a relatively low CPU usage so the EQ is usable not only for mastering tasks. It utilizes the same multi-buffered technology than D1-A with precalculated value and low noise.

D-Quattro features

  • 17 IIR stereo filters proximate of the analog curve.
  • Graphic section for correcting usual issues in analog emulations.
  • 2 parametric filters with resonance, +/-20dB, also IIR.
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 96kHz.
  • Reset function.
  • Professional dBFS metering.
  • Peak warning and current gain value display.
  • Specific versions for SSE instructions.
  • Control value display.
  • Overextended 64bit of internal calculation.
  • Gain amp configurable for each channel.
  • Linked L+R movement or indepedent..
  • Animated sliders.
  • MIDI Learn for most controls.

D-Quattro is available now as a VST effect plug-in for Windows for $70 USD / 55 EUR. A trial version will be available for download soon.

Visit Evopax for more information.


Evopax updates D1-A to v1.1

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Evopax D1-A v1.1

Evopax has released version 1.1 of D1-A, a graphic EQ plug-in for Windows PC.

In this version the user can select three different types of filter modes, one for each resonance level.

Changes in D1-A v1.1

  • Modified UI to include resonance modes without more CPU overhead.
  • Improved installation / uninstall process (unique dll copy).
  • Added native VST program support.
  • Minor improvements in the code.
  • Fixed a potential denormal issue.

D1-A is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Evopax for more information.


Evopax releases VTM4

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Evopax VTM4

Evopax has released VTM4, a parametric equalizer effect plug-in with polyphony, mixer and FX.

This unique plug-in makes easy to achieve a high number of possibilities with a few clicks. Maker layers of drum sounds in a record time, add new frequencies panned in stereo, and finally mix the result with the bundled FX without too much CPU load.
Test with a frequency analyzer by yourself how precise all the five parametric filters are, and listen carefully the sound. All the frequency bands can be boosted or removed utilizing selected algorithms for the best possible sound, so get to work!

VTM4 features

  • Uses the same polyphonic concept utilized in VTM5.
  • Parametric HP, LP, Peak, Low and High Shelving filters.
  • Unique algorithm for Chorus and Flanger with two LFOs mixed with another one for phase mod.
  • Two delay sections independent of the effect for each channel.
  • Internal section to mix and control the delay.
  • MIDI learn in almost the totality of controls.
  • Fuction for limiting the highest frequency in Peak, HP and LP.
  • Considerably near the analog sound.
  • An overextended 64 bits of internal calculation without almost notice in CPU load.
  • Alias free filters. Per sample calculation or interpolated.
  • 44.1, 88.2, 96kHz.
  • Vectorized versions included.

VTM4 is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $54 USD / 45 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit Evopax for more information.


Evopax releases D1-A Graphic EQ

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Evopax D1-A

Evopax has released D1-A, a graphic equalizer plug-in for Windows PC.

From the manual:

Divers digital filters experiment a characteristic sound that differentiate them from analog, specially at some frequencies and high resonance levels. With this unit that effect should be less perceptible.

Evopax D1-A utilizes a new technology which reproduces with more degree of effectiveness the analog behavior. This algorithm in real time would cause an important CPU load, although thanks to using several buffers with precalculated values it’s reached exactly the same result without almost resource exhaustion.

D1-A features

  • Seven peak cut/boost IIR filters, low noise.
  • 64-bit internal processing, no interpolation in the signal flow.
  • Accurate floating point calculation.
  • Not CPU intensive.
  • UI color change.
  • One click MIDI learn.
  • 44.1kHz, 96kHz supported.
  • SIMD versions up to SSE3.

D1-A is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Evopax for a link to download D1-A.


Evopax updates VTM5 to v1.2

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Evopax VTM5

Evopax has released version 1.2 of VTM5, a polyphonic EQ plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in VTM5 Polyphonic EQ v1.2

  • Average meter is replaced by RMS with hold.
  • FFT spectrum analyzer with logarithmic representation, five types of windows and line color selection.
  • Protect from sudden changes of MIDI learn work in an increased range.
  • More support for newer processors with selective code.
  • Fixed possible noises at parameter update and potential UI crashes.

Evopax also announced D-Quattro, an analog emulation with 15 stereo bands of graphic EQ and parametric filters (planned release in February 2009).

Visit Evopax for more information.


Evopax releases VTM5

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Evopax VTM5

Evopax has released VTM5, a polyphonic EQ plug-in for Windows PC.

VTM5 is an analog replica EQ with the ability to separate one or more voices from the source and to mix it in an internal section, with operation similar to a filterbank but with delay. With five voices for mixing together, LP, HP, LS, HS, BS, BP parametric filters, balance and delay buffer per channel, this plug-in offers a high number of possibilities. It can also be used like a FX processor with phaser, chorus, stereo enhancement, wah-wah, etc.

VTM5 Polyphonic EQ features

  • Five filter positions, balance and gain each voice. Excluding Low and High Shelving, the rest with resonance.
  • All the frequency alternatives can be removed or boosted. Or mixed with new ones without touching the original; extra LP loudness, HP brilliance, some analog emulation, etc.
  • In Direct Mode five voices available, or Chain Mode for usual EQ functionality.
  • IIR zero latency operation.
  • Precise filters with optimized calculation in stereo, squeezed for to ensure high levels of curvature.
  • 64 bit of internal engine. One mode without mathematical approximations, called High Precision Mode.
  • Function to limit the top filter frequency in Peak, HP, LP, so the appropriate resonance range in a knob gets multiplied.
  • Linear and real parametric, even 1Hz increments with above function.
  • Any sample rate supported.
  • Optimized for low CPU usage. If desired, only one filter could be activated – saving resources.
  • Two meters, one with hold.
  • Five delay lines (0.023s max) controlled in the internal mixer. It permits some FX, up to five voices.
  • One click MIDI learn and forget. If you are a player, maybe a pedal will give some fun.
  • Function for protecting from sudden changes, one of the common issues working with mouse and external MIDI controllers.
  • Newer processors and 64-bit OS are supported.
  • Built with a native graphic API from Evopax which is modified specifically for speed performance in VTM5.

VTM5 is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows and has an introductory price of $90 USD / €70 EUR for the next three months.

Visit Evopax for more information and audio demos.