The Lower Rhythm releases Satyr, experimental synthesizer plugin

The Lower Rhythm has announced the release of Satyr, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows. Simply put, Satyr is a unique sounding experimental synthesizer that is based around the idea of using your MIDI pitch … read more

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Short links for January 11th, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently: # OP-1, NAMM 2011 Teenage Engineering: If you're at NAMM, please come by our booth, we'll be showing alot of new crazy features! # BLEEP – The Top 100 … read more

Psychic Modulation releases Dubtron, experimental bass synthesizer plugin

Psychic Modulation has announced the release of Dubtron, a bass synthesizer plug-in for Windows. Dubtron is an Experimental Bass Synth designed for dubstep wobble bass, and more obscure bass sounds. Dubtron’s two oscillator sections utilize … read more

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Mark Mosher releases Sounds From a Distant Outpost, free sample library

Mark Mosher of Modulate This! has released Sounds From a Distant Outpost, a free Ableton Live Pack. Sounds From a Distant Outpost is more than a sample sound library. Over 30 hours in the making, … read more

Necromare releases free sample-based VST instruments

Necromare has released a number of free sample-based VST instruments for Windows. The samples used are from free online sources and recorded sounds. The instruments are created with MaizeSampler. Necromare VST instruments Orchestral Percussion, velocity … read more

Random Wave Music releases Uncharted Territory, sound bank for Alchemy

Random Wave Music has released Uncharted Territory, a sound bank for Camel Audio Alchemy. Camel Audio Alchemy is renowned for its pad sounds in addition to creating otherworldly soundscapes and sound effect textures utilizing the … read more

Tonehammer Music Made with Bees, free Kontakt sample pack

Tonehammer has announced Music Made with Bees, an experimental project featuring the sound of bees. Tonehammer is not just about fancy sampling, but we also find pleasure in cross-pollinating new elements and creating fresh audio … read more

Seaquence, experimental musical petri-dish

Have a few spare minutes? Create some music with the Seaquence music ecosystem. Seaquence, an experimental musical petri-dish. Adopting a biological metaphor, Seaquence allows you to create and combine musical lifeforms into unique, dynamic compositions. … read more

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Cinematique Instruments releases Experimental Box V2

Cinematique Instruments has released Experimental Box V2, the second part in a series of experimental sample libraries. This time we focuses on objects and elements we found in a smithy of an artist blacksmith. We … read more

Short links for May 18th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Discord 3 sneak preview Chris Randall writes: Just uploaded a video preview of Discord3's highlights. I think I touched on all the major features; I'll do a full … read more

Short links for November 2nd, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Tentacle-box, mobile musicstation with beatsynched lights. Johan Larsby made himself a portable sound system so he can do shows wherever he goes. It should be able to work … read more

Short links for September 28th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Experibass – violin, viola, cello and double bass combined together. Diego Stocco writes: Few weeks ago I visited a luthier looking for instruments parts, I had an idea … read more

Chris Nash updates reViSiT Pro to v1.1.3

Chris Nash has released version 1.1.3 of reViSiT Pro, a tracking software for VST hosts. Tracking is a method for computer music almost as mature and time-honoured as MIDI. Sometimes better, sometimes not so – … read more

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Short links for April 14th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Tweet A Sound Tweet A Sound is a desktop application that uses Twitter as a platform for sharing sonic tweets. Pushing the idea of “social sound design”, Tweet … read more

Chris Nash releases reViSiT v1.0 Pro

Chris Nash has released version 1.0 of reViSiT Pro, a tracking software for VST hosts. The Professional Edition of reViSiT is a more powerful and flexible composition tool, which can literally add a new dimension … read more

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Short links for April 25th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on April 25th, 2008: # KlangStufen – „KlangStufen“ is an experiment to show, how much information you can get from the sound of a city. You can experience the urban … read more

Gestural Speech Synth by Matt Gilbert

Matt Gilbert developed the Gestural Speech Synth, a speech synth controller which puts expression before language. Matt writes: Speech synthesis is usually about converting text to speech, but what if you approached it differently? With … read more

Short links for March 14th, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on March 14th, 2008: The HAptic GUidance System – A device for "recording" and "playing back" drumstick motions involved in percussion performance. It is being used in a … read more

Dr. Kurt Johnen’s pianist body reaction recording device

Modern Mechanix posted an interesting newspaper snippet from the year 1929: This Instrument Will Register Body Reactions of Student Piano Player. For some reason these type of devices always look a bit creepy to me… … read more

Score for a Hole in the Ground

The music of sound has an interesting post about some of the works of Jem Finer, one of the founding members of the Pogues. Tim writes: Since leaving the band in 1996 he has gone … read more