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Rankin Audio releases Experiments In Dubstep sample pack

Rankin Audio Experiments in Dubstep

Rankin Audio has launched Experiments In Dubstep, a collection of dubstep sounds.

After 2 award winning dubstep packs, Rankin Audio takes it back to the gritty underground with Experimental Dubstep.

Influenced by the likes of Amon Tobin, Eskmo, Kryptic Minds and Noisia this is all about chilling atmospheres, twisted foley and face-melting bass. Focusing in on organic layered sounds that will fill out the spectrum of your mix to give your track an accomplished, professional sound.

Experiments In Dubstep features

  • 408 MB content, 24-bit quality.
  • Includes 11 Drum Loops, 22 Top Loops, 54 Bass Loops, 37 Synth & Atmos Loops, 44 Music Foley Loops, 18 Cymbal One Shots, 11 Kick One Shots, 20 Perc One Shots, 12 Snare & Clap One Shots, 28 Dirty Dub Stabs, 10 Vocal One Shots, 30 FX.

Experiments In Dubstep is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Experiments In Dubstep


Producer Loops releases Experimental Dubstep Vol 4

Producer Loops Experimental Dubstep Vol 4

Producer Loops has announced Experimental Dubstep Vol 4, a sample library by Jeff Rhodes.

‘Experimental Dubstep Vol 4′ marks the fourth installment of this exciting new series from Producer Loops. Jeff Rhodes, creator of ‘Ambient Glitch’, ‘Dance Glitch’, and co-creator of the ‘World Tek’ series, delivers FIVE outstanding Construction Kits packed full of immovable basses, irresistible grooves, and synths stacked chest high.

Jeff wanted to create some compelling set pieces for your audio movies to take place in. A sense of place and space, somewhere things happen, grow, and change unexpectedly over time, while also leaving room for musicians to add their own heroes and villians, and decide the ultimate course of events.

With a unique and quirky vibe, ‘Experimental Dubstep Vol 4′ takes that familiar half time groove and infuses it with experimental processing, abstract melodies and dizzying electronic ambience Ð perfect for all of you mad-dub-scientists out there!

All loops are recorded at 140 BPM in this unmissable volume, so you can mix and match between the kits and use them in many other styles of music.

More information: Producer Loops / Experimental Dubstep Vol 4


Hideaway Studio releases The Blue Zone for Kontakt

Hideaway Studio has launched The Blue Zone, the first in a new series of unique sounds & textures for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hideaway Studio The Blue Zone

The Blue Zone is a new series of one-off experimental electronic textures and instruments presented with a simple user interface to be periodically interspersed between major releases (there is indeed much work in progress on a new project!). The plan is that they will eventually form a unique library of more exotic sounds available in single inexpensive installments.

Most of the sounds in the collection will be exclusively created from scratch using combinations of custom tube hybrid equipment, experimental circuits and vintage analog gear. I have named the first installment after the series, The Blue Zone…

This wispy number was created by three modulated and detuned ramps fed hot into the Dual Tube Hybrid Filter with both the Tube and Multi-Mode stages dancing about self resonance. The filter cutoffs were hand cranked in unison via a modulation matrix in and out of the harmonic resonance points and the results passed through an analog chorus and sampled in 24-bits.

The Blue Zone for Kontakt costs £1.50 GBP (requires Kontakt full version 4.2.4 or higher).

More information: Hideaway Studio / The Blue Zone


Soundiron releases Ambius 2: Systematik + Deals on drum & piano libraries

Soundiron has announced the release of Ambius 2: Systematik, a 4.9GB beast of an organic synth collection built on adaptive groove-building and inspiring tone and texture shaping features.

Soundiron Ambius 2 Systematik
The foundation of Ambius 2 is Soundiron’s Instrument Designer system, which allows you to combine a range of tuned percussive attack samples with a broad variety of richly detailed sustaining pads and leads.

Ambius 2: Systematik represents a huge new step forward in our quest to build a truly flexible and adaptive sample based atmospheric synth.

We wanted a broad collection of richly nuanced flavors with the ability to freely layer, blend and reshape a wide mix of percussive, tonal and textural elements into custom multi-layered dynamic and evolving instruments. We wanted a unified and powerful interface to combine detailed performance and tone shaping controls with a wide pallet of experimental and environmental convolution effects. We wanted a built-in tempo-locking step-sequenced filter and LFO engine that could be adapted to just about any other GUI control parameter on the fly without missing a beat. Ambius 2 is all of that and much more.

To celebrate the release of Ambius 2 Systematik, Soundiron is offering a $30 discount on the price and offering some amazing deals on Apocalypse Percussion, Cymbology, The Struck Grand and our Montclarion Hall Steinway until December 21st, 2012.

More information: Soundiron / Ambius 2: Systematik


Soundiron updates Rust 2 sound library for Kontakt + Metal Collection Sale

Soundiron has announced the release of a major update for Rust 2, a metallic percussion sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Soundiron Rust 2
Soundiron’s Rust 2 now features the Mega Mixer master preset.

For the brand new Rust 2 version 2.0 we went through all the previous presets with the due diligence of a true obsessive-compulsive. We tweaked key-mapping, zone mapping, fading and balance to really improve on the previous incarnation of this library in every way. We’ve designed a completely customized and automatable user interface that visually responds to your performance. Now each preset offers realtime control over every aspect of the sound, allowing you to shape note Attack and sample Offset to create gentle, ghostly pad-like sounds from even the harshest impacts. The Release control let’s you tighten the sound into a sharp staccato click or ping in one moment, or a long ringing sustain the next. Tuning is easy, with the Stepping and main Tune parameters. All of our most recent technological advances are included. Our powerful Uberpeggiator allows complex, adaptive arpeggiations and you’ll find tempo-syncing resonant filter and volume LFOs build into nearly every preset. We’ve also included a parametric EQ and convolution reverb with over 50 room and FX impulses to choose from instantly.

We’ve also included our mighty Mega Mixer master preset, which lets you choose from any of the percussive elements in the library, load 10 of them dynamically, each with custom key-range, tuning and mapping to create your own ensembles, drum kits and tuned percussion orchestras. Finally, the Tuned Selector Ensemble presets give you instant access to sub-categorized collections of solo tuned percussion elements, with easy browsing and automatable instrument selection, while the standard ensemble presets lay it all out for you in convenient untuned drum-kits.

Rust 2 is available to purchase for $59 USD through December 12th, 2012 (regular $69 USD). The update is free for current owners of Rust 2.

In celebration of the updated, Soundiron has also launched a limited time sale for the Metal Collection, offering the bundle of Rust 1-3, Iron Throne, Tuned Artillery and Bronze Bin at a 35% discount.

Soundiron Metal Collection Sale

Weighing in at nearly 12 GB of content, Metal Collection features over 300 flexible and intuitive Kontakt presets and over 12,000 samples.

For many of the presets, dozens of custom convolutions are integrated into the GUI and there is a range of automatable EQ, Reverb and sound-shaping to expand on the creative possibilities the libraries offer.

Metal Collection is on sale now for $149 USD through December 12th, 2012.

More information: Soundiron / Rust 2


18 free patches for u-he Diva by Petri Suhonen

u-he DIVA

Petri Suhonen has released a collection of 18 free patches for the virtual analog Diva synthesizer by u-he.

Diva is a virtual analogue synthesizer by U-He and here’s 18 free patches for it, created by me.

These presets are made via the help of randomization (but a little bit of hand tweaking was involved as well). They do not represent any particular genre though, but you’ll find leads, basses, pads and experimental sounds that can be used for various different musical styles.

The patches are free to use in commercial and/or non-commercial audio productions.

More information: How To Make Electronic Music


Patchpool releases No Boundaries for Drone-E

Patchpool No Boundaries

Patchpool has announced the release of No Boundaries, a soundset for the free DRON-E Reaktor ensemble by Antonio Blanca.

No Boundaries contains a wide variety of soundscapes, drones, one-finger-pads, vocal sounds, soprano sax sounds, textures made from percussion samples like gongs, bells, Glockenspiel and framedrum (Bodran), acoustic guitar sounds (plucked and bowed), Okarina textures (clay flute), processed field-recordings and some otherworldly, more experimental stuff.

Most of the 103 samples (48 Khz / 24 Bit / stereo) were produced exclusively for this set, some were borrowed from the vast pool of patchpool samples. All acoustic instruments were recorded with 3 high quality Neumann mics through a RME FF 800 using my regular L-C-R setup.

The download contains the Sample Map and the Snapshot Bank. The Sample Map can also be used in any other Reaktor ensemble that supports sample players and granulators. The samples can also be downloaded in a folder with single wav files so that they can be used in other samplers and granulators or directly inside a DAW without having to extract the samples from the Reaktor Sample Map.

No Boundaries features

  • 86 Snapshots / 3 variations.
  • 103 Samples (48 Khz / 24 Bit /stereo – Reaktor Sample Map 2.1 GB).
  • Pdf with the licence agreement, description and a patchlist (download here).
  • Note: This soundset requires the full version of Reaktor. It does not work with the Reaktor player version.

The soundset is available to purchase for 28 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / No Boundaries