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Wavesfactory releases W-Buzz for Kontakt and EXS24

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Wavesfactory W-Buzz

Wavesfactory has announced W-Buzz, a sample library featuring snare buzz sounds.

When electric bass and drums play together, the low frequencies coming from the bass amp make the snare wires vibrate. This is called “sympathetic resonance”. There isn’t always the same sound, it depends on the frequency of the notes, the volume and the snare itself.

When you record bass and drums separately (using sample libraries or real instruments), this doesn’t happen but, by adding W-Buzz to the mix, your tracks become more realistic and organic. It changes your perception.

We recorded it by playing an electric bass through an amp near a drum kit, with a mic pointing at the bottom of the snare, and just sampling that sound. We recommend using a LPF (low pass filter) to get rid of the bass and only let the snare sound come through.

Each note sampled because every frequency makes the snare vibrate in a different way. 2 round robin, sustain, mutes and glissandos.

W-Buzz features

  • Snare buzz.
  • WAV files | 44.1 KHz, 24 bits.
  • 2 round robin.
  • Sustain, mutes and glissandos.
  • Each note sampled, no pitch shifting.
  • Premium mics, preamps and converters.
  • Add realism to your tracks.
  • For Kontakt 3.5 and superior.
  • Full version of Kontakt required. Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.
  • 251 MB installed.

The sound library costs 9.95 EUR.

More information: Wavesfactory / W-Buzz

Signo SFX-Instruments releases Outdoor Skating sample library

Signo Outdoor Skating

Signo SFX-Instruments has announced the release of the Outdoor Skating – Male Bundle, a sound fx sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24.

This is the first set of the Outdoor Ice Skating collection from amateur skating on natural ice surface.

It contains 4 SFX-Instruments offering the basic path, including skating strokes, slide loops, stops, turns, moves and scrapes. Moreover, 3 other sets including different stops lengths, additional moves, short and long srapes.

This bundle contains a total of 359 samples 96kHz / 24bits mono.

The sample library costs $34.95 CAD. Compatible with Kontakt (full retail) and EXS24.

More information: Signo / Outdoor Skating Male Bundle

WaaSoundLab releases Electro Swing Vol 4

WaaSoundLab Electro Swing Vol 4

WaaSoundLab has launched Electro Swing Vol 4, a collection of 5 Logic Pro templates including royalty free samples and loops.

Each template contains a demo mix, Mastering, then the separated audio tracks (Apple Loops) and EXS24 instruments, allowing you to change the tempo, the key, to mix, match and tweak each and every melodic, rhythmic and textural element at your convenience, to build your own arrangement.

Electro Swing Vol 4 features

  • 5 Logic Pro templates, including WAV, Apple Loops, REX2, MIDI files.
  • 1.56 GB total content, 807 Loops.
  • Additional folder include 60 Beats, 23 Afterbeats, 20 Fills, 28 Miscs, 15 Midi files (piano), Bass-Acc-Themes separates.
  • 33 EXS24 multi-sampled instruments + 33 Channel Strip Settings (ESX24).

The full pack costs 79.95 EUR. Individual templates are 19.95 EUR each.

More information: WaaSoundLab / Electro Swing Vol 4

ToneBuilder’s Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back sample library nearly sold out

ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back

Tonebuilder has announced that its limited edition Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back electronic drum and percussion sample library is nearly sold out.

Just a quick heads-ups, there are 97 copies remaining until I pull Driven Machine Drums STRIKES BACK!! from the site. It will no longer be available after that point.

DMD Strikes Back features

  • 2,072 Premium Designer Drum Samples.
  • 24-Bit/96kHz WAV and AIF. Intelligently organized and labeled for optimal creative work-flow.
  • 24-Bit/44.1kHz WAV. Optimized for Elektron Octatrack playback levels.
  • 16-Bit/44.1kHz WAV. Featuring premium dithering/SRC and 8 character names for classic samplers such as the MPC and Akai series.
  • Includes 22 Ableton Drum Racks, 22 NI Maschine Kits, 22 FXPansion Geist and Guru Kits.
  • Deluxe Edition includes Logic EXS-24 & Native Intruments Kontakt programs.

The sample library is available to purchase for $77 USD (Standard) / $87 USD (Deluxe).

More information: ToneBuilder

Signo SFX-Instruments releases Burning Y Sky & Neurons-1 sample libraries

Signo SFX-Instruments has announced the release of Burning Y Sky and Neurons-1, two new Energy 360 series sound libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24.

Signo SFX-Instruments Burning Y Sky

Burning Y Sky can be defined as a “burning objects passing by” instrument.

Burning Y Sky can be used for a scene in a sci-fi movie or a simple movement of a graphic object. It uses parameter “Y” of the surround panner of Kontakt to allow the user the passage of the chosen sounds, front-back or back-front to follow the movement, slow or fast, of an object in the space. Burning Y Sky can also allow the free movement in a surround environment by assigning the surround panner automation knobs to a joy stick.

Burning Y Sky features

  • 61 samples of original sound effects (whooshes & pass by).
  • Surround panner front-rear / rear-front with the modulation wheel (Kontakt 4+).
  • Control panels including independent volume, pan, EQ, filter and envelope for each key of the keyboard controller (Kontakt 4+).
Signo SFX Neurons-1

Neurons-1 is a unique sound effects collection developed for sound designers.

It contains abstract sounds that could be associated with visual scenes like: the activity of neuronal connections or scenes including strange sensations and other weird «buzz», radiant energy, magnetic field, etc. This set contains 62 “Neurons SFX-Instruments”. There are 61 individual instruments and 1 “All Neurons SFX-Instruments” including the 61 original samples distributed from C1 to C6 keys.

When activating the “Select Midi” button, each key strike will bring up its own “Main Control” and keep it in memory. You will have the opportunity to change the sound settings for one key (sound) without affecting other sounds. Now blend it! Playing many keys will offer you the possibility of many surprising soundscapes.

Neurons-1 features

  • 61 samples of original sound effects.
  • 61 single Neuron Surround SFX-Instruments.
  • 1 “All Neurons-1 Surround SFX-Instrument”.
  • Independent control panels with vol, pan, EQ, filter and env. for each key of the keyboard controller (Kontakt 4+).

The sound libraries are available to purchase for $19.95 CAD each. Kontakt 3 or later full version is required. The Surround panner preset needs Kontakt 4 or later.

More information: Signo SFX-Instruments

Tonebuilder updates Driven Machine Drums STRIKES BACK with 22 Ableton Drum Racks & Octatrack version

ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back

Tonebuilder has announced the release of two new official versions of its Driven Machine Drums STRIKES BACK!! electronic drum and percussion sample library, now supporting Ableton Live and the Octatrack performance sampler by Elektron.

The Ableton Live version contains the complete 2,270 custom one-shot sound library along with 22 Drum Racks.

Elektron Octatrack receives a 24-bit/44.1kHz version with 2,270 custom drum samples optimized for Elektron Octatrack playback levels.

The sample library costs $77 USD (Standard) / $87 USD (Deluxe). Limited copies are available.

More information: Tonebuilder

Binary Music releases Crosswave – Ensoniq SQ80 sounds for Kontakt, Live & EXS24

Binary Music Crosswave

Binary Music has announced the release of Crosswave, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt, Ableton Live and Apple EXS24.

The Ensoniq SQ80 was originally manufactured in 1988 as the successor to the ESQ1.

The hardware instrument used three 8-bit wavetable oscillators per voice and digital amplifiers but, crucially, it had Curtis 4 pole 24dB/octave filters, making it a distinctive hybrid instrument.

Our sampled instrument has an easy-to-use custom interface and contains 133 patches made from 1,642 individual samples recorded at 44.1 kHz, 24 bit resolution.

The sample library is available to purchase for £15 GBP (Kontakt) / £12 GBP (Live & EXS24) + VAT in E.U.

More information: Binary Music

Precisionsound releases Ukrainian Bandura for Kontakt & Logic EXS24

Precisionsound Ukrainian Bandura

Precisionsound has announced the release of Ukrainian Bandura, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24.

The Bandura is the national instrument of Ukraine. We have sampled a 55-string Bandura made by the Chernihiv factory in the -1980ties. Playing styles included in the library are:

  • Solo (4 velocity layers, 6 round robin layers)
  • Trio ( 4 velocity layers 2 round robin layers, based upon the same samples as “Solo” with 3 samples per note)
  • FX1-3 (178 sound effects created with the instrument)

The tonal range of the instrument is A0-D#5, mapped from A1-D#6 in the keyboard.

All samples were recorded at 24 bits, and 44.1 Sample rate.

The SampleSet contains 1315 mono WAV samples mapped as 9 programs for Kontakt 2 and above, 1 scripted program for Kontakt v.3-5, and 10 programs for EXS24. The total size of the library uncompressed is 2GB.

The sample library is available to purchase for $69 USD as a download (includes all formats). It is also available on DVD for $80 USD.

More information: Precisionsound / Ukrainian Bandura