Review: Goldbaby’s Urban Cookbook Vol. 1

When you need some solid electronic drum sounds, Goldbaby’s sample packs are always a good place to turn to. With Goldbaby’s Urban Cookbook Vol. 1, Hugo once again provides quality sounds to help you cook … read more

30 Drum Kits by Olan Lorain free at Hardballs Records

Hardballs Records has announced the release of Drum Kit Olan Lorain, a drum kit from its label artist Olan Lorain. Drum Kit contain 30 drum hits that Olan make and use in his production last … read more

Wavesfactory releases Boomwhackers

Wavesfactory has released Boomwhackers, a sound library for Kontakt and EXS24. Boomwhackers are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. Boomwhackers produce musical tones when struck together, on the floor, or … read more

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Zero-G releases Modular Beats

Time+Space has announced Modular Beats a sample pack featuring a collection of real analog beats and kits. This latest release from sample pioneers Zero-G is crammed full of stand-out beats and kits made from pure … read more

Tonebuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back tax man sale extended – 40% off sample pack

Tonebuilder has extended the limited time sale on its Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back electronic drum and percussion sample library. What if a time-capsule was discovered that contained never before heard drum machines… With the … read more

Soundprovocation launches Summer Sale – 50% off sound libraries

Soundprovocation has announced a limited time Summer Sale, offering 50% discount on all its products. Tools for musicians, producers, composers. Sampler instruments for Kontakt, Logic EXS24, Reason NN-XT, sound effects. Soundprovocation products Sampler instruments Vocalotheque … read more

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Puremagnetik releases Baritron – A Saxophone Instrument from the Future

Puremagnetik has released Baritron, a saxophone sound library packed into a collection of 11 multisampled instruments in three eclectic categories. Four instruments (All, Soft, Loud, Staccato) capture the classic acoustic tones of the baritone saxophone. … read more

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WM Entertainment releases Nick Olivetti & Alli Borem Presents: Random Reverence

Loopmasters has introduced Nick Olivetti & Alli Borem Presents: Random Reverence, a new sample pack from WM Entertainment. “Random Reverence” contains some of the finest tech house loops with Detroit-inspired basslines, funky and old school … read more

SampleTekk releases The INIL Choir – 10cc Voice Loops

SampleTekk has released The INIL Choir – 10cc Voice Loops, a sample library for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and NN-XT. The INIL Choir sample library in Kontakt (GUI and scripting by Hollow Sun) In 1974 10CC … read more

Wavesfactory releases StrumGTR Vol. 1 – Electric

Wavesfactory has released StrumGTR Vol. 1 Electric, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24. You guessed it, we sampled real strummed major and minor chords of an electric guitar (upstroke and downstroke) … read more

Presicionsound releases Indian ShrutiBox

Presicionsound has announced the Indian ShrutiBox, a sample library featuring the sounds of a Shruti box instrument. Originating in South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu), but widespread also in the North, the Shruti box is a … read more

WaaSoundLab releases Electro Indie Pop Vol 1 & 2

WaaSoundLab has announced Electro Indie Pop Vol 1 & 2, two new sample libraries. Enhance your productions with these top-quality niche libraries loaded with royalty-free pro samples and loops borrowed from trip hop, blended with … read more

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Tonebuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back 40% off in Tax Man Sale

Tonebuilder has launched a Tax Man Sale for Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back, offering 40% off the electronic drum and percussion sample library for a limited time. 2072 brand-new samples, of which 90% have never … read more

Zero-G Epic Horizons: Cinematic Atmospheres available from Time+Space

Time+Space has announced the availability of Epic Horizons – Cinematic Atmospheres, a sound library from Zero-G. Epic soundscapes, sonic narratives and breathtaking audio vistas from the people behind the award winning Dark Skies Crammed full … read more

Puremagnetik releases Synth700 MiniKorg inspired instrument

Puremagnetik has announced Synth700, a MiniKorg inspired instrument for Live, Kontakt and Logic. Synth700 is a complete re-creation of Korg’s very first analog monosynth, the MiniKorg 700. Synth700 has been expertly recorded with the finest … read more

Precisionsound releases Orfeo Accordion sample library

Precisionsound has announced the release of Orfeo Accordion, a sample library for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont. Orfeo Accordion is a Multisampled Italian accordion from the 1950s with 5 registers and a separate noise program. … read more

Noisefactory releases Big Room Tools Vol 1 – Second Edition

Noisefactory has released Big Room Tools Vol 1 – Second Edition, an update to the sample library for big room productions. Since its release in 2011, many people gave their recommendation and value, that “Big … read more

Review: No Dough Music NDS-3 Classic FM Sample Pack

NDS-3 Classic FM is No Dough’s third release in a series of libraries for software samplers. This one focuses on the sounds from some classic Yamaha synthesizers, the DX7 and the TX81Z. Before I start, … read more

Precisionsound releases Finnish Concert Kantele sample library

Precisionsound has introduced the Finnish Concert Kantele, a sample library for Kontakt, EXS24 & HALion. The sound of the Kantele is unique and useful in many music genres, both for strumming and arpeggio style playing … read more

Soniccouture launches Exotic Percussion Sale – 50% off sample libraries

Soniccouture has announced a limited time promotion, offering 50% off 5 Exotic Percussion sample libraries. 50% OFF 5 GREAT PERCUSSION PRODUCTS – UNTIL FRIDAY 23RD DECEMBER – 7 DAYS ONLY Simply enter the code for … read more