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Toontrack releases The Classic EZX drum library

Toontrack The Classic EZX

Toontrack has announced the release of The Classic EZX, a new drum library for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer.

With The Classic EZX®, Toontrack® Music is merging the best of the past and the present to bring your music to the forefront of today.

The Classic EZX® is a contemporary sounding drum library, bringing together all that is good about modern recording techniques with the sound of a classic Helios recording console, as known to have shaped the production on albums by bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who and many others.

Be it the slamming 70s rock song or the slim and tight contemporary pop that tops the charts of today, the sounds of The Classic EZX® will sit right in any mix.

The Classic EZX features

  • The Kits – The Classic EZX® features instruments from three fantastic drum brands: Yamaha, Noble & Cooley and Craviotto.
  • The Console – The Helios has aptly been dubbed the “Musicians Choice” of recording consoles and is still after almost 40 years in existence considered one of the best sounding of all time.
  • The People – The Classic EZX® was produced by Peter Henderson (Paul McCartney, Rush, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Tina Turner, Ringo Starr) and Chris Whitten (Edie Brickell, The Waterboys, Paul McCartney)
  • The Unique Mic Setup – Two interfaces and two EZXs in one! The Classic was recorded using two different setups; one contemporary multi microphone and one with only four microphones, a so called “4 mic setup”. This setup is what helped shape the unique and organic production on many big albums of the 70s – a sound that is making an evident resurgence in the music at the top of the charts of today.
  • The MIDI – The Classic EZX® comes with two extensive libraries, played by Peter Fredlander as well as Chris Whitten himself. Peters library is organized as different songs with variations of 4-8 bar building blocks. Each song also features a Jamtrack of the full song from start to finish. In Chriss library, hes laying down his patented groove by revisiting some of the greatest hits of his stunning recording and touring history.

The Classic EZX is now available to purchase for 69 EUR / $89 USD.

More information: Toontrack / The Classic EZX


Toontrack Beatstation, 50% off at Time+Space this weekend only

Toontrack Beatstation

Time+Space has announced a limited time promotion for Beatstation, the software sampler instrument from Toontrack.

Released in June 2010, Toontrack’s Beatstation is a software sampler that comes with a wide selection of drums, bass and lead instruments. With drag and drop, REX and MIDI support, Beatstation gives you all the tools to quickly create beats or for diving into the smallest detail of each individual sound.

Give that sample library collection you’ve built up over the years a new lease of life as Beatstation allows you to drag n drop wav, rex or mp3 files from any source and drop them into the player. And, thanks to the award winning software company Overloud, the built in effects give you the power to adjust and tweak to suit your style.

For advanced users, Beatstation contains a number of powerful tools for manipulating MIDI, sound design, instrument creation and full mixing. This includes full ADSR, pitching, reverse, variable swing, flam, transposition, a handy part separation feature for extracting a specific part from within the MIDI file and much more.

Beatstation is available to purchase for £39 GBP / €45 EUR (a 50% discount) exclusively from Time+Space until midnight Sunday 19, December. Note, this offer is unavailable to customers within Scandinavian territories.

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space announces December Toontrack offers

Time+Space has announced a number of offers on Toontrack products, available throughout December.

The season of goodwill is upon us and never before has the month of December seen such an awesome abundance of terrific Toontrack deals at Time+Space. You may just have to re-write your Christmas shopping list, or at least add your own name to it!

Toontrack December offers @ Time+Space

Toontrack December offers

  • Buy EZdrummer and get an EZX expansion pack free – That’s your two drumkits sorted for less than £100! This is a great value deal that saves you £46 / €69!
  • S2.0 Crossgrade – 30% off Superior Drummer Crossgrade. Want to step things up a notch with cool drum stacking and advanced mixing features? Why not crossgrade from EZdrummer to Superior Drummer 2.0 this month? With 30% off the normal RRP, not only will you get a brand new drum software for just £89.00/€109.
  • Superior Drummer® 2.0 – 20% off Superior Drummer 2.0. For just £159/€179, you can have the best drum sounds at your fingertips (or sticks!) plus an unrivaled extensive feature list for the best possible sound control of your drum recording.
  • Joe Barresi Evil Drums SDX – Joe Barresi Evil Drums – half price! That’s 6 full drum kits, 6 kick drums and 6 snares, recorded to analog tape at two legendary rock studios using compression and EQ, for just £74.50 / €89.50.

More information: Time+Space


Time+Space announces Toontrack Metal Month bundles

Time+Space has announced two limited time Toontrack bundles.

As Toontrack’s Metal Month celebrations continue, Time+Space are pleased to announce two great value bundles – only available in November…

Toontrack Superior Drummer Crossgrade & The Metal Foundry SDX

Toontrack Metal Month bundles

EZdrummer to Superior Drummer 2.0 Crossgrade PLUS The Metal Foundry SDX

This limited-time Metal Month bundle allows you to crossgrade from EZdrummer to the powerful Superior Drummer 2.0 and also includes the Metal Foundry SDX expansion pack to start you off!

With its excellent sounding sample-engine, it’s phenomenal realistic room sounds and its unrivaled extensive feature-list, Superior Drummer 2.0 truly sets the industry standard in contemporary digital drum production. Couple this with the seven massive drum kits, spanning 300,000 sound files of raw, single hit drum recordings found in the Metal Foundry SDX expansion pack and you have all the ingredients for a powerfully raw and compelling drum track.

RRP: £165 GBP / €199 EUR.

Toontrack EZdrummer & Drumkit From Hell EZX

EZdrummer and Drumkit From Hell EZX bundle

If you’re new to virtual drums, now’s a better time than ever to get your hands on Toontrack’s easy to use plug-in ‘EZdrummer’ as throughout November it’s bundled with the Drumkit From Hell EZX expansion pack for just £89 – that’s a saving of £59!

EZdrummer is a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control.

The Drumkit From Hell EZX contains the essence of what Toontrack is originally all about. Includes custom midi files from the diabolically gifted musician and guitar player of Meshuggah, Fredrik Thordendal plus midi played by another great metal drummers, Ove Lingvall from Nocturnal Rites. Metal at its best.

RRP: £89 GBP / €109 EUR.

More information: Time+Space


Toontrack Metalheads EZX, new drum library for EZdrummer & Superior Drummer

Toontrack Metalheads EZX

Toontrack has released the Metalheads EZX, the next step in the evolution of Metal drum production tools.

Over a decade ago, we introduced you to the Drumkit From Hell, or “DFH” as it is affectionately known to musicians and producers around the world. This masterfully recorded, multi sampled drum instrument has since then become the industry standard in drum production tools for metal artists all across the globe. So, we decided it was time to head back into the depths hell and see what other drum kits we could find. Just as we suspected, hell indeed had yet another rhythmic beast waiting or us to unleash upon the metal music production world – only this beast is two-headed!

One world-renowned drummer, Tomas Haake, member of the extreme metal band Meshuggah.

One in demand producer, Daniel Bergstrand, whose mixing and producing credits include the likes of In Flames, Strapping Young Lad, Soilwork and Meshuggah, just to name a few.

Two incredible drum sets, assembled and recorded to metal perfection, ready to bring your metal productions to the next level. And, for the first time in Toontrack history, we’ve included Separate mix channels in the EZdrummer mixer, containing kick and snare drum samples designed by Daniel Bergstrand, that augment these already amazingly recorded drums.

Twelve classic Meshuggah songs, captured flawlessly via MIDI by Tomas Haake himself, organized both as full songs as well as song parts so you can customize, dissect and use his grooves and drumming brilliance to inspire or create your next grand metal composition.

Metalheads EZX for EZdrummer 1.2.0 and Superior Drummer 2.1 or above is available to purchase for 69 EUR.

More information: Toontrack / Metalheads EZX


Toontrack Music EZX Expansion Packs half price throughout July at Time+Space

Toontrack EZX promotion @ Time+Space

Toontrack Music has announced a promotion for its EZX Expansion Packs, offering 50% off on all EZXs throughout July.

Toontrack’s range of EZX expansion packs allow users to expand their music making possibilities across a whole spectrum of genres from metal and jazz right through to funk and electronic.

Designed to be used with Toontrack’s award winning drum sampling software – EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0 – all EZXs feature drum and percussion soundbanks as well as additional MIDI files to offer even more choice and inspiration when building tracks.

Throughout July, all EZXs are half price at Time+Space and participating dealers just £24.50 / €34.50 each!

The nine currently available EZXs are:

  • EZX Claustrophobic
  • EZX Drumkit from Hell
  • EZX Electronic
  • EZX Funkmasters
  • EZX Jazz
  • EZX Latin Percussion
  • EZX Nashville
  • EZX Twisted Kit
  • EZX Vintage Rock

The offer ends 31st July 2010.

More information: Toontrack at Time+Space


Toontrack releases Beatstation

Toontrack Music Beatstation

Toontrack has released Beatstation, a virtual instrument that is part sound design tool and part audio engine.

At its core, Beatsation marks the next step in Toontracks evolution of creating virtual instruments that are both simple and effective to use but also very powerful sound design & music production tools.

Offering drum, bass and lead instrument creation & arrangement with drag and drop simplicity, Beatstation is your “go to” instrument for quickly getting a full groove up and running in no time at all. As if thats not enough, weve also added full MIDI & REX file support. Couple those features with the flexibility of working in Beatstation as a stand alone instrument or an AU, RTAS or VST plugin inside your favorite DAW and Beatstation becomes a creative musical force to be reckoned with.

Beatstation comes standard with a 1.5 Gb core content library packed full of beautifully recorded instrument patches, loop ready REX files and even completely customizable MIDI arrangements.

If you can think of a sound, Beatstation can help you bring it to life.

Beatstation also lets you use and combine all of your existing Toontrack EZX & SDX drum libraries together to create one of a kind drum kits and sounds. From basic musical sketches to lavish complete productions – Beatstation gives you the tools and freedom to design your own musical agenda any way you want to.

Beatstation is now available to purchase for PC and Mac, priced at 89 EUR / $129 USD.

More information: Beatstation