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Toontrack Beatstation available to pre-order from Time+Space

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Toontrack Music Beatstation

Time+Space has announced that Toontrack’s Beatstation is now available to pre-order.

Beatstation marks the next step in powerful yet simple sound design and music production.

It’s not just a drum sampler. It’s not just a bass sampler. It’s not just a melodic sampler. It’s all of these things combined in one powerful but simple window, that puts you in the musical driver´s seat.

Combining drums, bass and lead instruments with drag and drop, REX and MIDI support, Beatstation is your companion for quickly getting a full beat up and running or for diving into the smallest details of what you want your sound to be.

Whether you use it on your portable traveling rig or in a full-on studio context, Beatstation adapts to meet the challenges of every production situation. It is not tied down to genre or style nor is it defined and limited to the use of a single group of musicians or producers.

Beatstation is constructed with Toontrack´s premium components and the experience and passion of one of the world´s best sound design teams.

Beatstation is due for release on 15 June, 2010. You can pre-order it now from Time+Space for £79 GBP / 89 EUR.

More information: Time+Space / Beatstation


Time+Space announces Korg and Toontrack bundle giveaway

Time+Space Korg/Toontrack contest

Time+Space has announced it has teamed up with Korg for a new competition.

There are countless associations between Time+Space’s music software brands and the world’s top hardware developers. Korg is just one these and has joined forces with Time+Space and Toontrack for a brand new competition!

Anyone who has stopped by the Time+Space or Toontrack booths at various music shows in the past couple of years would’ve no doubt seen drummer extraordinaire David ‘Fingers’ Haynes putting the Korg nanoPAD through it’s paces using Toontrack’s award winning EZdrummer or Superior Drummer 2.0 software.

David´s unique and perfect technique shows the incredible results achieved with the nanoPAD’s 12 responsive trigger pads plus x-y pad with roll and flam functions coupled with Toontrack’s drum samplers.

Until 31st May 2010, you could win one of three bundles each containing a Korg nanoPAD, a copy of EZdrummer and an EZX expansion pack of your choice.

To enter, all you need to do is answer a simple question.

More information: Time+Space


Toontrack announces Beatstation

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Toontrack Music Beatstation

Toontrack has announced Beatstation, a new generation tonal and percussive open surface virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

Beatstation represents a completely new direction for Toontrack. It is their first foray into tonal sampling and gives the user a complete workstation for creating and editing not just drums, but any kind of instrument.

Andreas Sundgren from Toontrack says:

“Although it is firmly planted in the Toontrack legacy of designing the best percussive virtual instruments Beatstation marks a departure for Toontrack, introducing melodic instruments, REX support, and recording capabilities making it the ultimate open surface sampler for sound designers, producers, musicians and songwriters alike.”

Beatstation key features

  • Allows the user to design sound sets by dragging and dropping Wav, REX, MP3 and Toontrack library sounds on to the pads of Beatstation from the Beatstation browser or from the user’s computer hard-drive, mixing and matching any sounds available to build brand new personalized sound sets.
  • Records samples.
  • Browses and plays back audio and MIDI with all components in the browser drag and droppable into a host application.
  • Allows the user to customize their playing surface to fit their needs by designing and changing skins as well customizing the order of the playing surface.
  • Compatible sound sets:
    • BTX: The Beatstation expansion packs.
    • EZX: The EZdrummer expansion packs.
    • SDX: Superior Drummer 2.0 expansion packs.
    • Toontrack MIDI libraries.
    • REX files of any description.

Beatstation will be available in May 2010.

More information: Toontrack Music / Beatstation


Toontrack Music updates EZplayer Pro to v1.0.5

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Toontrack EZplayer Pro

Toontrack Music has released version 1.0.5 of EZplayer Pro, a software tool that lets you organize and preview all the MIDI on your hard drive with the sampler of your choice.

Changes in EZplayer Pro v1.0.5

New Features:

  • Electronic EZX kit pieces support.
  • Map wraps for Steven Slate Drums 3.5.
  • Map wraps (update) for Addictive Drums 1.5.
  • Map wraps for Ocean Way Drums.
  • Platinum Samples ‘Evil Drums’ convenience map wraps.
  • The “User MIDI folder” is now included under the help menu.

Fixed in version 1.0.5:

  • Arranger tracks are no longer silent on recalling a saved project.
  • Accents should play back as expected when loading a saved file.
  • Drag and drop from the Browser to the Arranger should now work in Logic 9.
  • MIDI dragged from Sonar 8.5 into the Arranger could not be dragged out of it subsequently.
  • Headers are now skipped when clicking the arrows to step through MIDI in the Browser.
  • Shorthands are now generated when dragging from the Arranger.
  • Setting velocity in the Browser to -127 no longer leads to silence.
  • The tempo can no longer exceed 320 when clicking the up arrow next to the BPM field.
  • Dragging a groove to the Arranger with the “metronome” ON now respects the track’s tempo.
  • Note 0 from a MIDI input is no longer assigned to “MIDI Learn Play” on start up.
  • Shift clicking a clip in the Arranger now correctly restricts playback to the kit piece selection.
  • Dragging files other than MIDI material into the plugin no longer leads to crashes.
  • A number of other random crashes after dragging MIDI inside the plugin have been fixed.
  • Crashes due to dropping a groove on top of another and then selecting “copy all” fixed.
  • Using the stretching tool on a clip set it as the “dragging groove” and caused crashes.
  • Other suspicious behaviours when dropping other clips on same track following above actions.
  • Removed creation of the MidiPath written to registry on launch as it was no longer in use.
  • IMAP map wraps transforms are no longer offset by 12 steps.
  • Drumcore/Kitcore wrapper name changed to reflect new company details.

EZplayer Pro for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $49 USD/€30 EUR/£25 GBP.

More information: Toontrack Music


Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.2.1

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 2

Toontrack Music has released version 2.2.1 of Superior Drummer, a virtual drum instrument for PC and Mac.

This new version includes the latest EZX and SDX kit pieces definitions support, including the upcoming Electronic EZX.

Changes in Superior Drummer v2.2.1

  • iMap MIDI preset offset fixed.
  • The Memory Limit pop-up warning should no longer appear when the memory limit is off.
  • The solo state of articulations is now fully restored when loading a project.
  • Soft Vel and Pitching are now restored properly when loading a project.
  • Setting a Time Correction value should no longer affect playback detrimentally.
  • Changed the MidiNode broken link to all caps ‘MISSING TARGET’.
  • Drag and drop of MIDI grooves should now work even when UAC is on.
  • Grooves with length different than a multiple of quarter notes should now loop appropriately.
  • The tempo of the selected MIDI file is now remembered when the Sound Library is changed.
  • Rare CPU overloads in ProTools occurring when changing drums should no longer occur.
  • Playing an Instrument with SemiSeq active but not Random should no longer cause crashes.
  • Removed some rare crashes that occurred when changing kit or drums while playing.
  • Spurious noise at beginning of bounce should no longer occur.
  • Fixed a bug to do with bouncing, transmutes and bleed of non-close mics without room-time.
  • A number of memory leaks have been removed.
  • The ‘MY MIDIFILES’ Browser entry should no longer fail to be written by the installer on PC.
  • Mac installer will attempt to repair EZdrummer symbolic link if probed as non functional.

More information: Toontrack Music / Superior Drummer


Toontrack Music updates EZdrummer to v1.2

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Toontrack EZdrummer

Toontrack Music has released version 1.2 of EZdrummer, a virtual drum instrument for PC and Mac.

This update is recommended for all EZdrummer users. It adds essential support for the latest generation of EZX-s.

Changes in EZdrummer v1.2

New features

  • New Drumkit presets pull down menu including user preset saving facility.
  • New Mixer channel LEDs indicates the presence of signal pre-fader.
  • Drag and drop install of Toontrack MIDI packs supported.
  • Various adjustments to support the upcoming Electronic EZX.
  • Knob circular modes are now always relative.
  • EZX library version info is now available from the Help menu.

Fixed in 1.2.0

  • Changing drums while the sounds are loading improved.
  • The Groove browser now skips headers when browsing with the Up/Down arrows.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to MIDI file loading.
  • Some preferences handling changes on Mac to better support multi-users workstations.
  • If sounds cannot be found, the default location is probed (PC).
  • Improvements to transmuting.

EZdrummer is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $179 USD / 119 EUR / £109 GBP.

More information: Toontrack Music / EZdrummer


Time+Space announces Toontrack EZX offer

Toontrack Electronic EZX

Time+Space has announced a special offer on the forthcoming Toontrack Electronic EZX.

Over the past decade, the team at Toontrack Music has generated over 1,000,000 sound files from recordings of hundreds of the finest drums and cymbals. Until now, it’s been 100% acoustic…

Due for release later this month, the eagerly awaited Electronic EZX delivers a distinctive collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds.

Pristine classics, otherworldly one of a kind bends, and gritty essentials make this the hottest collection of electronic drums imaginable.

The Electronic EZX is simply a must-have for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0 users and anyone who orders it between 1st – 30th November 2009 can claim any other EZX expansion pack completely free!

Simply purchase Electronic EZX as normal either through Time+Space or a participating dealer and then send proof of purchase with the rebate form (downloadable from to Time+Space and they’ll send the free EZX direct to you at no extra charge.

The free EZX can be any of the following titles:

  • EZX – Claustrophobic
  • EZX – Drumkit From Hell
  • EZX – Latin Percussion
  • EZX – Nashville
  • EZX – Twisted Kit
  • EZX – Vintage Rock
  • EZX – Funkmasters
  • EZX – Jazz

More information: Time+Space