FaderPro “Are You Able” (AYA) Online Artist-Driven Music Production Training for Ableton Live

FaderPro has announced Are You Able, the first of many online training courses with A-List artists and producers.

FaderPro Are You Able

AYA is an in-depth, Ableton Live-specific production course allowing you to sit ‘shotgun’ in the studio with producer Ivan Coraliza (a/k/a iLL Factor) and observe the industry pro putting together tracks from scratch and sharing his secrets on producing and engineering award-winning music. FaderPro’s camera crews shoot on-location, in stunning HD, the working studio environment of the pros. Videos are available in your choice of online streaming or boxed disc versions. You can also download our courses at Beatport’s Sounds/To/Sample website. Pause, rewind and playback with no expiration. With AYA, you’ll learn from a pro and be on the fast-track to making your own hit records!

Ableton Live has made huge strides in the music production software game, designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing and arranging, and for mixing tracks by DJs. FaderPro.com’s AYA online training is a must-have learning tool for any aspiring artist or producer interested in learning the nuances of this multi-faceted program—or even for the seasoned pro wanting to sharpen their Live skills.

“Are You Able” features concise, to-the-point video clips that showcase the multi-platinum and Grammy nominated producer at work. iLL Factor, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Ricky Martin, Moloko, is best known for producing the hit single, “Let It Rock” with Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne. You’ll experience his every move and mouse click as he works on capturing creating ideas in the process of making an original record using Ableton Live. See how he sets up a project initially, lays down the foundation for the beats and melodies, and finally arranges the song. In the process, he even calls in singer/songwriter Giel (Timbaland, P. Diddy) to add lyrics and vocals making it a finished demo. Giel also shares important tips and tricks of writing and recording vocals and working in the studio with a producer.

“Are You Able” Course Includes

  • A start to finish production course teaching you how hit records are made using Ableton Live from inside ill Factor’s studio!
  • Over 3 hours of unique production tips and techniques unveiled.
  • Source files allowing you to follow along to create the same exact project as ill Factor.
  • Finish your record with a live songwriting showcase with ill Factor’s Recording Artist.

“Are You Able” is availalbe to purchase for $69.99 USD (boxed) or as a download from Sounds/To/Sample for 51.90 EUR.

More information: FaderPro


FaderPRO and Beatport’s Sounds To Sample announce partnership

FaderPRO, the online/DVD mixing and production lessons that have earned acclaim for featuring hit making, Grammy-nominated producer/remixers will now offer for the first time video courses for download at Beatport’s SoundstoSample.com website.

FaderPRO / Sounds/To/Sample

Up-and-coming producer/remixers now have a smart solution to fast track the learning curve related to getting started; Sounds/To/Sample (S2S) sells chart-busting loops and sounds for music production, and FaderPRO’s multi-platinum producers (whose combined credits include Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Nelly Furtado, Lee Cabrera, Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne, Moloko) teach video courses on how to assemble them into hits.

Sounds/To/Sample Director Jim Stout says, “We are extremely excited to bring FaderPRO to Sounds/To/Sample. Real-world, how-to expertice offered by platinum-selling producers is what sets FaderPRO’s courses apart from the others available today, and we’re very happy to welcome them as one of our content partners.”

FaderPRO’s Vincent di Pasquale comments, “FaderPRO flattens the learning curve; most of what I learned over the years was not by reading some instruction manual, or hearing some teacher point at things on a computer screen, but by sitting in the studio and watching the best producers do what they normally do. That is exactly the experience we bring to anyone willing to learn.”

With this alliance, FaderPRO becomes S2S’ first – and only – partner for educational “How To Make Music” videos and courses, and S2S becomes FaderPRO’s exclusive source for downloadable courses.

Adds FaderPRO’s Steven Lee, “We have specifically designed FaderPRO for the millions of talented and interested artists who are starving to learn how to make music. Our angle was simple: Go into the studios of the best producers in the world and shoot a video course that shows how they make an original song from start to finish. Topping it off is the user’s ability to get hold of every element of content used in the video and learn by doing the work alongside the Pro.”

DVDs and web-streaming courses will still be available directly from FaderPRO.com

Two titles are currently available for immediate download:

  • The Art of the Remix features Vincent di Pasquale and Steven Lee remixing Nadia Ali’s “Crash and Burn.”
  • Are You Able – an Ableton Live-specific production course featuring Ivan Coraliza (a/k/a iLL Factor) as he puts a complete track together from scratch.

All future FaderPRO courses will be available for download at Sounds/To/Sample as well.

More information: FaderPRO / Sounds To Sample


FaderPro The Art of the Remix, remix course available from Sounds To Sample

FaderPro The Art of the Remix

Sounds To Sample has released The Art of the Remix, a video series by FaderPro featuring 42 HD quality video chapters on remixing with Logic Pro.

A fully comprehensive remix course taught by multi-platinum producer Vincent di Pasquale, breaking down and guiding you through the entire remix process, unlocking the secrets of producing cutting-edge remixes.

Here at S2S we’re passionate about music technology and education. That’s why we’re proud to have the FaderPro team on board. Not many people can make engaging, accurate and useable video content but these guys can – and do.

Presented by award-winning producer Pasquale, whose production credits include Madonna, Nelly Furtado and Mariah Carey, these videos allow you to glean first-hand the tips and techniques for making award-winning music.

Focusing on remix technique, this comprehensive collection of 42 videos (clocking up almost 6 hours of hi-res content) guides you from setting up your project in Logic and finding the key of the original track, all the way through to final touches of automation and mixing of your finished arrangement, with everything from basslines, vocals, musical elements, FX, drums and how to stay organised covered in between.

The Art of the Remix is available to purchase for 71.90 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / FaderPro The Art of the Remix