WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v5.1

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WaveMachine Labs Drumagog

WaveMachine Labs has released version 5.1 of Drumagog, a a real-time drum replacer plugin for Windows and Mac.

Drumagog 5.1 contains both new features and a number of bug fixes, including the all-new BLEED REDUCTION feature.

Changes in Drumagog v5.1

  • Bleed Reduction feature allows Drumagog 5 to eliminate other drums from bleeding into a track and adding unwanted triggering. Simply setup Drumagog on each affected track and it will automatically remove the bleed. Check out Bleed Reduction in action here.
  • Added a “DIRECT” fader when using GOG files with room sounds.
  • Added License File authorization method.
  • Added support for Auto Hi-Hat Tracking in Plug-in Hosting and MIDI Output.
  • Added new Auto Hi-Hat control for adjusting choke level.
  • Added ability to save a GOG file copy with a new name.
  • Added Over 2 GB of samples to free library. Now includes the entire Rock Drums 3 and Ultra Drums libraries from Farview Recording. Free library is now nearly 7 GB total.
  • Fixed Auto Hi-Hat Tracking instances with extremely fast hits.
  • Fixed issue when using MIDI or Plug-in Hosting in Live Triggering Mode.
  • Fixed issue where Default GOG folder setting did not always save.
  • Fixed issue where not all GOG file settings always saved in projects.
  • Fixed sample list display issue when working with large GOG files.
  • Fixed issue with Stealth Mode & Auto Ducking controls not displaying properly.
  • Resolved issue in Basic version for those who previously had Demo version installed.
  • Fixed issues with automation and preset management in Pro Tools.
  • Fixed issue when saving a Pro Tools project while hosting BFD2.

The update is available to Drumagog 5 owners at no cost.

More information: WaveMachine Labs


Farview Recording releases UltraDrums

Farview Recording UltraDrums

Farview Recording has released UltraDrums, a drum sample collection for Drumagog (includes .wav).

You get an incredible 139 gogs of professionally recorded drum sounds, including cymbals. All of the snare drums and crash cymbals are recorded in stereo for a more realistic sound. UltraDrums also ships with wav files of every sample, so these sounds can easily be used with any sampler you own.

UltraDrums features

  • Includes raw samples (no processing) and samples processed in 3 different ways.
  • Multiple velocity layers/multisamples for a smoother, more realistic response.
  • All of the snares and the crash cymbals are sampled in stereo for a more realistic sound. The cymbals are sampled with no processing so you can process and the samples to fit your mix.
  • 32 kick gogs (8 kicks, sampled raw and processed).
  • 22 tom gogs (3 sets of toms, sampled raw and processed).
  • 68 stereo snare gogs (17 snares, sampled raw and processed).
  • 17 cymbal and percussion gogs, all but the hat and ride are stereo for added realism.

UltraDrums is available for $149 USD (includes shipping).

Visit Rock-Drums.com for more information.


Farview Recording releases Rock Drums Volume III

Farview Recording Rock Drums Volume III

Farview Recording has released Rock Drums Volume III, a drum sample collection of raw and processed samples.

Farview Recording’s drum sample collections keep getting better and better! Intelligently recorded, raw & processed samples, created to give the engineer choice and control. Sounds stellar in nearly any musical style: rock, pop, jazz, funk, R&B, country, gospel, others. A “must have” for any audio professional and musician.

Rock Drums Volume III features

  • 108 professionally recorded, processed and produced drum samples in both gog and wav format.
  • 20 kick gogs = 5 kicks, sampled raw and processed three different ways.
  • 24 tom gogs = 3 sets of 4 toms each, sampled raw and processed.
  • 64 snare gogs = 16 snares, sampled raw and processed three different ways.
  • Multiple velocity layers/multisamples, to give you a smoother, more realistic response.
  • Details on sampled drums here.

Rock Drums Volume III is available for $159 USD.

Visit the Rock Drums website for more information and mp3 samples.