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Ultimate Sound Bank releases Grand Piano Collection

Ultimate Sound Bank Grand Piano Collection

Ultimate Sound Bank has announced the release of Grand Piano Collection, a bundle of 5 sampled piano instruments.

“In the maze of piano sample libraries, Grand Piano Collection has a very unique place: the UVI philosophy regarding pianos is to propose truly musical and excellent sounding presets, but with a convenient and “realistic” size (around 20 GB for 5 instruments). It’s also the most versatile library, thanks to the choice of very different sounding instruments..”, said Alain Etchart, Founder and Director of Marketing at Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank.

“Grand Piano Collection features surely some of the best sounding sampled pianos in the market. True to our beliefs, we don’t think it’s about figures (like velocity, memory, number of microphones) but about feeling. A good sounding piano is a rare alchemy between the instrument, the acoustic in the recording studio, the microphones and above all, the engineer’s taste. These pianos are not our first endeavour, in fact we did sample many more, so we had the chance to see the expertise turn up.”

Grand Piano Collection features

  • Steinway D Concert Grand
  • Fazioli F278 Concert
  • Erard Baby Grand Piano
  • Seiler Upright Grand
  • Japanese Upright

Grand Piano Collection is now available for PC and Mac for $249 USD (includes the full version of UVI Workstation).

More information: Ultimate Sound Bank / Grand Piano Collection

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Italian Grand Piano

Ultimate Sound Bank Italian Grand Piano

Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank has announced the release of Italian Grand Piano, a new sample library for the UVI Workstation, featuring a Fazioli F278 model Italian Grand Piano.

For that kind of unique instrument, we did choose a very unique gear: the microphone set-up was a matched pair of Neumann M150 and the preamp/converters were the ones from the acclaimed Nagra D2. A unique combination of exceptional gear for the first time in sampling a piano library.

The UVI philosophy regarding pianos is to propose truly musical and excellent sounding presets using a convenient and realistic size (7 GB for this one).

Thanks to UVI Engine’s advanced keygroup layers and rule switching, the sustain pedal and release samples perform and “feel” like a real piano.

At the end of the process, during the editing of samples, we consulted a great instrumentalist to test the result of this work, then we were able to even improve the instrument’s response to make it really enjoyable.

This wonderful UVI Soundcard fully completes our Grand Piano series, putting forward, once again, an excellent sounding piano with true musicality.

Italian Grand Piano is available for purchase for $89 USD.

More information:

DSK Music releases DSK Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1

DSK Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1

DSK Music has released Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1, a freeware SoundFont features a number of acoustic pianos.

DSK Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1 includes 4 classic piano sounds:

  • Grand Fazioli
  • Steinway Bright
  • Florestan Grand
  • Clavinova Grand

Listen to a demo of the pianos in Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1 here.
The SoundFont is 52.7 MB uncompressed (34.5 MB zipped) and can be downloaded below.

Update 8 Oct, 2008: This SoundFont bank includes some SoundFonts already available on the internet. Please check the original websites for links to download the individual SoundFonts.