Feeltune updates Rhizome OS to v1.5.7

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Feeltune Rhizome

Feeltune has released Rhizome OS version 1.5.7, including a new VST Transformer.

Rhizome VST Transformer lets you calibrate automatically the Rhizome encoders the software generate definition files for each plugin : VST parameters range value is scanned the encoders behavior is suited to the parameter range. With the “Learn” function, you can define the program change button, and use the Rhizome encoders to browse presets on plugins that don’t export their presets.

Changes in Rhizome OS v1.5.7

  • Sampler normalize.
  • Sampler trim.
  • Sampler cut.
  • Sampler Fade in.
  • Sampler Fade out.
  • Sampler RAM optimisation.
  • Audio input for bus and aux : turn your Rhizome into a multi-effect device or mixing console.
  • Notes pre-listen in piano roll.
  • Pattern chaining : you can define a chaining between patterns.
  • Grid control optimisations.
  • Vst Transformer.
  • Up to 1000 definition files for VST plugins.
  • Preset browsing for all plugins.

Rhizomes now also come shipped with the Blue Cat free audio plugin suite.

More information: Feeltune


Feeltune announces Rhizome OS 1.5

Feeltune Rhizome

Feeltune has announced OS version 1.5 for Rhizome, a VST Groove Station.

Compose and mix your projects with ease, through a friendly software and hardware interface. Rhizome is an unusual hybrid.

A French touch groove machine, which offers: a stand-alone VST host SEQUENCER a real time SAMPLER, a MIXER 64/8/2 & 15 pre-installed VSTi / VSTfx

Changes in Rhizome OS 1.5

  • Undo / Redo on sequences.
  • Automation on all mixing parameters, MIDI tracks, VSTi and VSTfx.
  • MIDI controller assignation to control all mixing parameters, MIDI tracks, VSTi and VSTfx.
  • New MIDI controller environment to control your applications and hardware.
  • Multitrack bounce.
  • VSTi Track to sample.
  • Pattern to sample.
  • MIDI Synchronization.
  • Drum sampler which allows you to load and edit 16 samples.
  • MIDI file import.

Rhizome OS v1.5 is currently in testing phase and will be available for download on March 29th for registered users.

Feeltune will be present at the Musikmesse from 6th to 9th April, Hall 5.1 stand B90. This event will be the opportunity to show the Rhizome and a new line model which release is scheduled for September 2011.

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Feeltune releases Rhizome, hybrid groove machine

Feeltune Rhizome

Feeltune has announced the release of the Rhizome, the groove machine with and for VST.

What are the differences with the competition? The Rhizome is a hybrid in which you install virtual instruments and effects in a VST/VSTi format (For Pc). No more limitation in terms of sounds and effects; with the Rhizome you choose the style of sound and instruments you want to play. Once downloaded you can mix your plug-in with the mixing desk; create your sequences, patterns and tracks with the multi modes and multi tracks sequencer which is the brain working behind the scene.

What are the differences with the other hybrids already on the market? The Rhizome is not just a keyboard with a Pc or a Pc Rack; it is a real musical instrument which has been designed for the pleasure to play and compose music and is equipped with software running an innovative interface with numerous displays and controller.

The Rhizome is a real time instrument: programming, recording, sampling, adding instruments and effects, tuning; all you do is live! There is no interruption when you play on stage or record in a studio. The objective: to free up your inspiration and creativity.

The development of the Rhizome took several years of R&D; 50 engineers and the validation of around 10 user groups. Today the Rhizome is an aggregate of the best technology and know-how.

Rhizome features

  • 102 controllers including 16 dynamic back-lit pads and 32 endless rotary knobs.
  • 4 large display (24 bits colors) areas provide information to the user on the functionality, at any given time, of one of the controls, according to the software currently in use.
  • Audio interface by RME Audio, for stability and high standard sound quality.
  • Various in- and outputs allow for connecting and using screens, mousse, MIDI controllers; hard disk and/or additional audio card.
  • Includes software by Feeltune (samplers, drum machine, synthesizers, sound effects, and sequencers), GForce (synthesizers) and Ohm Force (effects).
  • Compatible with third-party VST and VSTi software.
  • Embedded computer system composed of latest-generation elements. Running on a Microsoft XPE operating system, the device is compatible with 95% of software packages on the market.
  • CopperLan communication, a new protocol that above the Midi transcription really revolutionize the communication between audio-video machines. The Rhizome is the first instrument to totally implement CopperLan.
  • Ergonomic design with portable size and weight and an adjustable stand.

The Rhizome is now shipping to selected distributors. Three editions are available to purchase: Rhizome SE (3,199 EUR), Rhizome XE (3,399 EUR), and Rhizome UXE (3,599 EUR).

More information: Feeltune