Atom Hub releases Drumming Fire, Snow And Ice & Wine Glass sample packs

Atom Hub has announced the release of three new sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. Drumming Fire sound library for NI Kontakt. New Atom Hub libraries Drumming Fire – Make weird rhythms from sampled fire, … read more

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Prism House Samples Vol. 2 free found sound sample pack

Prism House has released a second volume of found sound samples. “Prism House Samples Vol. 2″ is a new collection of 80 found sound samples gathered from field recordings made exclusively in New York City. … read more

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Antonio Blanca releases Dron-e for Reaktor

Antonio Blanca has introduced Dron-e, a free drone ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. Dron-e is a Reaktor Instrument specialised in creating ambient, generative, abstract and cinematic soundscapes and drones. Dron-e contains flexible parameters and controls … read more

Samplephonics releases Sound Design Freebie

Samplephonics has announced the Sound Design Freebie, a free collection of sounds from the winners of a recent sound design competition at Samplephonics. The top 2 places from the Samplephonics Sound Design Competition 2 have … read more

Review: Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 02

For SFX Collection 02, the guys of Wave Alchemy collaborated with producer Matt Lange of IsoRhythm, to deliver a library of sound effects for electronic music, cinematic scores, and game audio productions. SFX Collection 02 … read more

Detunized releases Blackbird free Live Pack

Detunized has announced the release of Blackbird, a free sample library for Ableton Live. Starting with only a handful of short snippets of found sounds Blackbird hooks up with the idea of granular synthesis. With … read more

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Loopmasters releases Glimpse presents Found Sounds and Field Recordings

Loopmasters has released Found Sounds and Field Recordings, a sample library by Glimpse. Armed with his portable recorder Glimpse has been sucking up sound waves from around the world from his extensive tours and globetrotting … read more

Prism House Samples Vol. 1 free found sound sample pack

Brian Wenner of Prism House wrote in to share his collection of recorded sounds: Prism House Samples Vol. 1. Prism House Samples Vol. 1 is a collection of 80 found sound samples gathered from field … read more

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Patchpool intros Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro

Patchpool has announced it is now taking pre-orders for Granular Worlds, a soundset for the Padshop Pro software synthesizer by Steinberg. Granular Worlds for Steinberg’s Padshop Pro will contain about 100 presets making use of … read more

Samplephonics releases Ambient Soundspheres

Samplephonics has released Ambient Soundspheres, a sample pack featuring an eclectic collection of over 100 loops and samples created from field recordings and electronically manipulated organic sound sources. Gimu is a sound designer and electronic … read more

Free Ableton Live downloads from Dauwd & Hecq + Robot Koch video

Ableton has posted two free downloads from British producer Dauwd and electronic musician and sound designer Hecq. “For me, it’s not so much where it comes from but how you harness what you have,” says … read more

SampleScience releases Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol. 1

SampleScience has announced the release of Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol. 1, its first commercial sample library. Dusty Eclectic Goldmine is a collection of sounds consisting mainly of breakbeat loops. The focus is on dirty, lofi … read more

Wave Alchemy releases SFX Collection 02

Wave Alchemy has announced the release of SFX Collection 02, an epic collection of next-generation sound effects, cinematic trailer tools and cutting-edge transitional FX elements… Delivering 2.1GB of stunningly produced special effects samples, SFX Collection … read more

Patchpool releases Alchemistry Metallurgy for Alchemy

Patchpool has announced the release of Alchemistry Metallurgy, a soundset for the Alchemy software synthesizer by Camel Audio. The soundset Alchemistry Metallurgy for Alchemy is the first in a series focussing on specific materials and … read more

HISS and a ROAR releases AMB002 Beaches sample library

Hiss and a Roar has released Beaches, a new ambience sound library. If you’ve ever had to sync waves to picture then you will appreciate the need for a collection of cleanly recorded waves of … read more

Twisted Tools releases Transform by JEDSOUND

Twisted Tools has released Transform, an extensive collection of field recordings, sound effects and designed sounds developed by sound designer Jean-Edouard Miclot (a.k.a. JEDSOUND). Bundled with sample mappings for many popular formats, TRANSFORM’s painstakingly recorded … read more

Soundiron releases Glass Beach sample library

Soundiron has announced the release its Glass Beach sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. About 150 Miles North of the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll find Fort Bragg, CA, an old coastal village at the … read more

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Tramon Kaiser releases Binaural Household + FX Library

Tramon Kaiser has released the Binaural Household + FX Library, a collection of binaural recordings of common household items and other interesting objects. Binaural Household + FX Library features 1064 sounds, 1,04 GB content. Recorded … read more

Roland announces R-26 Portable Recorder

Roland has introduced the R-26, a handheld device that provides up to six simultaneous channels of pro-quality audio recording to SD/SDHC media. With two types of built-in stereo mics, XLR/TRS combo inputs, USB audio interface … read more

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