CD Sound Master releases Action! “Cinematic Expressions” sound library

CD Sound Master has announced Action!, a sound library designed for film score production. The “ACTION!” Virtual Instrument and Loop/Sample Collection has been created to provide the Film Composer a genre-specific writing and recording tool … read more

Smash Up The Studio releases MIDI Keys: Piano Loops for Film & TV

Equinox Sounds has introduced MIDI Keys: Piano Loops For Film & TV, a collection of MIDI files by Smash Up The Studio, designed for use in TV, ads, jingles and film productions. Smash Up The … read more

Loopmasters releases Movie Dialogue Volume 5

Loopmasters has released Movie Dialogue Volume 5, a collection of samples taken from original early film dialogue, all licensed for use under the new Creative Commons license agreement. The vocal samples have been taken from … read more

Sonokinetic releases Trailer Voice app for iPad

Sonokinetic has announced its Trailer Voice app for the iPad 2. Bringing together the power of thunderous movie trailer voice-over artists and world famous sample creators Sonokinetic in one blockbuster app. Trailer Voice features Harness … read more

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Review: Precisionsound Exosphere soundscapes sample library

Precisionsound has recently released Exosphere, a collection of soundscapes. Featuring corrosive textures, unstable machines, electronic ambiences, and twisted voices, Exosphere is a creative toolkit for film, game, and multimedia sound design, as well as for … read more

Ueberschall intros Retro Action Score Elastik Soundbank

Ueberschall has released Retro Action Score, a new sound library for authentic action-movie-retro-sound as heard in numerous classics of the genre. Retro Action Score links a wide variety of elements from rock, jazz and soul … read more

Review: Soundiron Glass Beach sound library for Kontakt

I count Soundiron among some of the most interesting sound library developers I know. Whether it’s the 30-voice male chorus of epic choir library Mars, M1 Garand’s rifle sound fx, a tear-jerking Emotional Piano, or … read more

Sound Blend – free sounds by Julian Ray

Julian Ray has launched Sound Blend, a royalty-free online sound library featuring free sounds for film and video games creators. Julian writes: Being a big fan of Blender 3D, I’m creating this project mostly for … read more

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Bluezone releases The Thin Blue Line sample pack

Bluezone Corporation has released The Thin Blue Line, a cinematic sound library perfectly designed to suit war film scenarios. This downloadable sample pack contains backgrounds and ambiences, orchestral and oriental sounds, pure female vocals, explosion … read more

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Zero-G Epic Horizons: Cinematic Atmospheres available from Time+Space

Time+Space has announced the availability of Epic Horizons – Cinematic Atmospheres, a sound library from Zero-G. Epic soundscapes, sonic narratives and breathtaking audio vistas from the people behind the award winning Dark Skies Crammed full … read more

EarthMoments Laya Project – Producer Collection

EarthMoments has released the Laya Project – Producer Collection, an exceptionally high quality bundle of rare recordings, from the award winning production Laya Project, a journey of music and visual discovery through six countries affected … read more

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Xenos Soundworks releases Age of Transitions for Massive

Xenos Soundworks has released Age of Transitions, a new soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments. Age of Transitions is a collection of 64 EXCELLENT ambient, filmscore and new age style patches by … read more

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Prime Loops TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer Combo Deal

Prime Loops has released the TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer combo deal the ultimate collection for all soundtrack composers. This exclusive “TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer” combo deal is a mesmerizing all-in-one selection of 9 … read more

Dream Audio releases Dream Keys for Kontakt

Dream Audio has released Dream Keys, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Dream Keys is a piano-based sample library created as a toolbox for film composers, electronic and pop musicians. It offers a selection … read more

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Big Fish Audio releases Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design

Big Fish Audio has released Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design. Volume 2 of the Cinematic Sound Design series, Darkness is a collection of 2.8 GB of original loops and samples created for use in film, TV, … read more

TC Electronic releases Radar Meter Bundle for Pro Tools HD

TC Electronic has announced the Radar Meter Bundle for Pro Tools HD, a complete loudness meter package that is perfect for all post and production studios whether they deliver for broadcast or cinema. Our LM5D … read more

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Sonokinetic releases Trailer Voice 3 sample library

Sonokinetic has announced Trailer Voice 3, a new sample library featuring a collection of professional, highly unique and authentic voice-over cues. Trailer Voice 3 was created by the high quality standards of our professional public … read more

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Vir2 Instruments updates Q to v1.1

Vir2 Instruments has released version 1.1 of Q, a virtual instrument library. In a world…in a land…coming to studios near you: Vir2 Instruments’ Q, a massive sound design and scoring instruments library designed for the … read more

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The Hollywood Edge releases Mechanical Morphs

The Hollywood Edge has released Mechanical Morphs, a sample library by Richard Devine and Jim Stout. Mechanical Morphs represents the most recent work from Richard Devine and Jim Stout, two highly regarded sound designers with … read more

Samplerbanks releases Neo DJ FX sound effects library

Samplerbanks has announced the release of Neo DJ FX, a complete collection of sound FX’s for Dance genres and Film, Game, TV / Post & Cinematic use. Most professional dance tracks are distinguished from amateurs … read more

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