Filthy Patches 100% Filthy Performers for Massive released

Filthy Patches 100% Filthy Performers

Sounds To Sample has introduced 100% Filthy Performers, a soundset for NI Massive by Filthy Patches.

Hopefully the next Massive update comes with a few gallons of Purell, because Filthy Patches latest set of presets is could be their most repulsive yet. (And yes, that’s a good thing.)

100 brand new presets with 8 macro controls, all synchronized to a moomba-rific 110BPM, 100% Filthy Performers is the perfect (yet revolting) patch pack that will instantly increase the defilement factor in your next electro, dubstep, or glitchhop production.

100% Filthy Performers features

  • The pack contains 100 brand new presets for NI Massive (v1.1.4 and above).
  • They are all piloted by performers.
  • Perfect for moombahton/moombahcore but also dubstep, electro-house, glitch…
  • 8 macro controls per presets.
  • There are 2 folders in the pack: the 100 presets synchronized AND the 100 presets with a”ratio” macro contol.
  • All the presets are basically cadenced at 110 bpm.

The soundset is available to purchase for 15.80 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / 100% Filthy Performers


Sounds To Sample releases Ultimate Filth Pack for Massive

Filthy Patches Ultimate Filth Pack for Massive

Sound To Sample has released the Ultimate Filth Pack, a soundset from Filthy Patches for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Filthy Patches bring their dirtiest Massive bass, lead, wobble, Reese and pad presets exclusively to S2S. Precision-programmed and fully macro-controllable, they’re the ultimate Massive accompaniment.

Designed for use in dubstep, D&B, electro and bassline productions, Ultimate Filth serves up 100 of the most insane wobblers, futuristic leads and gnarly basslines we’ve ever heard.

The pack comprises of 30 Dark Wobbles, 30 Sreaming Basslines, 28 Electro Leads and Reeses, plus 12 Pads and Textures.

Each of the 100 presets comes with full macro controls auto-assigned (8 macro controls per preset) so you can tweak and twist to get your perfect preset for you tracks.

The Ultimate Filth Pack for Massive v1.1.4 and higher is available to purchase for €13.95 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Ultimate Filth Pack