Stanton SCS.1, major update for mixer control surface

Stanton has announced several new update developments to the SCS.1, the Stanton Control System1 mixer control surface. The SCS.1, with its built-in FireWire® audio interface, assignable encoders, and tight, two-way software control is now better … read more

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KRK announces new firmware and software updates for ERGO roomcorrection / audio recording interface

KRK Systems has announced the release of firmware and software updates for the class-leading ERGO. Released in 2008, the popular ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization) is a stand-alone hardware room correction system that corrects recording … read more

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Novation updates Automap to v3.7, includes improved integration Logic mixer

Novation has released version 3.7 of Automap, a piece of software designed to make the job of assigning your hardware controls to various software parameters quick and easy. Automap enables knobs, faders and buttons to … read more

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Arturia announces Origin firmware version 1.3 Update

Arturia has announced firmware version 1.3 of Origin, a hardware DSP system that houses several synthesizers in one machine. Loaded with modules extracted from the best synthesizers of all time, Origin lets you combine these … read more

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Moog updates Minimoog Voyager OS to v3.5

Moog has released operating system version 3.5 for the Minimoog Voyager, an analog synthesizer. Operating System Version 3.5 for the Minimoog Voyager Analog synthesizer adds a number of new features, including quick save, category browse, … read more

Novation updates Automap to v3.4.1

Novation has released version 3.4.1 of Automap, a software system for Novation’s MIDI controllers. Automap 3 is the latest incarnation of Novation’s intelligent software system. Automap is unique to Novation’s MIDI controllers, and has now … read more

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Waldorf updates Blofeld firmware to v1.15

Waldorf has released firmware version 1.15 for Blofeld, a synthesizer offering virtual analog modeling and wavetable synthesis. The engine inside the heavy duty, full metal chassis of the Blofeld delivers the same fat and rich … read more

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Roland releases V-Piano Evolution

Roland has announced V-Piano Evolution, a system program update which adds two new stunning Vintage and Vanguard piano models to enhance the sonic possibilities for the groundbreaking V-Piano. Since its release, the Roland V-Piano has … read more

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Novation updates AutoMap to v3.4

Novation has released version 3.4 of AutoMap, a MIDI control application for PC and Mac. Automap v3.4 brings with it dozens of new mappings for plug-ins and instruments, and also carries firmware updates for Novation … read more

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Zoom H4 firmware updated to v2.0

The firmware for the Zoom H4 Handy Recorder has been updated to version 2.0. Changes in v2.0 Support for SDHC cards over 4GB Adopted a larger display font to be easier to read Indicates the … read more

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JazzMutant Dexter now available in Europe

JazzMutant‘s touchscreen controller Dexter is now available in Europe. Dexter is a multi-touch control surface which lets your ten fingers perform simultaneous actions on-screen with great responsiveness. Key features Multitouch sensing with visual feedback Built-in … read more

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