Bigcat Instruments releases D. Smolken’s Double Bass, Saxophone Collection, Flame Studios Guitars & more

Bigcat Instruments has released some more free virtual instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

D. Smolken's Double Bass

New at Bigcat Instruments

  • D. Smolken’s Double Bass – It has Arco samples up and down in 5 velocity layers and sampled roughly every third note. Also there are Pizzicato samples in 3 velocity layers and again roughly every third note but with 4 round robins and instrument sound effects for both arco and pizzicato.
  • Saxophone Collection – Various sax instruments from public domain and creative commons samples. The showpiece of this collection are the Iowa Saxophones sampled by University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios. These Saxophones are fully sampled in 3 velocity layers with 375 samples all told.
  • Flame Studios Guitars – Nine Flame Studios Instruments for Kontakt. 5 guitars, 3 basses and a banjo. These were originally Giga format.
  • A Pad – Name any wav file “A Pad.wav” and drop it into the A Pad directory replacing the public domain demo sound from OLPC. Kick up the A Pad Kontakt instrument and there is your new pad with fiddley EQ, Reverb and Envelope Knobs on.
  • Clean City Piano – Jeff from Critical Vibrations ran the City Piano samples through a de-noise filter and removed a 60-cycle hum. He also made it available for Ableton.

The Kontakt libraries are free to download at Bigcat Instruments.

More information: Bigcat Instruments


Flame Studios releases FS Collection

Flame Studios

Flame Studios has released the FS Collection, a collection of free SoundFonts released under the GPL license.

The samples were originally created for the giga format but I have now made soundfonts out of the same samples except those that could not be translated to soundfont, such as reverb samples (due to release samples playing at the same volume no matter where in the envolope the key is released).

FS Collection currently includes

  • Seagull Acoustic Steel String Guitar.
  • Ibanez Acoustic Steel String Guitar.
  • Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar.
  • Washburn Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar.
  • 5-string Kay Banjo.

Visit Flame Studios for more information and links to download the FS Collection in SoundFont or Giga format.