Holderness Media releases the Holderness FX Bundle for iPhone

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Holderness FX Bundle

Holderness Media has announced the release of the Holderness FX Bundle, a collection of 5 effect apps for iPhone.

The Holderness FX Bundle for iPhone features our highly acclaimed professional audio effects processors including Crystalline Mini, Caramel Mini, Echo Pad, Stereo Designer Mini and Swoopster Mini.

Process live audio streams from other apps using Audiobus and Inter-app Audio, as well as external hardware and instruments by connecting a professional USB audio interface such as the Apogee Duet, One, Quartet and Jam. Easily control effect parameters using your favorite MIDI controller.

Holderness FX Bundle features

  • 5 unique effects processors:
    • Caramel Mini – Crunch and Crusher Effect.
    • Crystalline Mini – Shimmer Delay/Reverb Effect.
    • Echo Pad – Echo-centric Multi-Effect.
    • Stereo Designer Mini – Stereo Shaper and Mid/Side Processor.
    • Swoopster Mini – Fuzz/Flanger Effect.
  • True stereo effect engines featuring high quality sound and unique effect capabilities.
  • Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving.
  • Inter-app Audio compatible (effect).
  • Core MIDI compatible, works with your favorite MIDI controller.

The bundle is available for purchase for the introductory price of $8.99 USD for a limited time only.

More information: Holderness


Aly James Lab releases Elastic Bender effect plugin

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Aly James Lab Elastic Bender

Aly James Lab has released Elastic Bender, a peak triggered audio pitch bender effect plug-in with extended functions for Windows.

The Elastic Bender is based on emulated dual BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips which delay times are modulated by the peak triggered envelope. While the incoming audio peaks are detected by the circuitry, they will trigger an audio pitch envelope that will dynamically bend the note (s) from lower to the actual pitch or from higher to the actual pitch.

You can act on the depth and the speed of the pitch envelope and also make some unusual dynamic chorus, wild flanger, ring modulation and early vintage pitchshifter effects.

The virtual pedal can also “self oscillate” when the feedback is set to the max and control external hardware such as a Whammy 5 pedal via MIDI.

The plug-in is available for Windows (VST) for a minimum donation of 15 EUR. An OS X version will be available in 2015.

More information: Aly James / Elastic Bender


Klevgränd release Svep modulation effect for iPad

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Klevgränd Produktion has announced the release of Svep, a modulation plug-in for iOS.

Klevgrand Svep

Svep offers two separate modulation effects on each channel. By tweaking the parameters the user can achieve phaser, flanger, and chorus effects and everything between.

The one-screen design is designed to be intuitive and encourage the user to be creative. Svep for iPad supports Audiobus 2 (including state saving) and Inter App Audio (IAA).

Svep features

  • Inter App Audio (IAA) compatible. Works fine with Garageband and other IAA compatible hosts.
  • Supports Audiobus 2 including state saving.
  • Load / Save presets.
  • Remembers IAA hosts (will automatically load last used settings when a host connects).
  • Low cpu usage.
  • Simple but yet powerful user interface.

Svep is available for purchase for $1.99 USD.

More information: Klevgränd Produktion / Svep


Oli Larkin updates Endless Series to v3.3

Oli Larkin Endless Series

Oli Larkin has released version 3.3 of Endless Series, a Shepard Tone modulation fx plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Endless series is a unique multi-effect based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion, which generates mind bending risers, infinite scales, psychedelic drones and fascinating sonic textures.

It works as a tone generator, a ring modulator, phaser, flanger or resonant filter bank.

Changes in Endless Series v3.3

  • Added 64-bit AAX Native version for Pro Tools 11.
  • Fixes for retina Macs.
  • Several other small fixes.
  • New demo version available.

Endless Series for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for £29.99 GBP. A standalone version for Mac only is £6.99 GBP.

More information: Oli Larkin / Endless Series


Sinevibes releases Flow flanger AU plugin

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Sinevibes has announced the release of Flow, an animated flanger effect plug-in for Mac.

Sinevibes Flow

Flow is a flanger that goes far beyond traditional – instead of simple up-and-down sweeps, it employs a sophisticated envelope sequencer to modulate the sound in a rhythmical fashion. Flow has two different flanger characters with positive or negative feedback, advanced synchronisation and timing features, plus a host of automation and randomisation options. All this combined allows you to create a myriad of unique effects: from intricate “jet plane” patterns and dancing comb filtering to complex swooshes or stuttered glitches. Plus, each instance of Flow stores eight snapshots of itself that can be switched in realtime or via automation.

As always with Sinevibes products, Flow has a clean, colour-coded user interface with a near-zero learning curve. It is built entirely using Apple’s Core Animation framework – so not only it offers organic, lively animations, it also uses your Mac’s graphics processor letting the central one concentrate solely on audio processing. This makes Flow both productive and utterly joyful.

Flow features

  • Flanger with positive/negative feedback, adjustable time range from 0.5 to 20 ms.
  • Step sequencer with up to 32 steps, variable speed, timing and shuffle.
  • Flanger gate, flanger time, envelope modulation depth, and envelope shape individual per each sequencer step.
  • Eight full instance snapshots, multiple utility and randomisation functions.
  • Advanced transport sync algorithm with support for tempo and time signature automation.

Flow is available for purchase for $29 USD, or with a 50% discount as part of the Sinevibes complete plugin collection bundle.

More information: Sinevibes / Flow


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