Image-Line Yard Sale, plug-ins at $45 until August 31, 2010

Image-Line has announced a Yard Sale, offering discounts on many of its plug-ins. The marketing manager woke up this morning and spat coffee all over his monitor. The CEO had started a $49 Yard Sale … read more

MeldaProduction updates MTotalBundle to v2.09 (new MMultiBandChorus, MMultiBandDistortion and MMultiBandTransient)

MeldaProduction has updated all its effect plug-ins. We have added several nasty features, fixed some more problems, mostly with Mac OS and Windows 64, optimized several features. And released 3 more great plugins: MMultiBandChorus, MMultiBandDistortion, … read more

Homegrown Sounds releases TerraNova Public Beta

Homegrown Sounds has released a public beta version of TerraNova, a multi effects plug-in which has 5 main effects. TerraNova has been under development for other 4 months, and once it is finished, I’ll be … read more

Loomer releases Sequent

Loomer has released Sequent, a semi-modular sequenced beat looper multi effect for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Sequent is a modular multi-effects unit, the ideal tool for mangling audio on stage or in the studio. With … read more

Prodyon re-releases Pneumo4

Prodyon has released Pneumo4, the 4-band distortion filter effect plug-in for Windows previously released as E-Fex Pneumo4. PNEUMO4 is a fun way to add uniqueness to your loops or any audiomaterial by passing it to … read more

Semerika releases FlangerHand

Semerika has released FlangerHand, a free effect plug-in for Windows. The FlangerHand plug-in is based on the idea of early flanging effect realised on a setup of up to 4 tape machines (1 source, 3 … read more

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MeldaProduction releases MFlanger and MMultiBandFlanger + updates

MeldaProduction has released MFlanger and MMultiBandFlanger, two effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac. MMultiBandFlanger is a powerful multiband flanger with adjustable shape. Where other flangers end, this plugin starts. It processes anything from guitar tracks … read more

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Mdsp @ Smartelectronix updates MdspDuckVerb, MdspDuckDelay, AnalogDelay, and MdspFlanger

Mdsp @ Smartelectronix has released updates for a number of plug-ins. MdspDuckVerb, MdspDuckDelay, AnalogDelay, and MdspFlanger are now all available as 32-bit Universal Binary for Mac VST. Updated Mdsp plug-ins MdspDuckDelay, a delay whose output … read more

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u-he updates Uhbik to v1.1

u-he has released version 1.1 of Uhbik, a bundle of high quality audio effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac. Uhbik v1.1 introduces GrainDad/Uhbik-G, a granular pitch-shifter effect. Granular pitch shifter and vast audio mangling device. … read more

u-he updates UHBIK to v1.1 beta 6

u-he has released version 1.1 beta 6 of UHBIK, a bundle of high quality audio effect plug-ins. Changes in UHBIK v1.1 beta 6 +/- 12dB Output Gain fader. SoftBypass for click-free bypass automation. Uhbik-G, granular … read more

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Christian Budde releases Barberpole Flanger and updates Noname EQ to v1.1

Christian Budde has released Barberpole Flanger, a free effect plug-in for Windows. Barberpole Flanger offers a simple “Barberpole flanger” implementation. Barberpole flanging is also known as “infinite flanging”, this sonic illusion is similar to the … read more

Expert Sleepers updates Warbler to v1.1.0

Expert Sleepers has released version 1.1.0 of Warbler, a vibrato effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Warbler is at heart a vibrato effect, with additional controls that allow chorus/flange/delay type effects, as well as quite … read more

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Sonic Lion releases LionChorus

Sonic Lion has announced the release of LionChorus, a free chorus effect plug-in for Windows. LionChorus is a classical chorus/flanging effect plug-in with up to four stages and a feedback line with high pass filter. … read more

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Agares Media releases Agares RackA3 VST Effects Suite

Agares Media has released the Agares RackA3 VST Effects Suite, a bundle of 6 freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows. VST effects are a dime a dozen. High quality VST effects are not. High quality … read more

Novaflash releases FlowFollow and Flangel

Novaflash has released dynamic filter FlowFollow and Flangel, a stereo flanger VST effect plug-in for Windows PC. FlowFollow features Two LFO modulator (BPM, Hz). Envelope follower. VCF LP, HP, BP 36dB. Flangel features Two LFO … read more

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Rough Diamond Productions releases whiteLABEL MK I plugin pack

Rough Diamond Productions has released the whiteLABEL MK I plugin pack, a collection of 5 effect plug-ins for Windows PC. In celebration of a year having passed since the first whiteLABEL betas appeared on the … read more

u-he releases Uhbik

u-he has released Uhbik, a bundle of high quality audio effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac. Having survived the final stage of beta testing, these eight effects have seen light of public in conjunction with … read more

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Blue Cat Audio updates Freeware Pack (Windows and Mac)

Blue Cat Audio has launched a new version of the Freeware Pack, a bundle of freeware audio plugins. Already available for PC in VST and DirectX formats, the new versions bring Mac compatibility as well … read more

Martin Eastwood Audio releases Duet

Martin Eastwood Audio has released Duet, a double-tracking/harmonizer effect designed to enhance vocals and instruments by creating the illusion of multiple voices. By using a novel method of pitch-shifting and delaying audio, Duet can create … read more

Blue Cat Audio releases Freeware Pack beta for Mac OS X

Blue Cat Audio has launched a public beta version of the Freeware Pack for Mac OS X. The bundle contains 11 free plugins: a spectrum analyzer, an EQ, gain utilities with unique multiple instances linking … read more

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