Short links for July 12th, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently:


An interactive architectural mapping.
Fete des Lumieres / Lyon / France / 2010

A mapping by 1024 Architecture, projected on the facade of former Lyrical theater the “Celestins”. The building deformations and figures were controlled by the audience, using a microphone and an audio analysis algorythm.

More info at and

# Dan303: Tenori-On iPad app review

Dan Weatherall on the TNR-i for iOS:

Yamaha TNR-i

The official Tenori on iOS app enter the app store the other week but at £12 I was a little hesitant to buy it. After a little thought and a bit of googling I decided it was indeed worth the price.

The cheapest hardware Tenori-On (the TNR-O) is roughly £500 where as the current price of the iPad 2 is £499 (cheapest wifi only model) so considering that both the devices are pretty much exactly the same price (and I already own an iPad) it makes sence to get the iOS version.

# Thumbs Up for Madrona Labs AALTO Software Synthesizer (Modulate This! – A Blog for Electronic Music Artists)

Madrona Labs Aalto

Mark Mosher shares some info on the Aalto semi-modular software synth.

Peter Kirn over at Create Digital Music did a post on a new synth by Madrona Labs last month. Even though I wasn’t in the market for a new synth right now I ended up buying this Aalto within an hour or so of downloading the demo so I wanted to pass this along and help promote Madrona’s great work. At $99 this is an incredible value.

# From the Trenches of the Loudness Wars, A Broad Survey of Research
Peter Kirn writes:

You’ve heard the gripes, and heard and seen the somewhat unscientific demos. Now it’s time to examine the over-compression of music with – science! Earl Vickers of STMicroelectronics examines the Loudness Wars in an academic paper, as noted to us by reader photohounds.

# Flickr: LEGO Album Covers via wire to the ear

Flickr LEGO Album Covers

# little-scale: Tau Percussion Sample Pack

Sebastian Tomczak has posted a nice free sample pack.

I made a small set of percussion samples using a waveform generated from the first 614 digits of 2π. Download it here:

# Talking About The Upcoming Sound Packs With Elliott Fienberg

Nick of Nick’s Tutorials:

Elliot Fienberg aka MrTunes

I just finished recording a really enjoyable conversation with Elliott Fienberg, the man behind the Wobble Tech Radio podcast.

We chatted about some recording industry news and talked a bit about my upcoming Ableton Live packs that I’ll start releasing in the next month or so.

Check out the recording here, and be sure to check out Elliott’s other episodes:

# Dan303: Analog acid/minimal bass stabs (multisample)

More free samples from Dan303:

These multi samples were taken from my FreeBass FB383 bassline synth. It’s a rackmount analog bass synthesizer (clone of the Roland TB303).

Rockit 8-bit Synth Kit

# Open-Source Rockit 8-bit Synth Kit Coming

Peter at Create Digital Music:
Chicago-based hacker and synthesist Matt Heins is working on an open source synth kit. As a co-creator of the MeeBlip open source-synth hardware, I’m biased — I want more open synth hardware! So this is looking like some great company. The instrument is 8-bit, with analog filter circuitry, coded in C.


Short links for December 5th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on December 5th, 2007:

  • Gibson Robot Guitar – The guitar is tuned by tiny servo motors that tune all strings in no more than five seconds.
Gibson Robot Guitar
Gibson Robot Guitar

Oscilloscope Studios’ photos: Beastie Boys Flickr feed

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The Beastie Boys have a Flickr feed where they post pics from the road as they tour with their new album, The Mix-Up, a funky all-instumental disc.

Beastie Boys on stage - Adam (Adrock) and Mike D
Beastie Boys on stage – Adam (Adrock) and Mike D

Some great pics. Didn’t know Mike D went all stylish with his hair!

More info on The Mix-Up here.

Link via Boing Boing


What’s up with all these missing vowels?

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rekkrd web 2.0 logo (beta)

Flickr was originally intended to be Flicker but the domain name for the website was already taken.

”We thought about some alternatives and then decided to just drop the e,” said Stewart Butterfield, Flickr’s chief executive. ”It’s a little more distinctive than a generic name.”

I guess Flickr‘s popularity must’ve inspired other web 2.0 startups to omit vowels from their brand names.

  • Socializr – Share events with your friends
  • Steekr – Your secured online space
  • Skrbl – Easy to share online whiteboard
  • Filedropr – The place to drop your files
  • Delivr – Create free photo greeting cards
  • Frappr – The most social maps on the Web
  • Stagr – Design your own clothes
  • Zooomr – Universally the best way to share, search, store and sort your photos online
  • Blogr – Your space for photos, videos, podcasts and your blog
  • Talkr – Letting blogs speak for themselves
  • Coastr – The social guide to beer
  • Flagr – Bookmark the Real World
  • Suprglu – Piecing your web together
  • Calcr – Online calculator
  • Phixr – Online Photo Editor
  • Gabbr – A social news community
  • Nabbr – The #1 Video Widget
  • FeedBlendr – blending RSS, Atom and RDF feeds into a single river of news!
  • Grazr – Make any website better

Some of these sites are quite new so it doesn’t look like this thing is going out of fashion any time soon…