Producertech launches Glitch Hop Beats & Bass with Maschine by Defazed

Producertech has launched Glitch Hop Beats & Bass with Maschine, a new tutorial video by Defazed aka FracTroniX.

Glitch Hop Beats & Bass with Maschine

With a solid background in the heavier, darker side of production, having numerous releases under Defazed and Metaphra in genres like Neurofunk and Drum and Bass, he’s found new inspiration of late in Glitch Hop.

After the creation of his six and half hour set of tutorials on producing Dubstep in Logic Pro, he started to experiment with NI’s awesome Groove Production Studio, Maschine. The powerful software/hardware combo proved the perfect instrument for unleashing the heavy beats, twisted basslines, glitchy accompaniment and huge leads that produce the distinctive and highly appealing style.

In this first part, he guides you through the steps required to create a fat drum break and rude bassline to go with it, with bass sounds created from scratch with Massive and resampled in Maschine, then programmed into various patterns and mixed with the beats. The lessons come with the Maschine project from the course, as well as a bonus pack of samples from Loopmasters.

The video course is available for £13.95 GBP.

More information: Producertech / Glitch Hop Beats & Bass


Producer Tech launches Fractronix Dubstep Production Course Part 3

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FracTroniX Dubstep production course

Producer Tech has announced part 3 of the Logic Pro Dubstep Production Course by FracTroniX: Arrangement, Synths and FX.

The third part of FracTroniX’s awesome course on Dubstep production in Logic Pro is now available at

This brand new set of tutorials shows how to take a drum and bass groove and turn it into a track, creating accompanying synth parts and FX and showing how to arrange and develop them in order to build a track.

The course is currently on sale at a 25% discount.

More information: Music-Courses / FracTroniX Dubstep Course Part 3


Producertech launches Making Fat Basslines in Logic Pro course by FracTroniX

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Producertech FracTroniX

Producertech has introduced Making Dubstep Basslines, the second part of the production course for Logic Pro by FracTroniX.

If you own Logic Pro and want to know how to produce dubstep or similar heavy, hard-hitting styles of music then this course is for you!

The course is brought to you by FracTroniX, the producer behind the eclectic bass-driven vibes of Metaphra and the upfront, experimental drum and bass of Defazed, and is split into several parts. Each part focuses on a different area of production, with this one uncovering the secrets behind producing massively twisted basslines!

The course comes complete with the Logic Project used in the lessons so you can see exactly how everything is done and therefore truly get to grips with every technique explored in this in-depth course.

The course is now on sale at a 25% discount.

More information: Music-Courses / Making Fat Basslines


Giveaway: Dubstep Production Course in Logic Pro by FracTroniX

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Producertech FracTroniX course

Producertech is offering readers a chance to win one of its latest online video courses: Dubstep Production in Logic Pro by FracTroniX.

In this new online course, FracTroniX takes you through each stage of producing a heavy Dubstep track with Logic Pro.

The course is split into parts, which focus on each of the main areas of production, including creating beats, basslines and melodic accompaniment, as well as mixing and mastering.

You have a chance to get the first part of the series – Making Heavy Beats – by leaving a comment below. The deadline is February 15th, 11.59pm CET. On February 16th, 2013, the lucky winner will be picked at random, and announced here.

Good luck!

More information: Dubstep Production Course in Logic Pro


Producertech launches Dubstep Beat Production in Logic production course by FracTroniX

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Producer Tech Dubstep Beat Production by FracTroniX

Producertech has announced Dubstep Beat Production in Logic, a brand new online course for Logic Pro, which teaches the secrets of producing Dubstep or similar heavy styles of music.

The course has been created by FracTroniX, the producer behind the eclectic, bass-driven vibes of Metaphra and the upfront, experimental drum and bass of Defazed. Having produced for a multitude of record labels and taught production for a number of institutes, FracTroniX is now sharing his experience and knowledge with the online Music Courses community.

The course takes students through each of the main stages of making a heavy dubstep track and is broken up into parts, which allows students the option of choosing any specific area that they wish to learn about, rather than having to buy the complete course.
This not only makes it more affordable but means people can try out one of the parts before deciding whether to invest in the rest of the course.

The first part on creating beats is now available at, and shows each of the processes involved with making a fat dubstep break. The lessons guide you through the various considerations when selecting samples, showing how the samples look on an analyzer to help visualize each choice. The samples are then sequenced into a chunky break, percussion is added to create extra syncopation and rhythmic interest, samples are reversed, then the levels are tweaked to get a good balance. Finally, the drums are processed with insert effects, predominantly compression and EQ, to eliminate problems and improve the sound, before creating a submix track, which allows all the drums to be glued together and fattened up.

After signing up to the course, students can access the streamed module movies, and also download the Logic demo project, which can then be freely edited and examined, to allow each technique to be inspected more closely. At any point, FracTroniX and the other Producertech tutors can be contacted via the forum, which allows Music Courses students and any dubstep enthusiasts to discuss issues and interact with one another.

The FracTroniX course is currently available at an introductory sale price of 25% off.

More information: Music-Courses / Dubstep Beat Production in Logic


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