Freemasons Tutorial – NI Maschine & Akai MPC swings in Logic Pro & Ableton Live

James of Freemasons wrote in to share a tutorial on how to get NI Maschine and Akai MPC swings natively inside Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

Ever since the release of NI’s Maschine and more recently, the return of the Akai’s MPC range, beat production has taken a huge leap forward sonically and rhythmically. However, both of these machines use their own proprietary systems and protocols for swing quantise.

One of the biggest problems when using these inside DAW’s with your other VST’s and audio is that each has its own quantise system that is not (always) mirrored by the software, so quantising parts running alongside your chosen drum machine to the same swing has often been a case of guess work and time-consuming experimentation.

We always ran into this problem so decided to solve it, and after a few days of quite painstaking work, we have converted the swings from NI’s Maschine and Akai’s MPC into groove templates for Logic 9 / Logic X and Ableton live 8/9 (Maschine only, MPC grooves were already present).

We also created an instructional video showing how you can import these grooves into the applications and into your own Logic startup pages. We hope you enjoy using them as we do.

The groove templates are available to download here.

More information: Freemasons (Facebook)


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