Fretted Synth releases SafFronSE SoundFont synth plug-in

Fretted Synth has released SafFronSE, a free SoundFont synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

SafFronSE is an update to the original SafFron MIDI triggered sound font synth with a beautiful UI by Vera Kinter (ArtVera)

Fretted Synth SafFronSE
Fretted Synth SafFronSE

New in SafFronSE

  • Made with the current version of SynthEdit (should fix use of multiple instances of SafFron).
  • Can now load sound fonts with layers and velocity splits.
  • Load up to three sound fonts with separate controls for on\off, level, pan, course and fine tuning.
  • Updated filter with separate envelopes for cutoff and resonance.
  • Added a five band equalizer and limiter (the limiter is only designed to work with fast peaks, pushing it too hard with sustained material will result in a not pretty distortion).
  • Updated all of the effects.

SafFron SE is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

SafFronSEDownload size: 3.7 MB

More information: Fretted Synth


FreePlayer Ltd. announces FreePlayer Pre-order

FreePlayer Pro

FreePlayer Ltd. has announced that FreePlayer is now available to pre-order.

FreePlayer, which allows guitarists to control effects by motion and touch, consists of a hardware attachment for the guitar and a software application that hosts VST plug-ins and controls MIDI devices. A Windows version is offered initially, with other operating systems to follow.

The first models to be made available are:

  • FreePlayer Pro for Les Paul guitars – pre-order price €299 (normal price €399) – contains a complete set of FreePlayer sensors in an ‘easy-fit-kit’ pickguard:
    • 38x48mm Touchpad (responds smoothly to a pick or a fingernail)
    • 3-Axis Motion Sensor (Responds to motion up to 3G – Shock-proof to 10,000G!)
    • Flexible Light Sensor (Detects light changes in 1000 smooth increments)
    • Tactile button array (Five buttons individually shaped for recognition by touch.
  • FreePlayer Express – pre-order price €149 (normal price €199) – a universal kit that attaches to most guitars or basses with a simple adhesive pad (included). With a 3-axis Motion Sensor and Tactile Button array, it’s all you need to get up and running!
  • FreePlayer Express Plus – pre-order price €199 (normal price €249) – all the benefits of FreePlayer Express, with an additional Flexible Light Sensor.

Each FreePlayer unit comes with a USB cable, the FreePlayer software, and is bundled with these VST plug-ins:

  • Saltline Audio Solutions: Bachelard, ‘Son of a Pitch’ and Cadence.
  • Voxengo: Voxengo Boogex.
  • MeldaProduction MFreeVSTBundle: includes MCompressor, MEqualiser, MPhaser, MRingModulator, MFlanger, MTremolo, MVibrato, and many others.
  • NDC’s Open source VST plugins: Fragmental, and the wonderfully named Reversinator.
  • FrettedSynthAudio: FreeAmp3.

Users will be able to download more VSTs and sounds from the FreePlayer SoundStore, including Saltline Audio Solution’s previously announced range of plug-ins developed specifically for FreePlayer.

Customers Pre-ordering FreePlayer between now and the product release (expected end of July) receive a discount of up to €100 – with deposit of just €50.

More information: FreePlayer


Fretted Synth releases SafFron2VA

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Fretted Synth SafFron2VA

Fretted Synth has released SafFron2VA, a freeware audio triggered synth VST plug-in for Windows.

This one has two VA multi oscillators, a pitched noise osc and all of the features of SafFron plus some. Turned out very well IMHO I’m getting much better at syncing the osc and the envelope for a more tight attack.

SafFron2VA features

  • Easy to setup Audio Tracking (designed for a guitar) with “Threshold and Velocity” which set the synths tracking. Other controls are provided for MIDI output\pitchbend, tracking range, auto tune, velocity curve and gate delay.
  • Two virtual analog “VA” multi oscillators with controls for level, pan position, coarse and fine tuning.
  • Amplifier, filter and modulation sections.
  • Effects: Chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, reverb.
  • 5-band equalizer and limiter module.

SafFron2VA is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Fretted Synth for more information.


Fretted Synth updates FreeAmp2 to v2.5

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FrettedSynth FreeAmp2

Fretted Synth has released version 2.5 of FreeAmp2, a freeware multi guitar amp-sim, with built-in guitar synth.

FrettedSynth writes:

Have had quite a few email requests for FreeAmp2, After three years of not playing FA2 I found it to be a quite different sounding amp from FA3. Much more color in its tone compared to FreeAmp3 but very useful. So I updated the plugin a bit and put it back on my site.

New in FreeAmp v2.5

  • Provided a much larger frequency range.
  • Added a three band parametric equalizer.
  • Added an output limiter.
  • Changed HP, LP in the synth to a Hi\Lo shelf Eq.
  • Some small changes.

Fretted Synth has also updated SoftDrum LTD, a instrument that features 12 drum-pads (using Soundfonts per drum-pad as its sample source) was also updated. The update provides a fix so it will trigger from Alesis pad to MIDI controllers.

Both plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows PC (VST).

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp2 and SoftDrum LTD.


Fretted Synth releases SafFron2W and updates SafFron2L

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Fretted Synth SafFron

Fretted Synth has released SafFron2W, a freeware audio triggered synth for Windows PC.

SafFron2W is identical to SafTron2L (synth and FX) but uses .wav files as its source. Up to four waves can be loaded 16,24 and 32bit waves, with sample rates up to 192khz. It provides user controls for the velocity switch point.

Also, the SafFron2L plug-in has been updated:

  • Improved velocity tracking
  • Various small fixes
  • Now includes a small example bank for testing

Both SafFron2W and SafFron2L are available as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC. Donations are much appreciated.

Visit Fretted Synth for more information.


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