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Frontline Producer releases Vintage Keys II Ultimate Collection

Frontline Producer Vintage Keys 2

Frontline Producer has released Vintage Keys II, a new Ultimate Collection series sample library featuring 1.23GB of electric piano loops and single notes.

You asked for the chords, well here they are, midi parts, no problem and more of the same inspired playing over the classic, vintage keyboards and pianos that we have at Frontline HQ

Expect to find Instrument Loops such as Rhodes, Whirly, Hammond and Piano all performed live by passionate performers with bundles of groove and soul suitable for many styles and genres including House, Electro, Hip Hop, Funk, TV and film compositions and anyone looking to add a ‘Real Keys feel’ to their Mixes.

The sample library costs £29.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producer / Vintage Keys II


Frontline Producer releases Studio Acoustics – Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms

Frontline Producer Guitar Riffs N Rhythms

Frontline Producer has introduced Studio Acoustics – Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms, a selection of acoustic guitar loops and patches.

This time we took a selection of beautifully crafted guitars from Patrick James Eggle and Gibson, combined them with some massively talented players and locked them in our sound proof bunker for 7 days and nights.

Courtesy of some great playing, fantastic kit and our usual attention to detail, the quality of these samples is second to none.

The detail in the mid is fantastic and if for some insane reason, you do want to EQ these beauties, as they’ve been recorded with ribbon mics, they’ll accept eq wonderfully.

What we ended with is an ear inspiring collection of song starters, riffs and rhythmic parts that you can build a tune around or just choose a line to slot into your production.

Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms features

  • 566 MB content, 24 bit quality.
  • 76 80BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 56 100BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 76 120BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 67 130BPM Guitar Loops.
  • 2 Multis (25 Samples).
  • 2 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, EXS24, SFZ and Kontakt.
  • 277 Rex2 Loops.

The sample library costs £24.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producers / Guitar Riffs N’ Rhythms


Frontline Producer releases Mix Starters – Bytesize Electro

Frontline Mix Starters Bytesize Electro

Frontline Producer has launched Bytesize Electro, a new title in the Mix Starters series of in house produced tools designed to kickstart your inspiration.

The “Mix Starters: Bytesize Electro” pack contains four bespoke standalone Electro ideas, each with grouped stems, single .wav loops, .rex files and key multitrack midi parts for you to light the fires with.

They are designed to provide producers with the melodic and stylistic elements needed to develop an idea and take it to the next level.

Mix Starters Bytesize Electro features

  • 4 Complete Tracks with Drum, FX, Bass & Music Stems.
  • 22 Track Stems in Total.
  • 38 Music Loops.
  • 22 Bass Loops.
  • 4 MIDI Files and 62 Rex2 Files.
  • 943MB content in total.

The sample library costs £24.95 GBP. Individual tracks are £7.95 GBP each.

More information: Frontline Producer / Bytesize Electro


Frontline Producer releases Ultimate Drums – Studio Edition

Frontline Producer Ultimate Drums Studio Edition

Frontline Producer has introduced Ultimate Drums – Studio Edition, a collection of loops, one hits and stems that cover everything a real drummer should do and so much more.

We set up the studio with his Mapex kit and though trial and error and a little luck, we ended up using nearly entirely SE mics on this. From the Beautiful Rupert Neve RNR1 Ribbons, to the ever versatile E4400as, as well as sE1a’s and 4s and even a 2200 as an ambient mic.

We smashed these through some of the Rupert Neve Pres and a couple of portico IIs and we had a really beautiful selection of sounds that we could mix into some great sounding stems and samples

We settled back pressed record and just enjoyed the grooves.

Ultimate Drums Studio Edition features

  • 1.44GB content, 24-bit quality.
  • 150 Live Drum Loops
    • 37 Drum Loops 75-96BPM.
    • 35 Drum Loops 100-116BPM.
    • 37 Drum Loops 120-126BPM.
    • 41 Drum Loops 130-180BPM.
  • 40 Drum Hits.
  • 3 Full Drum Tracks, 1 Ballard Track, 1 Funk Track & 1 Rock Track each including Hat Stem, Kick Stem, Overhead Stem, Room Stem, Snare Stem, 2 Tom Stems + Dry & Wet Track Mix.
  • 150 REX2 files.
  • 5 soft sampler patches for NN-XT, HALion, SFZ, Kontakt & EXS24.

The sample library is available from Loopmasters for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producer / Ultimate Drums Studio Edition


Loopmasters releases Frontline Producer Label Sampler

Frontline Producer Label Sampler

Loopmasters has launched the Frontline Producer Label Sampler, a sample library featuring content from 6 previously released titles.

The Frontline Producer specializes in collections of superbly recorded samples, loops and sound fx, recorded both in house and at some of the countries finest recording facilities. We spend our time fiddling with only the best Mics, Class A pre amps and high end compressors, then microscopically editing the loops to get them tune ready to drop in to your productions.

Recorded at 24 bit and at 96 kHz, we provide future proof samples for the modern working producer. Frontline Producer – medically insane about Audio.

Frontline Producer Label Sampler features

  • 33 Loops from Americana.
  • 33 Loops from Dubstep Metal Guitar.
  • 34 Loops from Mbira African Thumb Piano.
  • 42 Loops from Studio Bass.
  • 31 Loops from Ultimate Strings.
  • 29 Loops from Vintage Keys.
  • Total of 300 MB content, 24-bit quality.

The sampler is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producer / Label Sampler


Frontline Producer releases Bass Breaks – Ultimate Collection

Frontline Producer Bass Breaks

Frontline Producer has released Bass Breaks – Ultimate Collection, a solid grooving collection of bass samples that will move your tunes to the next level.

How often do you get to work with the players that straight out of sessions with Mark Ronson and Katy B? Well, lucky for you, these guys are on the Frontline Roster and were just happy to be locked at Frontline HQ for a week whilst scantily clad, roller skated girls take drinks orders and keep the atmosphere Bootsycollinstastic whilst the lines went down.

What we’ve ended up with is an INCREDIBLE collection of Bass samples; great for pinning down that bottom end, changing sections, busting out grooves or simply being the bass line you need it to be.

Bass Breaks features

  • 346 loops recorded in 24bit/44.1kHz, 559MB content.
  • Bass loops at 70,80,90,100,110,120,130 and 140 BPM.
  • Includes 346 Rex2 Loops.

The sample library costs £24.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producer / Bass Breaks


Frontline Producer releases Funk Guitar Chips n’ Chops sample library

Frontline Producer Funk Guitar Chips n Chops

Frontline Producer has launched Funk Guitar Chips n’ Chops, a collection of funk guitar loops and sounds.

“It’s more than just Funky baby!” Frontline Producer proudly presents Frontline Funk, a brand new collection of Ice Cold Funk Guitar loops and Patches, wrenched straight from the heart of the 70s and ‘tune ready’ for producers worldwide.

With 2 sound engineers and 5 guitarists starved of daylight and fed on a soundtrack of whack-a-ticka and kit kats. Well, anything could have happened and it nearly did !

Armed with a telecaster, a white leather suit and all the adult material we could muster we set to work on FRONTLINE FUNK.

Funk Guitar Chips n’ Chops features

  • 314 MB content, 24 bit quality.
  • 30 100BPM Funk Guitar Loops.
  • 33 110BPM Funk Guitar Loops.
  • 50 120BPM Funk Guitar Loops.
  • 47 120BPM Wah Funk Guitar Loops.
  • 40 130BPM Funk Guitar Loops.
  • 200 Rex2 Loops.
  • Apple Loops format available separately.

The sample pack costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producer / Funk Guitar Chips n’ Chops