Control up to 8 synths with a single keyboard with FSynthz ProgAte

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Fsynthz has released ProgAte, a MIDI processor/router, allowing you to control up to 8 synths with one MIDI keyboard.

FSynthz ProgAte
ProgAte MIDI processor/router: control up to 8 synthesizers with a single keyboard.

You send midi program changes, together with all the rest midi events, to ProgAte. ProgAte splits and filters the stream, remaps the ProgChange messages – and outputs the processed midi stream, one channel per synth (up to 8 for one instance of ProgAte).

ProgAte features

  • Program changes remapping.
  • Layers/splits (velocity range, key range).
  • Volume adjustments.
  • Synths switching on/off.
  • Pitch bend and controllers filtering off.

ProgAte for Windows (VST) is available to download as freeware.

More information: FSynthz / ProgAte


Fsynthz releases Prognum: one-button browser MIDI plugin

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Fsynthz has released Prognum a MIDI utility instrument plugin for Windows.

Fsynthz Prognum
Single button MIDI program browsing with Fsynthz Prognum.

A MIDI processing VSTi, suited for two purposes:

  • indicating current MIDI program IN BIG NUMBERS (both the 1-128 value and grouped by 8)
  • browsing MIDI programs of a subsequent synth up and down with one single button, assignable to any MIDI controller (examples are: sustain pedal #64, portamento switch #65). Short hit on the button is one program up, long hit (>1 sec) – one down.

Two synths (two channels) may me managed with one instance of Prognum.

The second processing tract features responsibility to the program-changing button on all channels – while sending the resulting MIDI prog.change message to the chosen (destination) channel only.
So you don’t have to switch your MIDI keyboard to the 2nd MIDI channel to send a prog.change to the 2nd synth (e.g. a groovebox).

Prognum is available to download as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows.

More information: Fsynthz / Prognum


Fsynthz releases PhybAce Pilot

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Fsynthz has released PhybAce Pilot, a free physically modeled bass guitar instrument for Windows.

PhybAce Pilot is a test of the platform, coming with limited set of features/controls, still coming close enough to the full-scale power of the model. It is intended to collect opinions and suggestions for the further development.

FSynthz PhybAce Pilot
PhybAce Pilot’s tone generator is based on original C++ code.

PhybAce Pilot features

  • String, in detailed math.
  • Plectron (stiffness, position, picking way – up to slapping).
  • Body resonances.
  • Two pickups (with positions).
  • “Slide mode” for legato up.

PhybAce Pilot for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost.

More information: Fsynthz / PhybAce Pilot


FSynthz releases FreezeBreather formant-vowel synth

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FSynthz has released FreezeBreather, a free synthesizer instrument plugin for Windows.

FreezeBreather is a formant-vowel synth that introduces laughter, breathing noises, and random syllables sung – as parts of vox pads, leads, organs.

FSynthz FreezeBreather
FSynthz FreezeBreather

FreezeBreather features

  • Formant-vowel subtractive synthesis.
  • ModWheel shifts vowels or alternatively, adds modulation (4 types).
  • Random Vowel Mode, for “fake vocoder” effect.
  • 7-voiced unison plus shaped breath noise for the carrier.
  • Compact GUI with balloon tooltips on controls.
  • CPU-friendly for the sound.

FreezeBreather is freeware for Windows (VST).

More information: FSynthz


Fsynthz releases Puncho Groove loop generator machine

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Fsynthz Puncho Groove

Fsynthz has released Puncho Groove, a free groove instrument plugin for Windows.

Makes a groovy loop of anything you play and updates it on the fly. You may bring up grooves of enormous complexity. Playing to a drum machine is recommended.

Puncho Groove features

  • Features the renewed MoarF engine to provide “timbre rambling”, hand morph etc.
  • Transpose your loops on the fly .
  • Quantize your loops on the go (if you tend to be “normal”).
  • Use Puncho G. as a midi processor to drive other synthz.

Puncho Groove for Windows (VST) is available as freeware.

More information: Fsynthz / Puncho Groove


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