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Function Loops releases Vocals With Lokka

Function Loops Vocals With Lokka

Function Loops has launched Vocals With Lokka, a new sample pack featuring over 500MB of vocal loops and more.

Original vocals are worth gold for producers worldwide and this collection will not fail to deliver the right tools and will save you a lot of effort. ‘Vocals With Lokka’ was carefully recorded and produced using top gear, each sound was treated personally.

Lokka is appearing on many Beatport’s releases and has collaborated with various producers and labels from all over the globe. Her new release is coming soon on a big label, but we’ll keep that in secret for now!

The pack contains five Construction Kits, all BPM and key-labelled. Inside each Kit you will find vocal loops served as dry & wet versions for maximum flexibility.

The musical loops are included as well featuring basslines, synthlines & drums. Each Kit has a bonus MIDI folder where you can check the exact notes of every melody or bassline, change the presets and get your own sound in minutes.

The sample pack costs $29.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops / Vocals With Lokka

Function Loops Cinematic FX Bundle 40% off at VST Buzz

Function Loops Cinematic FX Bundle

VST Buzz has launched another limited time deal, offering a 40% discount on the Cinematic FX bundle by Function Loops.

The Big Screen Experience comprises of a wide range of FX including hypnotic vibes, amazing intros, tribal drums, rocking Drum & Bass grooves, massive special effects and much more. These elements bring a real cinematic touch to your tracks.

The Cinematic Bundle is a catatonic collection of cinematic FX elements – a cosmic journey through space and other dimensions, exploring outer space, deep ambiences, mysterious scapes, beautiful melodies and cybernetic special effects. You’ll find a nice collection of downlifters, uplifters, rise-ups, impacts, explosions and another unidentified frequencies.

The bundle is available from VST Buzz for $32 USD until September 3rd, 2013.

More information: VST Buzz

Function Loops releases Future Guitars & Layered Hi-Hats sample packs

Function Loops Future Guitars

Function Loops has released Future Guitars and Layered Hi-Hats, two new sample packs.

Future Guitars is 53 professionally crafted guitar 24-bit Guitar Loops/46 Bonus Instrument Loops, all recorded live by Brian Sonneman at Silverlining Studio USA.

Future Guitars is designed for House, Trance, Dubstep, and beyond. All loops have been recorded at 128 BPM and root keys are listed.

Function Loops Layered Hi-Hats

Layered Hi-Hats is a collection of 60 hi-hat samples, designed to be dropped into wide range of electronic productions, including genres such as House/Techno/Trance and their sub-genres such as Minimal/Deep/Tech-House and more.

A collection of carefully designed open and closed hi-hats is an essential ingredient in any kind of music.

The Future Guitars pack costs $21.90 USD, Layered Hi-Hats is $9.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops releases Mega House Bundle

Function Loops Mega House Bundle

Function Loops has announced the release of the Mega House Bundle, a collection that includes WAV loops and samples, MIDI files and synthesizer presets.

Mega pack loaded with top notch tools for House music producers. This all-in-one collection includes WAV loops & samples, MIDI files and synthesizer presets. You will find everything from A to Z, including kicks, percussion, synths, baselines, FX & vocals.

Compiled from chart-breaking House packs: “Deep & Soul”/”Deep & Soul: Midi”/”Mega-Bass 2″/”Electro Fusion”/”Pure Tech Bass”/”Pure Tech Beats”/”Total Techno & Tech-House Vox”/”Van Czar: Supreme Deep House”/”Pure Tech Kicks”/”Finest Progressive Melodies”.

Fits for Deep House, Tech-House, Minimal, Main Room, Progressive House, Complextro and for all the other sub-genres of House music. Just mix between the genres to get your own hybrid sound!

The bundle costs $69.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops / Mega House Bundle

Function Loops releases Voice Of Solace & Van Czar: Supreme Deep House

Function Loops Voice Of Solace

Function Loops has announced the release of two new sample libraries.

The Voice Of Solace is a vocal sample pack recorded exclusively by Harmony Sonneman at SilverLining Sound Studio.

This is an exciting collection of female vocal acapellas and phrases, packed with more than 800 MB of original, class-A material. Harmony’s smooth, pitch perfect voice can fit for any producer looking to add unique vocal textures to the mix.This sample pack contains seven Kits, including Vocals, Musical Loops, Drum Loops and MIDI files.
All vocals come as Dry/Wet versions for maximum flexibility. All Keys and BPMs are listed for ease of use. After purchasing, you can use the vocals in your own tracks and release them with no problem or extra effort.

The Voice Of Solace costs $32.90 USD.

Van Czar: Supreme Deep House features a collection of samples by Belgian producer Van Czar.

Function Loops Van Czar Supreme Deep House

Another banger from Function Loops artist series. Van Czar is a veteran House & Techno producer from Belgium, operating under well known Bonzai Records label.
“Supreme Deep House” is a versatile collection of almost 700MB of deep and dirty sounds, including Drums, Basslines, Synths, Vocals, FX, One-Shots and Midi files – everything you can imagine, that gonna make your studio sessions flow.

A professional tool box, packed with Class-A material for Deep House production, but also suitable for Tech-House, Techno, Progressive House and more. All loops come in 24-bit WAV format, all the Keys and Bpms listed and a bonus MIDI files included, for maximum flexibility.

The Supreme Deep House pack costs $21.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops launches Summer Sale

Function Loops Summer Sale

Function Loops has announced its Summer Sale, offering its sound libraries at a 30% discount for a limited time.

Function Loops are offering 30% off entire catalog, until July 15.

After checkout please use the coupon code: Y3U355O6

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops releases Layered Claps, Percussion Only 2 & Free Label Sampler 2

Function Loops Layered Claps

Function Loops has announced the release of Layered Claps and Percussion Only 2, two new sample libraries.

Layered Claps features a collection of 50 clap one-shots.

“Layered Claps” is the continuation of layered drums series coming from Function Loops studios. This time is all the about the science of carefully crafted clap shots. Each clap was polished till we got the best results – plastic sound indeed. “Layered Claps” is definitely one of best clap one-shots sample pack today.

This small collection will help you get “that” sound easy, with no extra effort and saving you loads of time. No matter what style you are into, this pack will be handy. Fits great in all sub-genres of House/Techno/Trance and other productions where killer quality matters.

The Percussion Only 2 collection features 400MB of percussion loops and samples.

Function Loops Percussion Only 2

Collected are all the best drum elements from the chart topping sample packs, featuring “Techno Inside”, “Future Sound of Techno & Tech-House” , “House Percussions 2″ , “Layered Kicks” and a bonus folder of 20 extra kick one-shots.

All content is recorded at 128bpm , that will give you maximum pleasure to mix between the sounds with no extra effort and get unique loops in minutes. You will find kick-only loops, top loops, stripped loops, full loops and kick one-shots. This bundle is a serious tool for building pro drums in your tracks. Drums is one of the most important elements in any kind of production, so you should take care of it before you move to the next level. “Percussion Only 2″ will give you an ultimate toolbox to produce your drums in style.

Percussion Only 2 costs $22.90 USD.

Function Loops Label Sampler 2

Function Loops is also offering Label Sampler 2, a free taster sample pack featuring samples from previously released titles.

Includes snippets from six top quality sample packs such as ‘Vocal All Stars’, ‘Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman’, ‘Techno Drum Box’, ‘PSYCHO Vol 3′, ‘Future Trapstep’ and ‘Vocal Acapellas with Ariel. Suitable for genres such as Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House, Trapstep, Main-Room House, Electro, Trance and more.

You will find 212 files in total and over 500MB of original content including basslines, synthlines, effects, vocals, drums, MIDI files, one-shots, atmospheres and loads of other super useful stuff.

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops releases Key Labeled Vocals & Layered Kicks 2 packs

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Function Loops Key Labeled Vocals

Function Loops has announced the release of two new sample libraries, Key Labeled Vocals and Layered Kicks 2.

“Key Labeled Vocals” – The first installment from the brand new series of pure vocal products.
All sounds are organized into folders, labeled with the root key and tempo, so you can easily pick the vocals to adapt in your track. If you decide to change the BPM or key, these vocals will still sound great.

Singing and talking parts, including Backing Vocals, Main Vocals, Phrases, Sentences, Snippets and much more stuff packed in one fat package that will give you all the solutions requested.Recorded using top gear, professionally processed and polished, these vocals are ready to raid your new hits! Can fit in any kind of production where a pro vocal touch is needed. In this sample pack you will find a wide range of vocals for any genre.

Key Labeled Vocals costs $24.90 USD.

Function Loops Layered Kicks 2

The Layered Kicks 2 library features 60 kick drum samples.

After the success of the first volume, Function Loops is back with second part of “Layered Kicks”. Plastic, fat, crunchy, crispy, pumping… what else can we say? We say they are tasty!

These 60 one-shot kick samples will definitely kick in any EDM production. Fits for Deep House/Tech-House/Minimal/Techno/Progressive House/Electro House and more. A great solution to start you next track in style.

Layered Kicks 2 is available to purchase for $9.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops