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Industrial Strength launches Voice sample pack

Industrial Strength Voice

Industrial Strength Records has introduced Voice, a collection of vocal kits for EDM producers in collaboration with Function Loops.

Voice is a exclusive bundle that features two female voices Sasha & Karin. This hi octane pack is geared up for Dubstep, Dance, Techno Electro, Tech House, Progressive and Trance. The pack also comes with loads of Midi files that contain melodies, bass lines, and grooves so you can nail down a track in no time flat.

Voice features over 11 kits complied from Function Loop’s hit packs Sasha & Karin. So if you own either of these packs you might want to pass this wicked bundle up. If you don’t have them. Then get ready for a double blast of sonic goodness. These kits were hand picked by Twisted Reaction and Lenny Dee to insure a solid bundle of samples for your production needs.

Voice can only be purchased on So if your in the market for a monster vocal pack with two different female singers with all the bells and whistles then look no further we gotcha covered. We left loads of head room and kept the vocals so you can tune them a bit further to meet your studio needs.

Voice is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP. Individual kits are £7.95 GBP each.

More information: Industrial Strength / Voice

VST Buzz offers Percussion Grid for Kontakt at 40% off

VST Buzz has launched a limited time promotion for the Percussion Grid sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Percussion Grid at VST Buzz

Percussion Grid is a collaboration between Function Loops and Channel Robot which pairs the ultra-cool loops of Function Loops with the unique Channel Robot Kontakt instrument called Grid Machine/Slice.

A unique, powerful, new type of loop-altering tool to bend, twist and re-create your loops all in real-time. Featuring over 200 of the highest quality Function Loops grooves, every one of which can be re-programmed into hundreds of totally different sounding loops. There are over 20 different ways to slice (re-order) each loop, plus you can play these patterns forwards, backwards, forwards and backwards, half-speed, double speed, and skip slices.

Mute, reverse or repeat (stutter) individual slices of your choice. here are literally thousands of different ways to play each of the included loops. You can also cross-mix between loops, giving you even more possibilities. Retrigger a loop any time you like from any slice, play sub-loops, latch on a single slice, time changes and loop re-triggers to bar and beat all from your keyboard or the user friendly GUI inside Kontakt. Tempo-synced to your DAW or play as a stand-alone instrument.

Percussion Grid is available to purchase from VST Buzz for $27 USD until June 11th, 2013.

More information: VST Buzz

Function Loops releases Layered Kicks, Festival Trance & Summer Trance

Function Loops has announced the release of three new sample packs.

Function Loops sample packs

New Function Loops packs

  • “Layered Kicks” offers a collection of 60 layered kick samples – plastic, fat and crispy kicks. Fits any House or Techno genres including Deep-House/Tech-House/Progressive House/Electro House/Complextro/Techno/Minimal, etc. Price: $9.90 USD.
  • “Festival Trance” offers an up-to-date collection of Progressive Trance loops inspired by the chart topping artists like Neelix, Astrix, Captain Hook, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura and more, as well as top labels such as Iboga, Nano, Spin Twist, Hommega and Blue Tunes. Price $19.90 USD.
  • “Summer Trance” offers “the sound of now” – progressive grooves with a techy twist, including banging Drums (kicks/percussion/hihats), hi-tech Basslines (triplets also), liquid analog Synths and mutated FX. The musical parts and ideas were crafted by young Israeli artist Geo. Price: $17.90 USD.

The sample packs are available to purchase from Function Loops and Sounds To Sample.

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops releases 3 new sample packs + 25% off

Function Loops has introduced three new sample libraries: Future Sound Of Techno & Tech-House, Vocals Bundle Vol.2 and Underground Sound of Drum & Bass.

Function Loops packs

New Function Loops libraries

  • “Future Sound Of Techno & Tech-House” is a brand new release of sonic tools dedicated to underground techno & futuristic tech-house production. Massively fat bass & drums, crispy percussions, sharp hi-hats, plastic kicks & claps, hi-tech vocals, FX & synths, definitely a must have for any low bpm producer. We also brought a pro-vocalist to record some original and fresh voices to make this pack unique. The vocal loops are served as WET/DRY versions for maximum flexibility. Vocal one-shots are also included.
  • Vocals Bundle Vol.2 – Featuring 3 top notch vocal sample packs in one discounted, special package. ‘Vocal Sessions with Sasha’, ‘VOX: Vocal Cuts 2′ and ‘Vocal All Stars’ are included. Over 1.4GB of unique content, 683 files in total including WAV loops, WAV one-shots and MIDI files. You will find female singing, glitched loops, FX loops, spoken phrases and sentences, single words & snippets. Also instrument loops like basslines, synths, drums and everything else that you can hear in the demos.
  • Underground Sound of Drum & Bass – Our team kinda missed that hard and dirty rhythm, so we decided to bring it back in this kick ass collection. You will find a little bit from everything such as drums, basses, synths and FX. Also some MIDI files from the demos are included as a bonus. ‘Underground Sound of Drum & Bass’ contains 102 loops in total. Drums come in full, top and stripped versions. The whole pack is recorded at 170 BPM and all the keys are listed near each loop for ease of use.

The sample packs are now available to purchase, starting at $18.90 USD.

Funtion Loops is offering a 25% discount on all its products until May 24th, 2013. Use coupon code W8271189 at checkout.

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops releases Total Techno & Tech-House Vocal Oneshots

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Function Loops Total Techno & Tech-House Vocal Oneshots

Function Loops has released Total Techno & Tech-House Vocal Oneshots, a collection of vocal samples.

As the multiply requests we get for quality vocal one-shots, we have decided to go through our vocal collections and gather all the killer one-shots, that will perfectly sit in any solid Techno & Tech-House production.

We serve 347 vocal one-shot samples on the menu tonight for a very attractive and discounted price. These samples were professionally recorded at Function Loops studios by 5 different vocalists, both male and female. Will be super useful for Dub-Step, Complextro, Trance, Electro, Deep House and beyond.

In detail, the pack contains 347 vocal one-shots in total, 125 male vocal one-shot samples, 222 female vocal one-shot samples, 46MB unzipped.

The sample library costs $16.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops releases Vocal Acapellas with Ariel sample library

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Vocal Acapellas with Ariel

Function Loops has announced the release of Vocal Acapellas with Ariel, a collection of royalty-free chart topping sounds.

This time we decided to deliver the main vocals as Full Length Acapellas and did not break them into loops like in previous releases for ease of arrangement. Still, there is a bunch of extra vocal loops!

Organized into 7 Construction Kits including Full Vocal Acapellas in dry & wet versions, Backing Vocals in dry & wet versions, Vocal Snippets, FX Vocal Loops and Vocal One-Shots.

Also you will find all the instrument loops including Drums & Percussion, Basslines, Synthlines & Melodies, all key labelled. Every sound you can hear in the demos is included!

A MIDI file for each instrument loop is included as well, giving you endless possibilities and easy workflow. MIDI files are labelled exactly to fit the WAV loops.

The library costs $32.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops / Vocal Acapellas with Ariel

Function Loops launches Spring Sale

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Function Loops Spring Sale

Function Loops has announced the launch of its Spring Sale, offering a free sample pack with any purchase.

We are running our Spring Sale through March 27 – April 27. Buy one sample pack of your choice, no matter the price or the size. After purchase, pick another one for FREE.

All you need to do, is use the “contact” form to send us the name of the pack and we will send you a link to download the pack you picked.

The sale ends April 27th, 2013.

More information: Function Loops

Function Loops releases Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman

Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman

Function Loops has introduced Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman, a sample library featuring construction kits.

A master-piece of all times release featuring a dignified amount of 507 files in total, over 2GB of original and unique content. We were working days and nights for a couple of months to bring you this royalty-free vocal sample pack. 7 fantastic Construction Kits including vocal loops and samples (dry/wet/chorus versions & one-shots), all the instrument loops (leads, synths, melodies, basslines in dry/wet versions), all the drum and percussion loops, effects and all the MIDI files, for maximum pleasure and flexibility.

We give you all the rights to use these sounds in your own productions, release them and go strait to the charts! As a bonus, we decided to include also the stems (each channel’s bounce) from the demos, so you can quickly import to your favorite DAW and get the exact arrangement like the demos are made.

The sample pack costs $27.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops