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The Loop Loft releases Funk Essentials Vol 3

The Loop Loft Funk Essentials Vol 3

The Loop Loft has announced Funk Essentials Vol 3, a new collection of 228 drum loops.

Funk Essentials Volume 3 takes an old school approach to funk drums, infusing the soul of classic Stax and Motown tracks with the fat, warm, vintage tones of Universal Audio and API preamps.

Each session was recorded utilizing different drum kits, cymbals and mics, resulting in five distinct “vibes” of both loops and samples. Whether you’re dragging and dropping the grooves into your DAW or programing your own beats with the samples, you’ll have the vintage and authentic funk drum sound that has been sought after for decades.

The sample pack costs $29 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft / Funk Essentials Vol 3

Samplephonics releases Rare Funk Grooves

Samplephonics has announced Rare Funk Grooves, a new sample library by Toby Baker, featuring a collection of raw funk construction kits infused with crisp drum breaks, sweet guitar licks and dirty synth grooves.

Samplephonics Rare Funk Grooves

Rare Funk Grooves is an epic collection of 50 full constructions kits, each with 4-5 corresponding parts including synth bass, live bass guitar, guitar, Rhodes, Wurly, Clav, poly synths and crisp funky drum breaks.

The grooves span over 5 tempos, from 90-120, and come neatly formatted and organised into folders with stem parts and a full mix down for those who like to get creative on the sampler.

Whether you make hip hop, funk, soul, house, disco, RnB, pop, or you just love a bit of crate digging, this sample library has everything you need and a whole lot more!

The sample library is available to purchase for £34.70 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics

Smash Up The Studio intros 90’s MIDI Key Loops, MIDI Lab: Electrik Funk & Jazzy Soul

Smash Up The Studio has announced the release of 90’s MIDI Key Loops, MIDI Lab: Electrik Funk, and MIDI Lab: Jazzy Soul, three new MIDI packs.

Smash Up The Studio packs

New Smash Up The Studio packs

  • 90’s MIDI Key Loops – Smash Up The Studio presents a superbly authentic collection of 90’s House keyboard loops in MIDI format. Includes loops designed for classic House organs and pianos, rhodes, synths, basses and more! A “must have” for producers craving that more musical 90’s club fix!
  • MIDI Lab: Electrik Funk – Super cool 80′s Funk and Soul oozes from this pro quality pack of MIDI Construction Kits. Slick keyboard hooks, awesome synth bass lines and classic chord progressions bursting with authenticity. Played by a top session keyboard player to achieve the maximum level of performance.
  • MIDI Lab: Jazzy Soul – Jazz and Soulful flavours abound in this high end pack of MIDI Construction Kits. Funky Clavinet grooves and jazzy electric piano hooks as well as stunning MIDI loops for electric bass guitar, played in the style of both fretless bass and standard. There are also MIDI arrangements for Horns and Strings and a couple of great solos for Vibraphone and lead Synthesiser.

90’s MIDI Key Loops is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP; the MIDI Lab packs are £12.95 GBP each.

More information: Smash Up The Studio

Soundtrack Loops releases Funk Lounge sample pack

Soundtrack Loops has released Funk Lounge, a collection of royalty free loops by Jason Donnelly.

Soundtrack Loops Funk Lounge

Funk Lounge is 12 construction kits for producing Funk, Space Disco, Latin, Downtempo, Funky Breakbeats, and Chill Out. 160 broadcast quality loops (includes 13 promo loops from the Soundtrack Loops Funk Guitars pack).

Sounds include electric bass guitar, beats, brass, organs, synths, percussion, and SFX. Tempos synced with BPM and root note in file names as well as in the meta-data. 44.1kHz Stereo 24 bit.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: Soundtrack Loops / Funk Lounge

Future Loops releases Funk Soul Sessions sample pack

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Future Loops Funk Soul Sessions

Future Loops has launched Funk Soul Sessions, a sample library featuring a collection of live recorded samples and loops in WAV & REX format.

Funk Soul Sessions is organized into construction kits – all structured into Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge & more – and includes:

  • Bass Loops
  • Lead Guitar & Rhythm Guitar: Both Amp & DI versions
  • Full Drums, Fills & Multitracks: Stereo Mix Drums and individual Multitrack Drums with multiple mics for full mixing control
  • Horns Section: Stereo Mixed version, Trombone, Trumpet and Saxophone
  • Keys: Hammond, Rhodes & Clavinets
  • Percussion: Bongos, Shakers, Cowbells & other percussive elements

Funk Soul Sessions is 100% Royalty-Free and contains over 1600 samples (+3.5 GB)

The sample pack is available to purchase for 59.95 EUR.

More information: Future Loops / Funk Soul Sessions

Prime Loops releases Neo Disco Guitars sample pack

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Prime Loops Neo Disco Guitars

Prime Loops has announced Neo Disco Guitars, a sample library featuring 450MB+ of rich funk guitar samples.

Strutting in with over 450MB of diamante studded samples, Neo Disco Guitars drops a shimmering mirrorball-clear selection of funky rhythms divided into 4 stacked folders of Amped, Clean, Extra Funk and Lead. The ‘Amped’ folder features a dirty overdriven collection of picked and strummed loops whilst the ‘Clean’ folder houses a crystal clear selection of super-catchy unadulterated chord sequences and riffs. Within ‘Extra Funk’ you’ll find highly charged set of loops with a powerfully punchy town and the ‘Lead’ folder throws out a hot assortment of funky licks and riffs recorded through a balmy warm valve amplifier.

Neo Disco Guitars totals at 184 stimulating samples straight into your DAW via direct download, delivered at an pure 24-bit sample rate. Each of these files can be dragged straight out of your download folder and dropped into any major piece of software. Key and tempo information is displayed clearly in every filename but you can shift the speed of any of these samples by simply stretching out the stem in your mix for a slower tempo squeezing it down for a faster tempo!

The sample pack is available to purchase for £17.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Neo Disco Guitars

Tunecraft releases Glitch Funk Toolkits sample pack

Tunecraft Glitch Funk Toolkits

Tunecraft has released Glitch Funk Toolkits, a must have collection of unusual and fresh samples and Massive presets.

Professionally created and mixed with high end processors and plugins, and state of the art processing techniques, it has been designed to help you get that polished and crispy sound with ease: All the drums, basses, synths and loops – ranging from 105 to 115 BPM – have been flawlessly layered and processed, so all you need is fire them in your tracks, adjust to your taste and watch them go!

Glitch Funk Toolkits features

  • 50 huge sounding drum loops to start your track or slice and dice for extra flexibility.
  • 144 drum hits finely layered and sculpted to mix and match your own kits, broken down into hard hitting kicks, snappy snares, hats, fills, percussions, and more.
  • 210 shattering bass shots with cutting reeces, heavy filtered basses and distorted neuro filth – all key labelled and ready to use.
  • 82 mashed funky loops all tempo and key labelled, excellent song starter and great tools for chopping up.
  • 96 synths shots with funky stabs, phasing chords, talking leads, synced saws and chunky hits to spice up your tracks.
  • 10 Massive presets for heavy modulated, fat sounding basses and reeces with macro mapped for extra tweaking.

The sound pack is available from ADSR Sounds for $24 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Glitch Funk Toolkits

Equinox Sounds releases Total MIDI: Funk bundle

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Equinox Sounds Total MIDI Funk

Equinox Sounds has launched Total MIDI: Funk, a bundle of 8 Equinox Sounds MIDI collections featuring MIDI Construction Kits and MIDI loops for creating a wide range of Funk music genres.

You’ll get a total of 37 MIDI Construction Kits and 50 MIDI loops. All phrases are 100 royalty-free and ready to be assigned to your favourite synth or sampler in your personal and commercial productions.

‘Total MIDI: Funk’ includes the following individual products:

  • Urban Funk MIDI Kits (5 MIDI Kits)
  • Extremely Funky MIDI Kits (5 MIDI Kits)
  • Mellow Funk MIDI Kits 1 (5 MIDI Kits)
  • Mellow Funk MIDI Kits 2 (5 MIDI Kits)
  • Mellow Funk MIDI Kits 3 (5 MIDI Kits)
  • Mellow Funk MIDI Kits 4 (5 MIDI Kits)
  • Funky String MIDI Arrangements (7 MIDI Kits)
  • Funk Jazz MIDI Loops (50 MIDI Loops)

This bundle contains a total of 37 MIDI Construction Kits and 50 MIDI loops featuring string arrangements, funky horns, drum loops, basslines, piano loops, keyboard loops, synthesizer lines, guitars, etc.

The MIDI bundle pack costs $34.95 USD.

More information: Equinox Sounds / Total MIDI: Funk