The Loop Loft launches Bundle of Funk sale – 50% off

The Loop Loft has announced a limited time sale on the Bundle of Funk, offering a 50% discount on two funk sample packs. Ready to get funky? Save 50% on The Bundle of Funk – … read more

Equinox Sounds releases Urban Funk Midi Kits

Equinox Sounds has released Urban Funk Midi Kits, a collection of MIDI construction kits for producers of cutting-edge Urban Funk. ‘Urban Funk MIDI Kits’ features five Construction Kits in MIDI format for creating Funk, Jazz, … read more

ELBYSoniQ releases 70s Jazz & Funk City Grooves

ELBYSoniQ has announced the release of 70s Jazz & Funk City Grooves, a 3.89 GB collection of stunning bass lines, tight drums, smooth and funky guitars, horns, strings and keys, all played with raw attitude. … read more

Equinox Sounds releases Extremely Funky MIDI Kits

Equinox Sounds has announced the release of Extremely Funky MIDI Kits, a downloadable collection that features 5 Construction Kits in MIDI format with a very funky old school vibe. You’ll find a nice selection of … read more

The Loop Loft releases Funk Drums MIDI Loops pack

The Loop Loft has introduced Funk Drums, a new MIDI Loops series collection of drag and drop MIDI drum loops for any software. It’s time to get funky up inside of your DAW. Introducing Funk … read more

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Frontline Producer releases Funk Guitar Chips n’ Chops sample library

Frontline Producer has launched Funk Guitar Chips n’ Chops, a collection of funk guitar loops and sounds. “It’s more than just Funky baby!” Frontline Producer proudly presents Frontline Funk, a brand new collection of Ice … read more

Hot Music Factory releases Groove Jammer: Funk 001

Hot Music Factory has released Groove Jammer: Funk 001, a sample library by DBK Audio. ‘Groove Jammer: Funk 001′ is a part of the amazing collection of backing track loops specifically designed drummers, bass players … read more

Hot Music Factory releases Soul Funky

Hot Music Factory has released Soul Funky, a new sample pack bringing back the feel of 70’s funk with a mix of disco and soul. This product is inspired by Funk and Soul hit makers … read more

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Monster Sounds releases Baker Brothers Vol. 3 – Raucous Funk

Monster Sounds has released Raucous Funk, the third volume in the Baker Brothers series of sample libraries. Following the success of volumes 1 & 2, we have put the Bakers back in to the environment … read more

Toontrack releases Funk EZkeys MIDI Pack

Toontrack Music has announced the release of Funk EZkeys MIDI, a new MIDI expansion for the EZkeys piano software. The classic funk-inspired chord progressions, the hard-driving bass lines and the persistent hooks combined with the … read more

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The Loop Loft launches February Funk Sale – 40% off selected sample packs

The Loop Loft has announced its February Funk Sale, offering a 40% discount on its funk sound libraries. At The Loop Loft, we pride ourselves on producing some of the funkiest loops on the planet. … read more

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Hot Music Factory releases Super Funk Machine

Hot Music Factory has released Super Funk Machine, a collection of funky loops. ‘Super Funk Machine’ brings the elements of a new school yet soulful funk band jam session to you. This product will get … read more

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Equinox Sounds releases Complete Funk MIDI Bundle

Equinox Sounds has released the Complete Funk MIDI Bundle, a collection of three MIDI packs. ‘Complete Funk MIDI Bundle’ combines the 3 most popular Equinox Sounds MIDI collections for creating mellow Funk and another variety … read more

BHK Samples releases Adventure into the future A.R.A.M

BHK Samples has announced Adventure into the future – About Robots and Alien Machines, a new sample pack featuring neuro funk samples. Time to destroy the dancefloors again. BHK Samples presents A.R.A.M, an adventure into … read more

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Samplephonics releases Funk and Soul Guitar

Samplephonics has announced Funk and Soul Guitar, a collection of timeless guitar loops and samples influenced by some of the true greats including Jimmy Nolan Ray Parker Jr, Wah Wah Watson, Nile Rodgers, Roland Bautista, … read more

70s Funk Rock Elastik Soundbank released at Ueberschall

Ueberschall has announced the release of its 70s Funk Rock Elastik Soundbank. This 3.3GB Library contains 20 construction kits with 1.965 loops. Each kit consists of up to six parts. Easily create conclusive arrangements using … read more

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Yuvi Gerstein releases free Jazzy quirky guitars sample pack

Yuvi Gerstein has released Jazzy quirky guitars, a free collection of guitar samples. A new guitar sample pack teaser made by Yuvi Gerstein, released today. The pack includes Jazzy, funky and arpeggio guitar samples in … read more

Future Loops releases Jazz-Funk Horns Section

Future Loops has announced Jazz-Funk Horns Section, a collection of brass loops & one shots. Jazz-Funk Horns Section features many ready-to-mix arrangements with Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone. Each arrangement has different variations that include both … read more

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XLN Audio releases Funk’d Up MIDI Pak

XLN Audio has released its new Funk’d Up MIDI Pak, featuring MIDI drum files. The Funk’d Up MIDI Pak is just waiting to take you on a funky inspirational journey with a slight fusion twist. … read more

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Loopmasters releases Essential Bass

Loopmasters has introduced Essential Bass, a collection of bass samples from Loopmasters sample packs. Prepare for an onslaught of chest pounding, trouser flapping, subsonic oscillations guaranteed to rattle the mock flying duck ornaments in your … read more

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