Hot Music Factory releases Groove Jammer: Fusion 001

DBK Audio Fusion 001

Hot Music Factory has announced the release of Groove Jammer: Fusion 001, a sample pack by DBK Audio.

‘Groove Jammer: Fusion 001′ is a part of the amazing collection of backing track loops specifically designed drummers, bass players and keyboardists in mind. This series from DBK Audio is intended to be a tool to help musicians practice pocket grooves and licks to further advance their playing abilities.

This product provides individual WAV files of every instrument. That means you can keep or remove any tracks you want when you play along with it! We have mp3s which are premixed versions without certain instruments like drums, bass or foundation keyboard so you can easily jump right into playing. These tracks can be loaded into any DAW. This a Royalty-Free product. What this means is, your purchase allows you to freely use this music on YouTube videos, Instructional DVDs or your own personal /commerical projects while we retain the copyrights. All we ask is that you mention DBK Audio and in the production credits.

The sample pack costs $5.99 USD.

More information: Hot Music Factory / Groove Jammer Fusion 001


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