Zenhiser releases Abstrakt Tech Noises & Twisted Tech Grooves 03

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Zenhiser has released Abstrakt Tech Noises, a new series of hits, noises, and one shots sound, and Twisted Tech Grooves 03, a collection of minimal / tech grooves and beats.

Zenhiser Abstrakt Tech Noises & Twisted Tech Grooves 03
Zenhiser Abstrakt Tech Noises & Twisted Tech Grooves 03

Abstrakt Tech Noises

As the tech music scene grows around the world so does our understanding of the tech sample market. Abstrakt Tech Noises is a three part collection of mind blowing abstract and tech noises which suit a multitude of music styles including tech, tech house, techno, minimal, minimal techno, progressive house, tech trance, trance, drum & bass, glitch hop, electro and more. A huge amount of attention to detail has been incorporated into these exclusive abstract tech noises and samples.

To put it simply, Abstrakt Tech Noises is a veritable feast of brand new noise fx that sizzles through your tracks and adds that level of polish we all need within our music productions. 150+ blips, tweaks, slides, rolls, sweeps, clips, riders and fills you simply have not heard before makes this collection of abstract & tech noises an essential piece of kit for all electronic music producers and remixers.

Abstrakt Tech Noises is currently available in three volumes of 50 samples each, priced at $7.99 AUD per sample pack.

Twisted Tech Grooves 03

It was only a matter of time before we received the next installment in Twisted Tech Grooves and boy does No.3 deliver big time. With no dip in quality Twisted Tech Grooves 03 carries along the perfect momentum of tech grooves and beats that is taking the world by storm. The attention to detail has once again been surpassed offering our customers an outstanding 50 strong collection of influential tech grooves, tech beats and tech rhythms.

If you’ve already heard Twisted Tech Grooves 01 & 02 then you know what you’re in for, if not sit back relax and click the audio preview button. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Twisted Tech Grooves 03 is available for purchase for $7.99 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser


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