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Plugin Boutique launches group buy for Pultronic EQ-110P

Plugin Boutique has announced a group buy, offering a 45% discount on the EQ-110P equalizer plug-in as part of its G-Sonique Partner Focus.

G-Sonique Pultronic EQ-110P Group Buy

To celebrate this G-Sonique Plugins Partner Focus we are running an exclusive group deal on the Pultronic EQ-110P.

Simply enter your email address into the app below and once/if the number of members is reached you will receive a coupon code to save 45% off this fantastic EQ!

The group buy ends October 10th, 2013.

More information: Plugin Boutique / G-Sonique Partner Focus

comment releases Classic colored pedals 1 has announced the release of Classic colored pedals 1, a collection of guitar pedal effects by G-Sonique.

Classic colored pedals 1 is collection of 4 classic yet very useable VST guitar effects: virtual guitar pedals / stompboxes, that was created in cooperation with G-Sonique engineers.

G-Sonique Classic colored pedals 1

Classic colored pedals 1 features

  • Stereo Delay SD-1: classic stereophonic delay with delay, feedback and mix knobs.
  • Blue Chorus CR-1: classic blue chorus with rate, depth and mix knobs.
  • Tremolo TR-1: gentle sounding sinus tremolo perfect for all mellow styles like folk, blues, jazz and others.
  • Noise gate NG-1: if you want to eliminate noise of your analog to digital converter (mostly audible if use distortion pedals which significantly multiply volume of input signal) or if you want to remove guitar acoustic reverberation/feedback use Noise gate NG-1. Noise gate release just signal which is louder than set level (by threshold knob), all quieter sounds are removed.

The plug-in pack for Windows (VST) costs 7.90 EUR.

More information: 123Creative / Classic colored pedals 1


G-Sonique releases TrebleCream effect plugin

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G-Sonique has announced the release of TrebleCream, a mid-treble & transients softening effect plug-in for Windows.

G-Sonique TrebleCream

TrebleCream is new technology with special digital algorithms / virtual circuits inspired by analog electronic structures for achieving really pleasant, creamy mid-trebles and transients without loosing any intensity of mid-high frequencies. TrebleCream will help you remove “harshness” from mix within few seconds.

Treble cream was developed in cooperation with Analog Dimension. Senior mastering engineer of Analog Dimension studios says “More than 50% of mixes that we are receiving has screaming or distorted mid-trebles and or/transients, while rest of mix is relatively good. Sometimes song is 2x louder after mastering because of modern trends and all these negative artifacts (harshness, mid-treble distortion) are logically boosted during mastering, while many people thinks that mastering can fix all mistakes in mix all experienced engineers will tell you that it is not truth. Simply mastering can’t save wrong mix. Many people are using low quality digital compressors, coloring plug-ins, limiters and all these plug-ins are producing distortion on mid-trebles and transients if used unduly.

TrebleCream for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 18.90 EUR (regular 28.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique / TrebleCream


123Creative intros Vintage Guitar Boutique 1

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G-Sonique Vintage Guitar Boutique

123Creative has announced the release of Vintage Guitar Boutique 1, a bundle of guitar effect plug-ins by G-Sonique.

G-Sonique: Vintage guitar boutique 1 is collection of VST guitar effects: pedals/stompboxes and guitar combos modeled and inspired by real gear from 60s and 70s.

Vintage guitar boutique is aimed for following music styles like: rock n roll, blues, jazz, rock, surf rock, indie rock, dream pop, dub, chillout, downtempo, reggae, ska, big beat and others.

All effects are STEREO, so can be used for almost any music production, not only guitar tracks. For example tape echo or rotor can be used for various styles of electronic music and downtempo.

The Vintage Guitar Boutique bundle costs 24.90 EUR. It is currently on sale for 14.94 EUR.

More information: 123Creative / Vintage Guitar Boutique 1


123Creative announces Didgeridrone plug-in by G-Sonique

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G-Sonique Didgeridrone

123Creative has announced the release of Didgeridrone, an effect plug-in by G-Sonique.

Didgeridrone is new effect designed by engineers from G-Sonique digital instruments which can create realistic didgeridoo sound based on rhythm and amplitude of input sound/music.

Didgeridrone features

  • Didgeridrone engine – special algorithm simulating real didgeridoo play – rhythm, melody, amount and style of didgeridoo sound is exactly based on input sound/music, rhythm and melody.
  • Liquid tone – by this knob you can create more liquid and percussive sound of didgeridoo (left) or more smooth, open and prolonged sound of didgeridoo.
  • Resonant tone – By this knob you can boost resonant tones of didgeridoo (turn right). If you would like to create liquid, percussive sound turn Liquid tone to left and Resonant tone to right.
  • Jungle echo – Would you like to create more mysterious jungle/shamanic atmosphere? Turn this knob.
  • Dry/Wet – Turn this knob to set ratio between Dry (original) sound and Wet (Didgeridrone sound).

Didgeridrone for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 9.90 EUR.

More information: 123creative / Didgeridrone


123creative releases FX Samplepack for dance music production

123creative FX Samplepack

123creative has announced FX Samplepack, a sample library in collaboration with G-Sonique.

More than 200 FX (effects) sounds / FX samples for every music style production, from electrohouse, psytrance, progressive trance, drum and bass, electro to various experimental styles.

From fresh and positive dance FXs to mysterious and dark FX sounds from outer space.

Do not waste your productive time with fine tuning FXs from your synths when you can use professional pre-designed FXs and kick-up the dance floor with them.

You can additionally combine/layer individual samples and apply VST effects to create new and unique sounding effects.

The sample pack is available for the introductory price of 12.90 EUR (regular 14.90 EUR).

More information: 123creative / FX Samplepack

comment releases Angelic particles – mini samplepack

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123creative Angelic particles has announced the release of Angelic particles, a mini samplepack in cooperation with G-Sonique.

Angelic particles – mini samplepack (by sound engineers from G-Sonique) is collection of 100 very useable and original sounds. This samplepack includes stabs, chords, atmospheric sounds, layers, pads and hits… Ideal for progressive trance, deep house, tech house, chillout, ambient and liquid funk / atmospheric drum and bass / jungle.

Angelic particles features

  • Includes: stabs, chords, atmospheric sounds, layers, pads and hits.
  • Requirements: Software or Hardware sampler / Drumbox.
  • Total: 100*.wav samples for Win/Mac.

The sample pack is available for the introductory price of 8.90 EUR (regular 11.90 EUR).

More information: 123creative / Angelic particles