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123creative Transhaper X3 has announced the release of Transhaper X3, a transient shaping/designing system VST plug-in for Windows.

Transhaper X3 allow you boost transients (spikes of audio signal) of your drums, percussions or any other instruments.

Are your drums or percussions sounding too deep and flat and you want to make them modern, sharp and significant, or opposite are your drums too sharp and you want to make them more gentle? Are you hearing lot of unwanted room reverb in your live recorded drums? Try Transhaper X3

Transhaper X3 features

  • Transient shaping system – with Attack, Release and Transient amount knobs for designing shape of your transients.
  • Trans saturation – for saturating shape of transients (making it round).
  • Hi-freq transient enhancer – module for enhancing high frequency transients.
  • Output module – with dry/wet knob for selecting ideal compromise between effected an uneffected sound and output visualization display.
  • Input and Output volume knob.
  • Made in cooperation with engineers from G-Sonique digital instruments.

Transhaper X3 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 9.90 EUR (regular 16.90 EUR).

More information: / Transhaper X3

comment and G-Sonique release Albino3 Psytrance Preset Bank

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123creative / G-Sonique Albino3 Psytrance has announced the release of Albino 3 Psytrance, a soundset for the LinPlug Albino 3 software synthesizer in collaboration with G-Sonique. – Albino 3 psytrance preset bank is collection of 124 precisely tuned presets for psytrance music production – full on psytrance, dark psytrane or progressive.

This bank includes everything you need for professional sounding tracks: lead synths, FXs, basses, and other special sounding presets and space sounds.

This preset bank include also new kind of original sounds for the psytrance music of new millennium that you never heard before. Listen to the samples!

The soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of 14 EUR (regular 18.90 EUR).

More information: 123Creative / Albino3 Psytrance Preset Bank


01011010 digital media launches

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01011010 digital media (of G-Sonique digital instruments, Analog Dimension mastering studios etc.) has announced their latest project: – is new creative boutique (digital webstore) with resources for music producers, graphic designers, webdesigners and other creative people.

If you are music producer, graphic designer or webdesigner it often happens to you, that you don’t have enough time available for creating minor components as presets, samples or textures, backgrounds, Photoshop layer styles, fonts, icons etc. Main goal of is to offer you products that will allow you to create professional work, save your time, money and energy so you can fully focus on creating real ART.

Unlike other digital webstores 123creative would like to offer only best products from selected artists. Simply we don’t want to be next massive and chaotic website full of low/medium quality materials from thousands authors. Sounds like cliché but we really prefer quality over quantity. is currently starting cooperation with many talented artists/authors worldwide, including people behind Analog Dimension and G-Sonique that will soon presents many interesting audio products as samples, synthesizer presets or VST plug-ins exclusively made for 123creative.

More information: 123creative


G-Sonique launches FAT+ Smart analog/Vacuum tube/Tape effect simulation

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G-Sonique has introduced its FAT+, a virtual analog vacuum tube/tape effect simulation for Windows.

While other solutions offer you concrete emulations of some vintage machines with all unwanted artifacts, new FAT+ offers you a modern and clean style of analog saturation / soft clipping and full control over the style of saturation.

You can create and set your own style of saturation from a clean sounding tube saturation from an analog mix console saturation to clean sounding saturation of modern analog tape.

G-Sonique FAT+
Create your own clean and modern style of saturation – the most natural solution to eliminate unwanted peaks and increase overall loudness of a signal.

FAT+ features

  • Input amp – offers attenuation or 2.5x amplification of the input signal.
  • Analog warmth – round and warm sounding analog saturation (rounding of peaks of signal).
  • FAT – emulates 1st harmonics for a fat and massive vacuum tube sound.
  • Saturation drive – analog soft clipping / saturation with a harder sound.
  • Analog hiss – reproduces an invisible thin treble noise of analog tape.
  • Bass cut – cut unwanted sub-bass or bass on individual channels to offer more space for loudness of the remaining frequency spectrum.
  • Output amp – set the level of output volume.

The FAT+ effect plugin for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 13.90 EUR (regular 22.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique / FAT+


G-Sonique launches Hot Summer Sale

G-Sonique has announced a Hot Summer sale, offering discounts on all its instrument and effect plugins.

G-Sonique Hot Summer Sale

During the hottest part of the year, G-Sonique, producer of VST instruments and effects introduce time-limited summer discount.

Hot summer discount include almost all products, including new plug-ins like Ultrabass MX4/4 or Monitor MSX5.

The sale ends August 15th, 2012.

More information: G-Sonique


G-Sonique releases 7inch nails & Envelophase progressive guitar effects

G-Sonique 7inch nails

G-Sonique has announced the release of 7inch nails and Envelophase, two guitar effect plug-in for Windows.

7inch nails is a special nu-metal / industrial guitar effect that you’ve never heard before. It can create special sounding effects or a combination of futuristic synthetic aural vibrations (ghost effect) in combination with a completely mad analog fuzz.

7inch nails features

  • Input gain (also controls the amount of the effect and synthetic distortion).
  • Ghost knob (special effect that creates an aural synthetic poltergeist atmosphere).
  • Brutal bass drive knob (do you want to sound heavy? Turn this knob to the right).
  • Dry/Wet knob (to controlled ratio between effected and unaffected sound).
  • Output volume knob (if you do not want to blow eardrums).
G-Sonique Envelophase

G-Sonique Envelophase is a guitar effect that combines an analog sounding modern phaser with an envelope follower.

The amount and speed of the phasing effect is controlled by the envelope (volume level) follower – so the phasing effect is affected by your guitar playing.

It is a very useful effect for various styles of guitar music from rock, pop, folk, funky or disco. This effect can be used also on all other instruments like piano, rhodes, bass guitar, synths or drums.

7inch nails is available to purchase for 11.90 EUR, the Envelophase is 9.90 EUR.

More information: G-Sonique


G-Sonique releases Monitor MSX5 headphone monitoring system

G-Sonique has announced the Monitor MSX5 headphone monitoring system, a spatial effect plug-in for Windows.

G-Sonique Monitor MSX5 VST plug-in moves these basic spatial processing principles/algorithms forward and offers a comfortable and precise way of mixing on your headphones. (all used algorithms were fine-tuned for professional mixing purposes).

G-Sonique Monitor MSX5
G-Sonique Monitor MSX5 allows for comfortable and precise mixing on your headphones.

Monitor MSX5 features

  • Simulation of monitor rotation angle and distance.
  • Center balance attenuates level of phantom center to hear wider stereo signal.
  • Main volume controls output volume of the complete system.
  • Monitor/Speaker simulations for (Bass) Woofer size and (Treble) Tweeter sharpness/sound aggression.
  • Control dry (pure headphone sound) and wet (monitor sound simulation) signal.

Monitor MSX5 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 39 EUR for the first 50 customers (regular 45.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique / Monitor MSX5