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G-Sonique releases Mid-Side: Stereophonic Harmonic Generator/Vitalizer+

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G-Sonique Mid-Side SHG/V+

G-Sonique has announced the release of Mid-Side Stereophonic Harmonic Generator/Vitalizer+, an effect plug-in for Windows.

Mid-Side: stereophonic harmonic generator/vitalizer+ is a stereo enhancer and processor with brand new technology for vitalizing, coloring, controlling, adjusting and widening stereo material (the side part of a signal) as well as adding 3D space, width and depth to the mixes. Mid-Side: SHG/V+ is a useful tool for mixing and mastering.

Mid-Side: SHG/V+ features

  • Mid (mono) level slider for attenuating or boosting the Mid (mono) part of the sound by up to twice the amount.
  • Side (stereo) level slider for attenuating or boosting the Side (stereo) part of the sound by up to 3 times more.
  • Side harmonic generator 2. – module that filters a defined frequency range of the side (stereo) signal within a certain bandwidth, by a frequency and bandwidth (Q) knob. Additionally you can generate higher harmonics of this band or add analogue color (by harmonics knob) and boost this frequency band of the side part of the signal.
  • Side harmonic generator 1. – similar module with an added additional time delay knob, by which you can delay selected and effected frequency bands of the side part of the signal by a few milliseconds (0-350ms) to add more ambiance, space and reverb effects.
  • Side signal module to set additional parameters of the side (stereo) extracted part of the signal such as : .
  • Original side signal mix level knob to set how much of the full frequency (20hz-20khz) signal of the extracted side (stereo) part of the sound will be mixed with the filtered side signals from the Side harmonic generators 1 and 2.
  • Side signal total delay knob for very transparent (almost inaudible) signal delay of SIDE (stereo) part of signal towards the MID (mono) part of signal to create a better ambiance, depth and stereoscopic atmosphere of the effected sound/channel.
  • Bypass for comparing your track with and without the effect.
  • Dry/Wet knob for precise setting how much of effect will be applied.
  • Preset manager with 15 precisely selected example presets for mix and mastering.

Mid-Side: SHG/V+ for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 12.90 EUR for first 100 customers (regular price 24.90 EUR)

More information: G-Sonique / Mid-Side: SHG/V+


G-Sonique releases Transient shaping system+

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G-Sonique has released Transient shaping system+, a new G-Mix+ series plug-in.

Are your drums or percussion sounding unprofessional, boring and flat? Were they recorded in poor acoustic conditions or just missing transients,punch or energy? Or maybe it’s vice versa and their sound is too sharp and aggressive? No problem! Transient shaping system+ is tool intended to fix most possible problems with your drums or percussion and give them a fresh modern sound, punchy shape and adapt their envelope or transients to your requirements.

Transient shaping system+ is not a dynamic processor that is controlled by input level amounts (like a compressor). Overall sound is controlled and shaped by its own dynamics and transients!

G-Sonique Transient shaping system+
G-Sonique Transient shaping system+

Transient shaping system+ features

  • Transient control – long: algorithm for controlling and shaping transients “from the perspective of a longer period of time (in milliseconds)”. Attack and release
    knob for setting shape of transients/beat envelope and transient amount knob for setting amount of boosting transients/envelope shape, set by attack and
    release knob.
  • Transient control – short: similar algorithm to Transient control – long just aimed to controlling, shaping and boosting transients/beat envelopes from the
    perspective of a short period of time (in milliseconds).
  • By combinations of short and long transient control you have full freedom to shape the transients / envelopes of your beat. For example: you can keep long
    transients in your beat but with just lower volumes (by setting a lower value of transient amount on the long transient control module) and in parallel, add a
    short and punchy transient boost by setting high values of transient amounts on the transient control – short module.
  • Input and output volume knob: similarly, as with an analog outboard you can affect overall sound by setting the level of input volume.
  • Saturation shaping of transient control – short/long module: if there are too sharp and intensive volume peaks / transients after boosting with TSS+ and you
    don’t want to compress/limit with additional compressors, you can transform the sharp shape of the transients into rounded analog sounding peaks / transients
    with transient shaping control. Saturation shaping is not basic saturation of overall sound that adds higher harmonics as you know from vintage machines, it is
    just saturation/rounding of the signal from the transient control module long/sharp by which are multiplied original transients of the dry signal.
  • Bypass for comparing your track with and without the effect.
  • Dry/Wet knob for precise setting how much of effect will be applied.
  • Preset manager with 20 precisely selected example presets for electronic and acoustic Drums and Percussion.

Transient shaping system+ for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of 15.90 EUR.

More information: G-Sonique / Transient shaping system+


G-Sonique releases Technotron SD422 minimal techno sample library

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G-Sonique has released Technotron SD422, a minimal techno sample library.

G-Sonique Technotron SD422

Minimal techno, industrial techno, schranz, electro, free tekno, Detroit techno, these styles seem to consist of simple to make rhythmical beats and other variations, but this is just not true. Everyone who has tried to produce minimal techno music at the top level must surely have met with the fundamental problem which is missing suitable samples that have the characteristics of a dirty minimalistic sound in their collections. Many of the samples from the available basic drum collections are not really useful, and there is a lack of minimal techno samples on the market which could be bought in the standard e-shops.

From our experiences we know that from 90% of techno sample packs, produced by competitors, only classic samples are usually useful like kicks, claps, hi-hats, but they are missing the most important of them: synthetic, dirty, minimal percussion, industrial sounds, robotic drums, scary hits, dusty clicks and scratches which sounds like a weak scratched radio signal from a far-away NASA space station attacked by evil aliens. The sound of drums that you never know where they are coming from. The creepy woods of the Amazon jungle or from a far, unknown mutant civilization, dark dirty noises and breath taking massive percussive f***ing beats. Simply put, the basic structure of each great techno track was always a big problem to achieve and even more difficult to produce. But …

The TECHNOTRON SD 422 is HERE! – A collection of the samples which will help you to produce minimal techno at the TOP level.

Now it is so easy to produce pro sounding minimal techno tracks, like building a house from LEG0 during your spooky childhood.

Of course, this sample pack is not just to be used for minimal techno, it is also useful in the most dark music styles like dark psytrance, psycore, dark ambient, dubstep, a dark drum and bass / neurofunk / darkstep / techstep, experimental, industrial, dark wave, tribal, minimal house, EBM, dark core . . .

TECHNOTRON SD 422 features

  • BASS: 29X – Techno bass and sub bass samples.
  • CLAPS: 56X – Minimal and non-traditional FX claps.
  • CLICKS: 141X – Minimal or dirty clicks and short percussive sounds.
  • ELECTRO SOUNDS: 127X – Electro hell percussive and FX samples with original sound.
  • HI-HATS: 117X – classic and brand new minimal, experimental or dusty close-hats, open-hats, ride-cymbals, industrial hats.
  • KICKS: 90X – various kick drums, minimal, deep or aggressive hard industrial ass kickers.
  • PERCUSSIONS: 221X – Synthetic minimal percussion, special percussive hits, industrial hits and sounds, dusty effected shamanic drums, alien drums and effects.
  • TOM DRUMS: 92X – TOM drums and percussive effects as you never heard before, dirty percussive madness…
  • SNARES: 33X – modern and aggressive snares or old school SID chip style snares.
  • Total of 900+ individual samples.

Technotron SD422 is available to purchase for 11.90 EUR for the first 50 customers. Regular price is 19.90 EUR.

More information: G-Sonique / Technotron SD422


G-Sonique updates Twisthead VS-206 to v1.1

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G-Sonique Twisthead VS-206

G-Sonique has released version 1.1 of Twisthead VS-206, a vintage vacuum tube preamp effect plug-in for Windows.

Changes in Twisthead VS-206 v1.1

  • Added switch to control low cut filter between 10 and 27hz.
  • Added switch to choose the effect behavior to modern/vintage (vintage is default setting from v1.0; modern setting will produce more cleaner/digital sound but may loose some characteristics of Twisthead’s typical charismatic sound).
  • Added update button to check new version availability online.
  • Fixed problem when DC offset might appear in some situations.
  • Fixed wrong frequency shift in different sample rates.
  • Additional minor fixes for better compatibility with Windows7 OS and different VST hosts.

Twisthead VS-206 is currently available to purchase for 12.30 EUR as part of a Group Buy which is available until 15 August, 2011 (regular price 18.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique / Twisthead VS-206


G-Sonique launches Summer Group Buy 2011

G-Sonique Summer Group Buy

G-Sonique has announced a Summer Group Buy, offering discounts off up to 60% for all its products.

The Group Buy has started 15th July with 15% discount and can reach the max. level 60% at the end on 15th August.

The amount of discount depends on total number of subscribed products, with 60% discount when the 800+ products level is reached.

Bundles are not included, and participants can opt to “join late”, which means they will only join when a certain level/max. price is reached.

More information: G-Sonique


Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5, multi-track recording studio

Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5

Acoustica has recently released Mixcraft Pro Studio 5, a multi-track recording studio software for Windows.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 improves on Mixcraft 5′s already impressive line-up by adding three incredible virtual instruments and four powerful new effects valued at $250.00, for a grand total of 26 included effects and 11 included virtual instruments.

New instruments and effects in Mixcraft 5 Pro Studio

  • ME80 Vintage Analog Synthesizer – Incredibly realistic recreation of the Yamaha CS80 analog synthesizer, among the most powerful and coveted analog synthesizers ever made. This amazing recreation supports polyphonic aftertouch (just like the original) and has the same rich creamy tone as the original.
  • Memorymoon Analog Synthesizer – No synthesizer in history has ever sounded more massive than the legendary Moog Memorymoog, and Memorymoon perfectly captures the enormous analog sound of the classic original. Loaded with presets and knobs, this 3-oscillator polyphonic powerhouse will blow you away.
  • Acoustica Pianissimo Virtual Grand Piano – High quality, award winning grand piano featuring 250MB of Steinway Model D piano samples combined with powerful piano modeling technology.
  • G-Sonique Twisthead VS-206 Vacuum Tube Preamp – Adds subtle analog warmth or fierce overdriven tube grit to your tracks. This vintage tube preamp adds 1960′s charm and character to vocals, guitars, drums, and more.
  • G-Sonique FSQ1964 Transient Vitaliser – This powerful mastering tool adds sweet high frequencies, analog colors, crystal and transparent transients, and boldness to any mix. FSQ1964 adds life and sparkle to even the most basic tracks, so they pop out of your speakers with the crisp modern sound heard on today’s chart-topping records.
  • G-Sonique XBass 4000L Analog Bass Enhancer – XBass 4000L adds the warm, fat bass tone found in vintage tube circuits to your projects. XBass 4000L combines two unique algorithms to enhance the bass spectrum of your tracks, adding emphasis to the audible bass content, enriching the bass and sub-bass spectrum, and boosting the higher harmonic frequencies.
  • G-Sonique Dubmaster Liquid Delay – This intense delay effect goes far beyond the limits of traditional delays. Dubmaster combines tempo-synced rhythmic liquid delay with powerful LFO-driven filtering and phase effects to add atmosphere and a unique sound to your tracks.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 for Windows is available to purchase for the introductory price of $149.99 USD (MSRP $199).

More information: Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5


G-Sonique Psytrance Drum Kit 1, drum sample pack

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G-Sonique Psytrance Drum Kit 1

G-Sonique has released Psytrance Drum Kit 1, a sample library featuring 1000+ samples for Psytrance & Progressive trance productions.

The Psytrance and Progressive DRUM KIT 1 by G-Sonique offers more than 1000 special drum samples which emphasize your creative potential and allows you to create professional basis for the tracks – the rhythmical groovy beat that makes people dance!

It has never ever been so easy to create dark, stirring and hammer style percussive dark trance beat, uplifting proggy beat full of natural and liquid percussions, euphoric and energetic full-on beat or mechanically restructured robotic tech-trance beat before!

Psytrance Drum Kit 1 features

  • 116 Kick drums: 116 samples.
  • 284 Percussions: 284 samples.
  • 109 Hi-hats/Open-hats: 109 samples.
  • 147 Snare drums: 147 samples.
  • 71 Claps: 71 samples.
  • 139 Electronic sounds, hits, FXs: 139 samples.
  • 76 FX: 76 samples.
  • 24 Bass: 24 samples.
  • 49 Blips and clicks.
  • 1015 samples in total.

Psytrance Drum Kit 1 is available to purchase for the introductory price of 11.90 EUR for the first 50 customers (+19% VAT for the EU residents).

More information: G-Sonique / Psytrance Drum Kit 1