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Short links for August 21st, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 21st, 2007:

  • Hands-on with Transformers MP3 player – Takara Tomy’s Transformers MP3 player, which really transforms.
  • Mini Arcade Project – This guy built 7 MAME arcade cabinets from scratch, the story of the most recent 5 cabinets is told on his blog.
  • Save Me From Myself – Ex-Korn Guitarist writes about choosing Jesus over sex, drugs, and rock n roll.
  • Why is Blocked in Turkey: Adnan Oktar – By the decision of Fatih 2nd Civil Court of First Instance, number 2007/195, access to has been blocked in Turkey.
  • Han Solo Carbonite mod – How do you secure your nerd-cred for eternity? By acquiring a life-size replica of Han Solo in Carbonite, having Han’s face removed, and replacing it with your own.
  • iphone-sdl-mame – Project to port MAME to the iPhone. Whether MAME will actually be playable from a performance and control perspective remains to be seen.
  • Scanner Parts – Desk Lamp – How to make a desk lamp out of scrounged scanner parts and a few extras from Home Depot.
  • Paper Critters: Online Paper Toy Creator – This Web tool allows you to create colorful little blockheads onscreen you can then print out, cut up, and paste together to make into well colorful little blockheads to stand guard on your desk.

Short links for August 15th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 15th, 2007:

  • Clay iPhone – Flickr photoset by vaughn235 – iPhone created in Sculpey Premo modeling clay for a prank on his wife.
  • BlueFlash – Bluetooth/Disk Controller/Disk Image Archive Card for Apple ][
  • Prophet ’08 – Eight voices, all analog. Shipping next week.
  • iDJ2 – Mobile DJ Workstation with Universal Dock for iPod
  • H2O iS2 – Waterproof housing for Apple iPod shuffle (2nd Gen)

I know it looks like I’m obsessed with things Apple. I’m not.


Build your own Apple iPhone from paper

sonicscape from Paper Art Gadgets is offering a bunch of pdfs of some cool paper models.

Paper Art Gadgets iPhone model
Paper Art Gadgets iPhone model

You can download the following models:

  • Gaming
    1. Xbox 360 and display box
    2. Xbox 360 HDDVD drive
    3. Sony Playstation 3 and display box
    4. Nintendo DS Lite
    5. Atari 2600
    6. Pimped Xbox 360s #1-7
  • Mobile
    1. Apple iPhone
    2. Nokia 6280
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Customizable paper figurines

So if you can’t afford a real iPhone, this is your chance to at least look cool with a miniature iPhone model!

Visit Paper Art Gadgets for more information.


Wooden USB memory sticks

OOOMS is selling wooden USB memory sticks.

From the product page:

The sticks are picked from the woods and are manually selected on their natural beauty, professionally handmade into unique and personal USB memory sticks.

oooms wooden USB memory sticks
OOOMS wooden USB memory sticks – don’t they look lovely?

They would go well with these wooden computers.

You can order them (PayPal, worldwide delivery @ 7 EUR) starting at 45 EUR for 256 MB, up to 80 EUR for a 2 GB model.

It’s funny how the product description has the dimensions at approx. 2 x 2 x 10 cm. I guess it depends on which piece of wood you get!

Link via Gizmodo


Power your USB gadgets with a Solar Charger

Brando’s Solar Charger is a great way to power your USB devices.

Brando 2-USB-Ports Multi-Solar Charger
Brando 2-USB-Ports Multi-Solar Charger

From the product page:

It can recharge most known mobile phone types and USB interfacing digital products. This solar charger can be recharged through direct sunlight, AC power or car power. It is convenient for you to take along with when you are out on business, on travel, on a long journey on bus or ship, etc. It is a portable, environmentally-friendly, lightweight, durable and versatile solar charging product.

You can charge two devices at the same time. The Solar Charger is available in silver and black and costs US$59.00.

Link via Geek With Laptop


Star Wars R2-D2 speakers

One can never have too many Star Wars merchandise right? If you think so, then these R2-D2 speakers might be just what you’d like to put on your wishlist (delivery is expected in December 2007).

Star Wars R2-D2 speakers
Star Wars R2-D2 speakers

Ad Dugdale from Gizmodo writes:

Sound quality isn’t great and the 4.7-inch droid connects via a 3.5-mm audio cable (USB connection is, as yet, unconfirmed). Each speaker costs $20 (so order two if you want a pair) and it comes in red or blue

These 12cm tall models can now be preordered from National Console Suppurt Inc.


USB goodies for your desk grommet hole

Related: , Posted in random posts on Mar 30, 2007 - comment 1 comment

Found at EverythingUSB: Belkin In-Desk USB Hubs and iPod Dock Fill the Grommet Holes.

Belkin USB grommet hole goodies
Belkin’s USB grommet hole goodies

Belkin offers a

  • Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub, a 4 post USB 2.0 hub which comes with a power adapter and utilizes an angled design to make the ports easy to reach
  • In-Desk USB Hub, simular to the Front-Access one but with (3) flat ports
  • In-Desk dock for iPod, which allows you to charge and play your iPod and sync it to your PC and features a stereo in and out jack

These items require a 3″ hole in your desk, but if you don’t have one yet Belkin suggests you make one yourself.

Note: If your desk does not have a pre-drilled hole in it, you can drill one yourself using a 3-inch hole saw (requires separate purchase, not from Belkin).

Funny! Maybe they should put up a warning it requires a certain degree of handiness as well before people start demolishing their desks ;-)